Explore the Enchanted Forest Brown Moreth

Dragon Description

Even from the beginning, the rough and unpolished nature of this brown's hide seems to create a false sense of age, as weathered hues gather upon his large, well-built form. Sepia dominates his body, present from head to tail, wingtip to talon, visible from each and every angle. And yet, despite this, he is anything but a solid hue. The slightest hints of burnt umber appear along the edges of his nostrils, the corners of his mouth, and here and there along the ridges that frame his faceted eyes, as if endless winds have begun to rub away the darker outer layer. A similar occurrence has also revealed tinges of tawny red-brown along his head knobs, and the uneven, rugged ridges that march with purpose down the center of his back, the brighter bits most prominent along the edges. Oversized wings are marked with dark chestnut spars, the rich hue stretching from leading to trailing edge, supporting the semi-translucent sails that stretch between, where the slightest flakes of gold, sapphire, and ruby appear in the right light, bright against the drab background. His joints - whether they are on his wings or his long, well-muscled limbs, are almost burnished, showing worn spots of blue-brown umber along their rough edges, a color that in turn highlights the curves of his talons, and the end of his thick tail.

Egg Name and Description

A Well-Woven Tale Egg
A tangle of color winds its way maze-like across the face of this oblong egg, skeins of a thousand different colors and hues twisting and tangling in some inexplicable configuration that nevertheless seems to make some convoluted sense. As as weft weaves its way across the warp of the egg with chaotic precision, the threads trick the eye to see shapes and scenes; a deep emerald pool shimmering with power; a field of flowers alight with crimson flames; an oaken gargoyle with water streaming down his long, morose face. With each glance, the view changes - plants, people, animals - both of the familiar and the fantastic, all spun of slender, unbreakable threads.

Hatching Message

A Well-Woven Tale Egg shifts - or… Does it? With the woven strands and the pale light, it is hard to distinguish exactly what happened - and just as quickly it is back to still once more, if it was ever moving.

A Well-Woven Tale Egg suddenly jolts, something unseen affecting the stability of the scene, before a giant crack suddenly appears on one side - the darkness visible against the rich hues, tearing the tapestry asunder.

A Well-Woven Tale Egg has reached the end of its story, though in the darkness, exactly what that end is is left open to debate. However, where there once was a shell there is.. Something else. And that something is moving.

Hatchling Name and Description

Behind the Hovel's Door Hatchling
Certainly, there is some shape to this shadow - and more than just shape, there is a certain bulk as well. However, darkness seems to cloak the details,showing little other than a rounded curve that may be a muzzle, and a large surface which catches the light rather differently - a wing sail perhaps? The faceted eyes, however, seem to catch the most light, at least giving a fair idea of where the shadow's true size - and the direction of it's gaze.

Impression Message

A warm, spicy calm settles over your mind, surrounding you as it radiates curiosity. « Why yes, I suppose that you will do just fine. » The voice seems to echo just a bit, as if filling an empty cave. The declaration may not entirely be proper, but does that truly matter? « I am Moreth, and you.. You will be R'and.. And we will make new traditions together. » A feeling of contentment settles heavily over you, before there is a low, distant rumble and smoke slowly filters into your thoughts. « Though, perhaps tradition is acceptable some times - for I am hungry, may we eat? »

Mindvoice Name and Description

Impropriety is the Spice of Life
Moreth's mind is an interesting mix of colors and scents, that can change with his mood, but always has a oddly ancient strength behind the deep bass of his mind voice.

No matter his mood, there is always a distinctively musty scent to his mind - of age and dust and old paper - that seems to drape over his thoughts, tied to the perpetually dimly lit expanse that is his mind. When Moreth's mood shifts in the positive direction - towards excitement, pleasure, or happiness - his mind becomes spicier, both in scent and in color. Hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and even black pepper may cling to his thoughts, while ranges of yellow and orange accompany his words, even hints of red warming up his thoughts. However, when is mood turns negative - with frustration, disappointment, or sadness, the spices are replaced by hazy smoky-ness, the dim light becomes obscured with fog, and his tone takes on an echo as it carries through the caves of his mind.


Welcome to Weyrlinghood at Monaco Bay Weyr!
The Egg theme this cycle at Monaco was 'Fantasy Places' and the dragons are based off of characters from the stories which take place there. A Well-Woven Tale Egg is based off the Enchanted Forest, from the book Dealing with Dragons (as well as the subsequent books in the series). Dealing with Dragons tells the story of a very unprincess-like princess, Cimorene, and of her adventures after she runs away to the mountains to volunteer as a Dragon's Princess. A Well-Woven Tale Egg was created by Jazhira.

Moreth draws from a few different inspirations:

His name and his personality come from Cimorene, the princess in the stories - we played with various options for his name, and Moreth (from the middle of Ci-more-ne) just seemed to fit. S'u has been saying it as More-eth, but feel free to interpret it however you would like. As mentioned, his personality also draws very heavily from Cimorene - he is headstrong and flaunts tradition, and will often keep you on your toes.

His mind description is based on the description of the dragon caves in the books - how they smell, and the impression they give off.

Finally, his physical description was based loosely off of petrified wood - particularly crystalized petrified wood. When petrified wood crystalizes, it is no longer just brown - you can see a variety of colors here and there throughout the piece. S'u chose that as an inspiration because he felt it fit loosely with the theme - while it is still wood, it is also so much more than just wood, and it doesn't fit with the expectations - much like Cimorene was a princess but so much more than a princess.

Moreth was created for you by S'u and S'van, and everything here is just ideas and suggestions - he is yours, and feel free to change or tweak him as you see fit. We hope you enjoy him, and welcome to Monaco Bay Weyrlinghood!

Personality (RP Tips)

The best way to ensure that Moreth does something, is to tell him that it is a thing that shouldn't be done. But, let's back up a moment.

As a hatchling he'll be inquisitive, curious, thirsting for knowledge and itching to learn all the latest and greatest things. Theoretical knowledge is less important than practical knowledge. Moreth is a dragon that wants to put paws to the ground and do the thing, not just read about it (or, in this case as he is a dragon and cannot read for himself, hear about the thing from you or anyone else).

He'll have no patience for lessons on etiquette or for learning what is 'proper' behavior for a dragon, or a rider. Oh, he will come to understand what is and is not acceptable behavior, but whether he follows through on it, whether he applies this knowledge, will ultimately depend upon the answer to a very important question: Why.

If the answer is sensible, pertaining to safety or efficiency, then Moreth can get behind it.

But woe be to the one who answers, "Because I said so" or "Because that's the way it's done" or "Because that's the *proper* way to do it." Those are not acceptable answers to Moreth and, when given, leave your brown with the distinct impression that the 'thing' in question, and the reason it is done the way that it is done, is done for no other reason that because no one has bothered to think of a better way to do it. Or, because they are clinging to that oft-quoted excuse of "Tradition."

« Why do riders mount their runner from the left, R'and? »

"Uh, I think it's tradition?"

« Well that's dumb. They should mount it from the right and give the poor creature a break! Can't they see he's lopsided now? »

While he is not a dangerous or reckless dragon by nature, there is something about telling him that a thing *shouldn't* be done, for no other reason that because it just "isn't", that sparks a rebellious attitude.

But even though he might not like it, even though he might bristle and chafe under the lack of clear or inadequate explanations, Moreth is not the sort to outright buck the system. He'll typically do whatever they want him to do (at least while he's a weyrling), but he'll find little ways to circumvent the system, little ways to do what it is HE wants to do. Sneaking out after curfew? He'll do it until he's caught. Eating more than his fair share of the meat? He'll stuff his face until he's told to stop. Getting just a little bit carried away with those wing exercises or casually jumping from loftier heights before technically allowed to do so? He'll definitely try it, if you're not there to put a firm foot down and remind him that rules are rules for a /reason/ (and some, in particular, are for safety).

Ultimately, the thing Moreth dislikes the most is being told he can't do something, simply because it's not expected for a dragon to do. His curiosity is boundless, and his imagination is limitless. When others try to *impose* limits on him, he bristles. He loves adventure. He loves trying new things. And being told that it's not something a dragon should do (or heck, not something YOU should do!) simply because no other dragons have done it before, frustrates him. This may begin with things as simple as, oh, climbing a tree. Sure, no dragon has climbed a tree before (« that we KNOW of, » says Moreth), and sure, maybe as a full-grown adult he'd be more apt to crush that tree than climb it… but while he's a weyrling, he might as well give it a go!

"Moreth, what are you doing?! Dragon's don't climb trees!"

« Why not? »

"Because they don't! It's just not a thing that's done."

« Well… aren't I a dragon? »

"Yes, of course you are."

« And I just climbed that tree — and I totally owned it, too — so obviously it is a thing that is done. »

Eventually, he'll have to concede that there are some things that he can't do, if just because he lacks the ability to do so physically. Doesn't mean he won't try to find a work-around, though! Maybe Moreth can't bake cookies because he lacks the ability to read a recipe, hold and measure the ingredients and, oh yeah, FIT IN THE KITCHEN. But that just means he must get creative. Maybe he makes you read the recipe repeatedly so he learns it. And then maybe he makes you follow his EXPLICIT instructions when he wants to try to tweak it. So while he might not physically be the one to mix the batter, put it in the oven and set the timer… he's still the one that baked it!

But while Moreth is undoubtedly a headstrong dragon, he is not a mean or outright rude dragon. He's not about to put up with any shenanigans, mind. But he's above petty name calling or insult-slinging. Even at his most frustrated, when he might lose his temper, Moreth refrains from getting nasty. There's a right way and a wrong way to express one's self. And yes, while the truth might sometimes hurt, and Moreth is not shy about pointing out flaws in another's thought pattern, there's no need to be nasty about it. If anything, Moreth might feel sorry for them. So stuck in their ways that they've closed themselves off to the possibilities of what could be.

« It's kind of sad, really. They are so terribly hidebound, and they can't even see how it limits them. »

That doesn't mean he won't try to help them, at least a little bit. Moreth is a dragon who makes his own way in the world, and he's happy to bring others along with him. All that is required is an open mind and the willingness to toss out old expectations and silly limitations based around meaningless tradition.

However, he has absolutely no patience for dragons or people that might seek to change him into the dragon they think he ought to be. Engaging in a healthy debate is fun. But when it becomes clear that the other party won't yield or even consider the alternatives, Moreth is done. He'll disengage and, if forced to interact with that person in the future, will be as polite as possible until it becomes clear that politeness is getting him nowhere. Then he gets firm.

As mentioned before, Moreth loves adventure. He is not the sort of dragon who is content to do the same thing day in and day out. He wants to go explore, he wants to see and do things! As a youngster, this might mean a few sneaky side-trips to places they're not *really* meant to be going. Which could get interesting for you when, as baby dragons are wont to do, his sudden spontaneous nap leaves you trapped in the meadow for a few hours. Oops?

As he gets older, those adventures will get grander. Exploring the Weyr will become exploring the jungle, the surrounding cotholds, the Holds and the other Weyrs. It isn't just the physical locations that Moreth is interested in either, but the people that live there. After all, while the location might be unique, it's ultimately the people who live there that make it *interesting*. He wants to learn all he can about how other people live, what they do. What do they eat, and how do they make it? Are there any odd jobs he (or, let's be real: YOU) can do for them to trade for a bit of knowledge? Story time? Learning a craft?

It ultimately goes back to his never ending thirst for knowledge, his quest for personal growth and his discontent with the status quo. He will always seek new things, new experiences. And he's more than happy to have you along for the ride.


When it comes to flights, Moreth is… well. He's not much different than he is normally, really. Glowing greens and golds will certainly catch his eye, but Moreth is not the sort of dragon who is going to change himself for anyone else. Even if that someone else is a pretty girl. He is confident in who he is and believes in being authentic and true to his own nature. Even if it means he might lose the girl.

« Better to lose the flight than to lose myself. »

He's not a flirt. Compliments might be given, but they will always be earned and honest, offered up because he thinks she ought to know and not just because he's trying to win a flight. That honesty might actually gain him a few fans among the females, as Moreth is likely to develop a reputation as being a dragon who says what he means and means what he says. His word is as good as an oath, and he takes this very seriously.

When it comes to the flight itself, Moreth is a daredevil in the air, confident and willing to take calculated risks to get ahead and win the flight. But he is not an aggressive dragon, more prone to try and avoid a fight than allow it to come to blows in the air. There are always more flights but there is only one of him, and while there are some things worth dying for… a mating flight is not one of them.

« I will just have to be faster next time! But I wasn't about to let that brute of a bronze rip my throat out just for a girl. »

When he loses a flight, there is no pouting for him. His pride might take a bit of a blow, depending on how exactly he lost. But he's much more apt to consider how he could have done it better, done it differently, so that he learns something from the experience. There's no use in whining about it. Better to learn something so that next time will be different.

And when he does win, he will not let his triumph get the best of him. Oh, he'll no doubt be pleased, but he's not a braggart by nature. So while there is joy in a flight well flown, he's not apt to regale the rest of the Weyr with tales of his prowess and accomplishments.


Name Explore the Enchanted Forest Brown Moreth
Dam Gold Fuerioth
Sire Bronze Elenth
Created By S'u & S'van
Impress To R'and (Roriandor)
Hatched 30 September 2018
Monaco Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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