Clay Amist the Flames Brown Nyth

This brown is certainly at the large size for one of his color, large in every way from the length of his body and the span of his wings to the full torso and well muscled limbs that support him. Broad wings, a heavy cloak that settles upon his back, are patterned with dark, smokey grey, shadows blotting out the richer hues beneath. Terra cotta spars slice through the shadows, the same hue gathering on the ridges that are formed along the centerline of his back. Reddish-brown hues cloak the rest of his expansive form, sliding smoothly over his hide, curling around limbs and tail while orange-brown speckles spot his belly and muzzle.


Crackling Flame
Oranges and reds mix together in Nyth's gentle but strong mind-touch. It's like being wrapped in flame, but in a good way, a way that makes the hearer feel safe and alive.


Nyth was transferred from a small forum-based Weyr where the extent of the info I received when I impressed was 'he's a logical, sturdy brown large enough to catch a queen'. Bringing him to PernWorld, therefor, presented a personal challenge.

The only thing he's themed on, per se, is fire in all of its aspects. The warmth and safety it provides as well as the danger it stands for.


Name Nyth
Dam Uhlinath (Sunset Beach)
Sire Ganoth (Sunset Beach)
Created By Uhlinath's player, edited by G'tor
Impressee g-tor
Hatched December 2005
Length 35.49
Sunset Beach Weyr (backstoried to Telgar)
Sunset Beach Weyr

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