Double Dollar Bounty Blue Nivaath

Dragon Description

This blue is far from the average mold of others with a long tail behind him and long neck with pointed muzzle before him. His build is lanky and slender yet the lines of a muscular from underneath presses fine lines over his dominantly azure rich body. Those piercing hues are attractive to wandering eyes with cobalt shadows sweeping across his slender chest, floating over the underside of his tail with faint tendrils wrapping around is circulature fashion. As if carried by the wind… The same darkness resides over highly placed head knobs and neck ridges before blending into the light of his back, still trying to take hold as the darker mottling trails back to his hind quarters and down to shadowed larger forepaws. The image of shifting light taking on a form of opalescence throughout save for the flat hue of sky adorning wingsails when unfurled around him. His wings and well rounded eyes are all that are average.

Egg Name and Description

Wasteland and Sky Egg
Sweeping from below this ovoid form clings warm hues of sand, mottled with hints of terracotta granules that drift upwards as if sailing wisps are carried by the gust of strong winds. The flow of earth depart into the endless depths of weather faded cornflower domination at its peak. Endless and ever changing as the light that falls upon it grows brighter; two bursts of white gold take form, one eclipsing the other on the shell as if they illuminate all before them. Fading through the wisps of wind and earth is a brush of carnelian, small yet bold as it blends with it's surroundings as a mirage, almost in searching. In taunting of all that surrounds the desolate rough shell of this egg.

Hatching Message

Wasteland and Sky shatters into a cascade of shards, freeing the wet and glistening hatching from within. The little one raises his head and belts out a strong bugle that ends up more of a honk as he trips over his own wings and falls face first into the sand beneath his feet. You didn't see him do that, really! Slowly, he situates his limbs, peering at each one before he's certain they wont betray him a second ti- Oooh, white things! He'll remove the remnants of his former home from his skin later.

Impression Message

Slipping through the heat of the sands below, a gentle breeze cradles your being and mind as it whistles past your ears. Everything before you is a blur, nothing more than a mirage residing within this desolate landscape before you. « O'ren? I'm Nivaath! » A gentle tenor echoes before taking up a more upbeat sway as the breeze withdrawls and hunger takes hold. « There's food around here right? Let's celebrate together and stuff our faces, whaddya say? »


Nivaath, in a word… Doofus. He's an upbeat and cheerful optimist to the world that stretches around him down to the smallest grain of sand. With a happy sway to his lanky build, he seems to be dancing to his own upbeat tune that only he and his lifemate would hear. There's nothing but love and peace in this ones world, he's a lover not a fighter if he can help it and would rather deal with any disputes in the best way a pacifist can. « Didja have to kill that trundle bug? Maybe he was just hiding in your pants to get out of the sun cause his tan was good enough. »

The beauty part about growing up is trying to find your footing in the world you live in and that will be one of this blues… weaknesses. He's a klutz, tripping over himself and any thing that lays before him if he's too distracted… which will happen quite often if the Commons or the Bakercraft decides to make an extra load of sweets. Wings unfurl and knock back objects, nearly toppling his rider, his clutchmates or anything built in the wake of his tail or rump. « Whoops, did I do that? Nothing a lil paint wouldn't fix… and some nails… and some bandages… I think I'm going to go over here now. » A distraction at most but not a hindrance to his growing or lessons as he'll catch on quickly, even if his behavior doesn't reflect it.

Of course this soft-hearted doofus does have his serious side when it comes to matters of the heart. He's the voice of reason during his lifemate's worst times, his song of comfort during his lowest. Silent and still as the most desolate desert, he's poised and reserved as he listens and waits for his time to lash out quickly if need be. Nivaath isn't afraid to stand up and defend his love, his O'ren.

There comes a time in any male dragons life when he must take to the skies in search of his lady love and this blue is no exception. Nivaath will be completely girl crazy towards both green and gold even though the latter doesn't give him the time of day, doesn't mean he can't still be a gentleman now can he? At the feeding grounds, he doesn't stuff himself too much but with his messy appetite, there's no wonder why there isn't a speck of blue left on this bloodied dragon, a nice 'coating' of red. In pursuit he's agile and quick, always watching his surroundings and those around him, ready to strike and take that lady for himself faster than a guard on donuts. « Donuts!? Where?! »


Nivaath's mind voice is a bright and cheerful tenor, constantly upbeat and optomistic of everything around him. Upon speaking, your vision will be clouded by a sepia blur as if standing in the radiating heat of an endless desert. When angered, flickering of crimson hues upon the corners of your view will deepen and pulsate with every word. Fear and unease brings a cold chill to the tone of this desolate mindscape. Excitement only raises the volume to near unbearable, while engulfing everything before you with the deep hues of the sky above.


The egg theme was based off of comics from various media, the hatchlings from characters featured. Nivaath was based off of Vash the Stampede or The Humanoid Typhoon from Trigun, a comic serialized in a sci-fi manga series with a space western theme created by Yasuhiro Nightow in 1995, and adapted into a 26 episode anime series in 1998 by Madhouse. Wasteland and Sky was based off of the vast desert our hero wanders through on his journeys; the glint of red, remnants of the coat he adorns flowing in his wake. Both dragon and egg were created by Hil.


Name Double Dollar Bounty Blue Nivaath
Dam Gold Avarinth
Sire Bronze Treasath
Created By Hil
Impressee O'ren (Lorien)
Hatched 20 May 2007
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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