Siege of Darkness Bronze Marzoth

Dragon Description

The last embers of a once great fire enfold this dragon, smoky hues rendering his form a shade of bronze so dark that he could be black. Flecks of dulled copper speckle his neckridges, shading to an eerie green-gold between his shoulders, before being swallowed by the sooty hues that dapple his back. Thin trails of fiery red appear in the right light outlining the lithe musculature of his lengthy form, while obsidian claims his deadly talons and the tip of his whipcord thin tail. His wings lie furled like a charcoal stained cape around him, but when spread reveal golden embers liberally sprinkled across the sails. Hidden beneath the darkness a burning red-gold crescent rests on his underbelly, a hidden ember waiting to reignite the fire within.

Egg Name and Description

Sweeping the Firmament Egg
What strange accident happened to this egg, causing it to be elongated and twisted as it is? None would be the answer, as closer inspection finds that it is all a clever optical illusion. Tendrils of brown creep up from the sand covered base, twining together as they enfold the shell in a myriad of tough woody braids that twist and squeeze towards the sky, leaving little room for anything else. From a tip crowned with a barely visible flash of bright blue, valiant tufts of green fight their way downwards, battling for dominance against the twisted vines that bind the shell, but ultimately held at bay far from the sands below.

Hatching Message

Sweeping the Firmament Egg moves slowly, living up to its name as the tufty green tip scribes an odd circle in the air before tilting dangerously over to one side.

Sweeping the Firmament Egg twists, falling completely onto its side and rolling a little away from its previous home. Myriad cracks run over the surface, tiny breaks through the woody braids that hint at the fragility and temporary nature of the shell.

Sweeping the Firmament Egg wriggles for a moment then sags down into the sands as the underside gives way completely. A taloned foot pokes out, barely visible for a breath before it pushes down deep into the sand. Slowly but surely the egg crumbles, the hatchling pulling itself out in a shower of sand and sticky egg innards.

Hatchling Name and Description

Mountain of Magenta Hatchling
For all the length of this hatchling it managed to be coated completely in the multi-coloured hues of the recently dyed sand in less time than it takes to blink. Bright fuchsia crests its headknobs, mixing with the more natural sandy colours that have been smeared across its back and limbs. Long and lithe it keeps close to the sands, blending in until it chooses to move.

Impression Message

A flurry of sand blows before you, obscuring your vision as illusory fingers of cold walk up your spine and lodge in your mind. A breath, long and slow, loud in your ears. Was it yours? « I am here. » The declaration is so simple, but as your vision clears a sand encrusted dragon peers at you with such ferocity it would be easy to be scared. « If this road, this series of stepping stones, leads nowhere, then so be it. I walk the road with you S'dny, and so I, Marzoth, have my home. »

Mindvoice Name and Description

Twinkles from the Underdark
Imagine a dark forest, that is Marzoth's mind. Each thought is carefully guarded, hidden away amongst the trees so that only the briefest glimpse can be seen unless it is specifically shared. Careful and cunning, sheltered and protected, icy twinkles that seep into the senses. His voice itself is quiet and soothing, but the honeyed words are chosen carefully and each thought considered before voiced. It's the type of voice that can convince someone to tell their life story, but gives nothing away of his own. Should he rouse to anger then the beastial form he briefly showed in the shell comes to the fore, the words becoming more snarl and bark, and the icy stab of his thoughts adding a headache inducing emphasis.


The themes for this clutch were Plants of Pern and Dungeons & Dragons. The egg is based on the Skybroom tree using the wonderful details from the Healer wiki.

Marzoth himself was originally going to be based on Drizzt Do'urden, an atypical Drow (dark elf) ranger, but you gave such wonderful detail in your application that he became slightly more free-form, though there are still hints of Drizzt in there.

His name comes from scrambling the home of the Drow - Menzoberranzan.

As always what's written here is only a suggestion, feel free to shape him as you see fit.

Welcome to Weyrlinghood.


Personality (RP Tips)

Oh Sydney what have you gotten yourself into? A world involving Marzoth can only be a wild ride, where chaos rules and you will be dragged along in its wake whether you want to be or not. Marzoth is a good soul, in general. He just has a very definite idea of where he should be and expects it to happen. He may intend to do the right thing, he may even plan for it, but with a honeyed tongue such as he has, and an intimidating habit of looming, things may well fall out of the generally accepted behaviours.

"Let events take their course," he said resolutely, looking back to the camp and his closest friends. "I need no fantasies to belittle the great treasures that I already possess." - R A Salvatore, Streams of Silver

Almost immediately in weyrlinghood it will become apparent that his eyesight is not the best, in daylight at least. He has a tendency to keep to the shadows where he can blend in, and though he would never admit it his preference for the dark comes simply from the fact that his vision sharpens and he sees better at night than most do during the day.

His is remarkably agile for one of his size, both in flight and on the ground, and there will be many times that he creeps up on others to listen or watch, on silent feet or soundless wing. That habit of watching will continue throughout his life, every piece of information sought out and stored for future use. Whilst his memory is better than most, you will be expected to remember everything he passes to you no matter how small and insignificant it seems - who knows what might be useful later.

"Too many wizards seek to circumvent the years of study required for true power." - R A Salvatore, Siege of Darkness

Regardless of how you feel he will insist on being present at every weyrling class, every meeting, every event that may further his ambitions, and then you will be the recipient of the bite of his tongue. It doesn't matter if he's had you up all night watching a visitor to the weyr, or if you have fallen off the wagon, you have responsibilities and you will be there. If he is to be THE weyr dragon, then you will have to follow suit. His ambitions will drag you both in perhaps unexpected directions, but there is always one goal in his mind - to be the best. Anyone that gets in the way of his ambitions will find conflict surrounding them, pressures, stories, manipulation, but never outright hostility unless it is absolutely earned. Perhaps it would be best if you didnt allow him the chance to be weyrlingmaster, but then again… it could be fun.

In flights his animalistic side will take over completely and it will be a struggle to get him to listen to you at all. Instinct is a wild thing and he will tear beasts to shreds, and occasionally his fellow chasers, any ruthless action that might ensnare him the female. Once the passions fade he will not linger, instead slipping away as soon as he can. He does not like losing control, it shames him, and he will possibly hide for a time until he feels ready to face the world again.

When love comes it will come hard and fast, but it will only come once. He may win many flights but once a certain green has captured his heart then there will never be another he lets as close. With her he can relax, he can forget the world and just be himself, and perhaps she will be able to teach him some tolerance and the joy of real friendship.

"In the heart there is no sting greater than watching the struggles of one you love, knowing that only through such strife will that person grow and recognize the potential of his or her existence." - R A Salvatore, Siege of Darkness

Chaotic but good your Marzoth knows you are both destined for greatness. Hopefully you won't step on too many toes as you reach for it.


Name Siege of Darkness Bronze Marzoth
Dam Gold Ceresth
Sire Bronze Sindrieth
Created By Aliona
Impress To Sydney
Hatched August 3, 2014
Monaco Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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