The Lady's Guardian Brown Obarath

Dragon Description

Though large for a brown, this dragon can't quite claim the bulk that others of his color may. Instead he boasts a lean musculature that accents his handsomely proportioned frame. His true strength is veiled by a hide of deep chestnut. However the smooth surface takes on an almost mottled appearance as veins of espresso work their way from tail to torso. The color seeps down towards his legs, engulfing each paw in a near black hue against which sharp claws shine brightly. Each deadly point is covered in streaks of deep burgundy, as if they had been dipped in blood and then left to dry. But it is none of these features that draw awe. Like his dam and sire, it is this dragon's wings that truly command attention. Against a near-translucent beige background rests a reddish-brown lacework. The hues look vastly different at every angle. What sometimes seems like auburn can other times appear as burgundy, burnt umber, or sienna. But no matter what the shade, there is an unmistakable metallic gleam to the intricate patterns that sprawl across these sails. And yet this dragon is not without peculiarities. Pointed head-knobs slope down to angular ridges from which large, opalescent eyes look out. They shimmer constantly with iridescence, still displaying this dragon's emotions with color, but also making it easier to hide said feelings.

Egg Name and Description

Bleeding Heart Egg
At first glance, it seems that something has gone horribly wrong with this egg. There is no smooth surface or nice oblong shape. Instead the shell ripples with outcroppings, like thick vines squeezing whatever poor creature might be inside. The faux foliage twists and winds, tangling itself into a large misshapen ball on the sands. Jagged points thrust out from the brambles, like sharp thorns that may draw blood at the slightest touch. Periodically dark ichor oozes out from between the thick bands, running down the ovoid and soaking into the ground below. However, beneath those demonic briars is a spark of color only noticeable to those who scrutinize the egg carefully. At the very top, between the thinning vines, miniscule streaks of bright yellow shine through the darkness.

Hatching Message

Bleeding Heart Egg twitches slightly. The movement lasts a second, perhaps less, and then there's is absolute stillness once again.

Bleeding Heart Egg begins to ooze more profusely. Dark streams of liquid swell out from cracks that form on its surface and bring a nauseating sheen to the ovoid.

Bleeding Heart Egg seems to shrink in on itself before abruptly rupturing. Pieces of eggshell fall to the ground, leaving the occupant inside standing proud and strong.

Hatchling Name and Description

There's Nothing to Fear Hatchling
Dark ichor drips across the slender form of this dragon. It coats the young creature from head to tail, but the dragonet stands steadfast under the added weight. Large wings remain steadfastly tucked against the dragon's hide, but a brief glimmer of what may be hidden underneath occasionally arises as it shifts on the sands. It's the eyes that really stand out however. Large and opalescent as they are, it brings up one question….are they unseeing?

Impression Message

The scent of a a great forest fills your minds before complete silence falls. Gone are the sounds of newborn dragonets, clamoring candidates, and curious onlookers. In this cool darkness there is only you and « Obarath. » The name is provided for you in a soft, measured tone. « You are the one I have waited for, you an no one else Ailoura. » The words continue to reverberate through your head, but you can feel tail curling about one of your legs. « Come, I believe we're both deserving of food after this. »

Mindvoice Name and Description

Into the Darkness
Mimicking his love for the outdoors, Obarath's mind is a great forest, full of shadows and darkness, hanging branches and arching cathedrals of green. His mind is vast - and yet eerily quiet - for while a forest may contain the calling of birds, the rustling of animals, and the soft breeze through the leaves, silence serves as the background of his thoughts. His voice needs no accompaniment though, as it is a lovely tenor - crisp, clear, cool, words clearly enunciated and almost formal in his delivery. %r%rHis mind tends to the colors of the forest - greens and browns, though certainly a dappling of color can be found here and there at different times, depending on his moods. The white flowers of a blooming bush may appear when he is proudly sharing something with you, while golden sunlight filters through his mind, brightening the recesses of his mental forest when he is excited. However, should he fall into a dark mood, expect the shadows of his mind to grow deeper - darker, hiding the mossy hues in shades of gray. Faranth forbid someone threaten or harm you, and tinge of red appear - accompanied by an odd iron taste in your mind, as if you bit your tongue - for then the true darkness appears as night falls over the woods.


First of all, welcome! We know it's been busy for you, but we're very excited to have you on board with this batch of weyrlings. The theme for this clutch was bedtime stories and yours was based on the Grimm's version of Rapunzel. The specific inspiration for your egg and dragon came from the Prince, who in the fairy tale was thrown from Rapunzel's tower, blinded, and had to wander the forest alone until he found her again.

Appearance wise I tried to incorporate the red that you asked for, and hopefully you enjoy it. His eyes are again inspired from the temporarily blinded Prince, but your Obarath certainly has NO problem with his eyesight. Speaking of Obarath….his name comes from the word Obara, which means blood in Igbo. %r%rBut in the end, this is your Obarath and what's written here are just suggestions. Run with him, change him, see how he grows! This is your dragon now, and we do hope you enjoy him.

<3 Reya and S'u

Personality (RP Tips)

« You drew me from the darkness, and I will forever keep you from it. »

From the moment that you touched his shell, Obarath became yours, and that bond is one that will stand the test of time. His loyalty to you is undying, and should anyone upset you his wrath will be fierce. As he grows older and learns how to control his anger, both you and the rest of the Weyr will learn that he is the last to resort to violence. Instead, his chagrin tends to result in something much more sinister. It may take weeks or perhaps even months to plan the perfect the perfect revenge, and though Obarath may forget other things, his grudges he will not.

« Those who have the strength should not lord it over those who do not. Instead, they should use for those who cannot help themselves. »

Now, that isn't to say that Obarath is unjust. In fact, your dragon is quite wise. You're merely the exception when it comes to his usual level headedness. When it comes to the conflicts of others, he'll often be the one to step between them and calm the situation. He has the unique ability to look at the situation objectively and make a sound judgement. He will also be the /last/ to resort to violence, but should it become necessary Obarath's size will certainly aide him in a fight. In fact, he is rather adept when it comes to fighting but he will never be one to abuse his size or strength.

Obarath will excel at most things physical…eventually. Strong as he may be when he is young he'll have a difficult time gaining control of his large body. His difficulties will be particularly noticeable when the dragons begin to fly. As intelligent as he may be, it'll be difficult for the brown to calculate how fast/slow he'll need to be going in order to take-off/land with his large body. When he DOES finally succeed however, he will find that nothing else can quite compare.

As serious as he may be, Obarath does have a rather mischievous streak. His ability to plan revenge serves just as well to plan pranks and there's no doubt his clutchsibs will suffer during weyrlinghood. The antics will start innocent enough and grow more elaborate with each passing day. He may accidentally cross a line and anger them at times, but he'll be quick to apologize. And in time he'll learn to find the sweet spot where a prank is serious enough to entertain others, irritating enough to bother the intended, and also innocent enough to let him escape without serious repercussions.

Obarath's one source of pride will be his wings. Plain as they may be on top, the brilliance below is something he enjoys showing off wherever he goes. As a result, when he finally grows into the master aerialist he's destined to be, Obarath will often prolong his landings or make them more intricate than necessary to display his assets.

Other outdoor activities also fascinate your brown. He enjoys the wilderness and exploring the landscape. While he isn't particularly fond of other animals, he's interested in them…for the purposes of hunting. The thrill of hunting an animal in the jungle or forest is far different from catching one in the pens, and most times he'll decline such easy pickings.

When it comes to flights Obarath won't be the talkative suitors others might be. Instead he'll let his flight speak for itself. Rather than dazzling a female with words he may even try to fly ahead and display more difficult maneuvers to impress her. Now, that doesn't mean he'll take insults from a green, gold, or any male dragon either. Anything unpleasant thrown his way will be met with and equally acidic remark.

Should Obarath ever sire a clutch, he'll be protective of both the gold (should she let him) and the eggs. In fact it'll be almost impossible to pry him away from the sands and you'll have to remind him to eat. The candidates, though viewed with suspicion, will be encouraged to spend as much time with the eggs as possible. Somewhere deep down Obarath will always remember the abyss of his egg and any chance to have a candidate pull the dragonets from that loneliness will be welcomed.


Name The Lady's Guardian Brown Obarath
Dam Gold Fuerioth
Sire Bronze Sindrieth
Created By Reya and S'u
Impress To Ailoura
Hatched 18 February 2017
Monaco Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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