Bouncing Baby Green Mhaemoth

Dragon Description

Although she appears to be of average length and wingspan for a green, she looks slightly larger due to pudginess. Not outright fat, some degree of baby heft lingers on her frame, resulting in a smoother body rather than a toned one. Over her smooth body and hide slides veridian ivy, coating each and every inch of the dragon from snout to the tip of her round and pudgy tail. Laid over the base of rich green are swaths of dark hunter green. One of her gently whirling eyes is surrounded by such a dark patch, while another one drapes over her left shoulder and trails up the bones of the left wing, eventually fading so that the wing spar is a lighter shade than the base at her shoulder. Both wingsails are a muted lime shade with faint marbling. Balancing out the coloration scheme is another dark spot on her right hind quarter that covers the entirety of her hip and some of her back. Large forepaws and hind feet are tipped with sharp alabaster claws.

Egg Name and Description

Bundle of Chaos Egg
This egg is slightly more round than the others, though it's a far cry from a perfect sphere. Most of the time it is resting on its side, as though its shape doesn't lend it to the same placement as the rest of the eggs in this clutch. The leathery surface of the egg is splattered with a random assortment of colors. Brilliant yellow forms the backdrop, or at least apparent backdrop, of this egg. Against this color a somber purple is drizzled. Dots of moldy grey are interjected here and there, while large patches of blood red ooze down the sides of the egg. Breaking up the monotony are splashes of neon green and bright pink. All in all, it's a hodge podge of colors, some visible in no more than one single spot, and the effect is as if a sugar high child went wild with fingerpaints.

Hatching Message

Bundle of Chaos Egg tilts to the side once, twice, thrice. It's as if someone from within is knocking on the shell. After waiting a few minutes, the shaking resumes, followed by a more violent jump of the egg.

Bundle of Chaos Egg has been fairly active as of late, though for the past minute or two it has been absolutely silent. Therefore, there is little warning to precede the crack that appears in its shell.

After the formation of a crack about its radius, Bundle of Chaos Egg continues to wobble intermittedly. Finally it manages to tip out of its carefully formed hollow and roll a ways, cracking further as it moves. Finally, the hatchling inside can be contained no longer. Shell falls away to reveal what was growing within.

Impression Message

Something soft and fuzzy, slightly warm, brushes against your mind. Or was that just your hair against your skin, brought about by a warm breeze? Somewhere in the distance there is the sensation of faint giggling, followed by silence. And then there's the sensation of a pool of liquid morphing from just that into a pile of fuzzy softness, followed by a loud POP. « Whew. Finally, » announces a voice, though this is a new one — light, jovial, feminine. « I gotcha now. Now and forever. But, now that I have you, I think what I would like next is some food. » Accompanying this are crimson hues and the pang of hunger. Intense hunger. « I'm Mhaemoth, of course. »

Mindvoice Name and Description

Fuzzy Puddles
Mhaemoth's mind is ever changing. One moment she's showing an image of pins melting into a pool of neon green acid, the next she's offering up images reminiscent of peaceful nature scenes. It really just depends on what strikes her fancy at the moment - what's on her mind, your mind, or what the current conversation is of. There are a few staples — she prefers crimson red tones and soft gentle brushes, like something soft and furry. Shininess also tends to feature prominently in her mental images.

Mind Touches
Fuzzy Puddles spring into action, pouncing and leaping upon the scape of your mind. One moment they're here, the next… over there. Frenetic energy in every single hop and skip. Where it ends up, who knows? There's no pattern to the movements, which are simply all over. Finally there's a climax in one mighty -POUNCE- that lunges into your mind, intent on violently prying forth the knowledge it seeks. Knowledge of that great out there, the great beyond, movement and life… all these wonderous things that it sees through you. Share with it, won't you? Won't you??

Fuzzy Puddles simply disappear with a brilliant flash, only to apparate out of no where to pounce upon further unsuspecting memories. This time, however, a series of images and sensations are left behind this time — a puddle of some crimson fluid that tastes faintly of copper, green mold, soft fur, and bright blips of red and orange and shininess. Shortly after these random droppings have fallen there's the impression of tittering laughter in the background before the puddle of fur condenses into another pounce. Show it more, show it more, oh please.
Fuzzy Puddles coalesce into single bundles of furriness that leave drippy patches of some mud-like substance, sticky and clinging in their wake as they dance about. Footprints of sorts are left here and there before vanishing suddenly and abruptly. And then the puddle melts, spreading out and trickling into crevices, mounting a single last assault on your surface memories before vanishing in a stream of giggles.


The egg is based on Sluggy Freelance, a webcomic full of insanity, chaos, and mayhem. More specifically, Mhaemoth draws on both Kiki and Bunbun, both a common source of different flavors of chaos and destruction. Mhaemoth is based on the infamous Mr. Momomoto, who can swallow his own nose. Egg and dragon by Mianyi.

Personality (RP Tips)

At first, Mhaemoth is, above all else, a youngling and a baby. There is a lot for her to learn and discover about the world around her, and she'll expect you to be patient with her while she figures things out in her own way. This is crucial to her understanding. It must be on her terms, not yours or anyone else's, though if you have ways of showing her things, well, she'll be right there to listen patiently, tapping her tail to bely her impatience. She's on her own time scale, really, and doesn't always quite like having to wait and listen for someone to finish before she can move on. However, she will, and sometimes she will even be enraptured and genuinely calm while listening.

As Mhaemoth matures, she will grow into a headstrong young lady. She can be quite a stubborn creature at times, so it will take skill to convince her to do something if she's not feeling up to it at the moment, or if she's currently distracted by something. Also as she grows up, she'll at least be less interested in the whys of life and stuff and more interested in testing limits and performing her own sociological experiments. She thrives on causing trouble, but of the more odd variety. Her 'pranks' are at best confusing to others, though she herself is highly amused. She also tries to devise clever and subtle tricks — the more obscure the better — in an attempt to bring about some small degree of chaos. She is overly fond of asking random, out of place questions or replying to questions with more questions that have no tangential relationship to the one asked of her.

At first she won't think much of her status as "chubby" and being more rounded than her clutchmates. It's only once she's had a chance to compare herself to others that she will think anything of it, though her perception of herself will not negative unless it is pointed out in a negative light to her. Although she may not seem to make much of it, once the point is raised she will query you incessantly about it, fretting over it. Considering that dragons are strict carnivores, it is quite difficult for a chubby one to lose weight, but given the right motivation and encouragement from you, it could be possible. Though, honestly, she would much rather be told she's gorgeous all the same and be left to return to her own plannings and musings.

Mhaemoth is a pack rat, and is particularly attracted to shiny objects. Once she gets a chance to decorate her own couch she will, with anything she can find such as old ratty blanket scraps, broken pieces of wood, various old trinkets and dolls that have been discarded. The real treasures are shiny objects - bits of glass and stones and whatever else she can get her mitts on. Those are hidden away. Likewise, during trainings and drills, she'll easily be distracted by anything sparkly, such as the sunlight glinting off water in a peculiar way. Just keep her focused and all will be well.

A more violent and bloodthirsty persona will emerge when Mhaemoth becomes proddy. Her mindvoice will become tainted with crimson and copper hues and her temper will become short. Whereas she is normally stubborn, she will become outright ornery and cranky. She has a penchant for issuing odd threats to those around her, particularly the males, a trait which will become more pronounced as her hide begins to brighten. Flights for her will always be some manner of acrobatic display, encouraging the males to really work for it and show her their stuff.
Of course, Mhaemoth is yours and is a dynamic creature who will grow with her Yana as the two go through the trials and tribulations of weyrlinghood and emerge as new riders at Eastern. It is of course up to you how you choose to play her and we hope that you enjoy her.


Name Bouncing Baby Green Mhaemoth
Dam Gold Avarinth
Sire Bronze Treasath
Created By Mianyi
Impress To L'ya
Hatched May 20, 2007
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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