Hawaiian Warrior Brown Makoath

Dragon Description

Deep mahagony spreads down from a chisled face, and swirls around colorfully whirling eyes of this brown. The color lightens slightly as it spreads down over his muscular chest, and down powerfull forelimbs. The color continues down over his back, and belly, and cotinuing down the rest of his body, and dipping down into his tail where it fades to black. His wings are kissed by pale white that shows only in the right light, but otherwise appearing mahogany. On his head, theres streaks of black, while the color appears again around his hips, wrapping them in black, and spreading partly down into his hind limbs a bit before stopping. But black isn't the only color in that spot, for if there was a closer look, there can be seen the colors of white, and deep navy blue. Around his neck the black continues, this time, in a beading pattern, reminescent of a beaded necklace, completing the look of this brown.

Egg Name and Description

Strangely Pourous Egg

Hatching Message

Theres a rumble as the hatchling within the Strangely Pourous Egg works to get out of it's confinement. The egg finally explodes in a shower of egg shells, and egg goo, leaving behind the Hawaiian Warrior Brown Hatchling on the sands, who looks around for a moment, before giving a mighty stretch.

Hatchling Name and Description

Impression Message

Mindvoice Name and Description


Personality (RP Tips)


Name Hawaiian Warrior Brown Makoath
Dam Gold Fenillanth
Sire Bronze Xiaoth
Created By Mysia
Impress To R'jin
Hatched 12 September 2004
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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