Nimir Raj Bronze Nebryth

Dragon Description

He slinks across the ground on silent feet, sending lean muscles playing beneath a dark hide. He is slender and delicate in build, narrow across the chest and thru his pelvic girdle right down to four slim but long limbs. The flanks are tight and firm, rippling hide where muscles roll. What he might lack for in bulk is more then compensated for by strength and power. Starting at the long, angled head, his hide stretches back in near monotone darkness from a serpentine neck right thru to the ratty tail. He is a bronze so ancient it seems nearly black over every inch. What little metallic luster is present can be found only along the bony edge of his wingspars. Littered evenly across the velvet hide are curious patches of texture. At a distance they meld into the darkness, but close inspection shows them to be rosettes of bronze ever so slightly more copper in tone. As his sails spread, it becomes apparent that even those gauzy membranes are spotted.

Egg Name and Description

Coils of Metal Egg
A ribbon of steel spins brightness into an endless spiral around the metallic shell of this oblong egg. Like quicksilver, metallic hues shimmer in and out of the steel as molten streaks of copper and gold, of bronze and brass. One slender band runs into the next in a curiously fluid cycle of potential slipping to kinetic, then back again. The springy strength belies a fragile nature such that one ill thought tug might destroy the coil's flow. Dirt and sand have crept along the bottom line, scoring dulled scratches into the turning metal and it seems as if time is working against it. Wear and tear will someday bring the tight coils to a sharp end.

Hatching Message

In a curious fashion, the bands around the Coils of Metal egg seem to unwind from the pressure of the occupant within. Weaknesses found along the bottom edge shatter as the heat of the sands against age worn metal becomes too much for this egg. And so it seems to shatter from both apex and from the bottom, sending a spray of gold, copper, bronze and brass chips out over the sands. The only thing remaining is the huddled figure of a baby dragon.

Impression Message

The stress and strain of the hatching chaos suddenly fade under a wave of tranquility. You could nearly swear to the chirp of birds overhead and the drone of bees just out of line of sight. A wash of childish laughter greats this thought. « Ah, To'by, why shouldn't you feel calm. » A lazy sort of lassitude settles over you and soothes away the last of the strain from your tired, aching muscles. « There now, isn't that better? We are together and all will be good. » The first hints of hunger begin to sneak into your belly as the mind calls again, « I am Nebryth. Can we eat now, please? »

Mindvoice Name and Description

Echoes of Childish Laughter
How can a mind just made hold within it the memories and wisdom of age? Somehow this one does. There are rumors of 'old' minds, those where the mind already seems fully formed and mature at birth and this mind gives truth to the rumor. It's not a bitter and melancholy age. No. Instead, this one takes the memories of the joy and magic of youth and tempers them with wisdom. No rushing in unprepared, but rather arriving on the pastel colors of sun-touched clouds which drift in the lazy warmth of fading summer. The low drone of bees ride on the winds of fresh mown grass.


The egg and persona were created by P'rlan. The egg is based on the child's toy Slinky, while the persona is very loosely based on Laurell K. Hamilton's wereleopard Micah Callahan in the Anita Blake series. His name Nebryth is derived from the word Nebr, an African word for leopard.

Personality (RP Tips)

From the first moment of hatching, this fellow will seem somehow wise beyond his time. Not that he knows things exactly. It's more that he seems to inherently realized the preciousness of simple joys. While others are forging towards adulthood as quickly as possible, he contentedly meanders thru the summer haze of childhood and stops to smell the flowers along the way.

As he begins to grow in size and strength, he will naturally gravitate towards the position of leader. Why? Simply because he feels responsible for the welfare of others. Even if it means endangering him or you, you will often find yourself coming to the defense of others. Nor is he above breaking a few rules. No boy scout, this bronze! He's perfectly capable of doing things underhanded. In fact, he'll grow into a sort of utter practicality that might not always put you on the Weyrlingmaster's favorites list.

With the passage of time, he will reach full growth. He'll never be the largest or broadest of the bronzes but he'll always have unusual strength and power for his size. When sexual maturity hits, you can be sure he'll be more then ready to please the ladies. In fact, he'll likely have a natural gift for just that and he'll willing use it for the benefit of all, green or gold.

Nebryth is a gentle, calm soul at most times. He's even of temper with a slight tendency towards reticence. He approaches things meticulously, always well considered and planned. But he's not above a risky gamble and should anyone he cares for be threatened, all bets are off! He looks for the simple joys in all things, acknowledging that sadness occurs, but never dwelling on it. Things such as puffy clouds on a bright day, sun-kissed snow and frosty breezes bring him joy and wonder. Oddly, he seems to really love firelizards and will often surround himself with them. But you bring him the greatest joy of all.

Why To'by? Resting in the nebulous twilight of his egg, Nebryth waited with unbelievable patience for life to begin. Into this quiet tranquility stepped many minds. Some needed his assistance, while others distained it. Only you acted as his equal, feeling serenity and giving it in return. You offered him a home and accepted one in return. For him, you are truly the other half of his soul, his perfect life's mate.


Name Nimir Raj Bronze Nebryth
Dam Gold Fenillanth
Sire Bronze Xiaoth
Created By P'rlan
Impress To To'by (Toburk)
Hatched July 7, 2003
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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