Wooden Gavel Brown Maemith

Thin as the stick on a judge's gavel would describe this brown dragonet, his form all angles and seeming to be nothing but. On the slightly larger side of his color's scale, this dragonet can indeed be a little bit intimidating as it's deep brown depths swerve and curve on it's thin and sharp yet rounded form. The deep brown nears that of mahogany, while deeper streaks, nearing that of black, runs in small stripes along it's hide, as if the grain from a piece of wood. When his wingspan is spread - for whatever reason - fawn and mahogany color his membrane in the same wooden textured pattern. His triangular head seems a bit bulkier than the rest of him - the head of the gavel - his head slightly more rounded, though the front and back of his head seem slightly blunted, as if stopped short, but yet not in an unattractive way as swirling eyes are placed within the triangular head.

Egg Name and Description

Feather of Truth and Justice Egg

Sandy dunes color this medium egg from tip to tip, curve to curve, the sandy depths unwavering and true to the last grain of sand. Tan and beige mix together on the surface of the egg, creating the same sort of color so it blends in well with the sand of the Hatching Caverns. Buried in the sand, almost completely covered by the said substance, a feather tip lays barely noticed. The lightest of fawn and bare forbidding hints of black streak the feather, as the white core of innocence leads to the very tip, the same fawn and black sprouting out in thick, then thin bands of color.

Hatching Message

Impression Message


Based after Ma'at, the Egyptian goddess of truth, justice and order, this egg is nothing but the raw form of the goddess. Truthful down to the last ion of it's being, this hatchling-to-be won't spare even the feelings of its future bond mate to the cruel harshness of the real world. Good and Bad will always be weighed out in it's mind, even if it has to pause in a critical situation, the Bad always being discarded for the righteous way of living. Feeling its self in charge of judging people and their actions, as well as any other living beings, it can be talkative at times, even if the words are mean and not normally meant to be said.

When Maemith grows up, I'd think along the lines of a court judge. He'll be more serious in his ways, and when not on duty, Mae /will/ enjoy himself to a certain point, however small that point may be. But when on duty, Maemith is all seriousness and nothing else. The brown will not treat friends in a special manner, seeing as how he might not have any or many, being the loner and blunt dragon he is. So past the point of seriousness, bluntness of the truth, and always getting down to work, Mae will only spare fond time for his bondmate. Aka, you Gwen. ;)

WHY: Mae loves Gwen because of a few reasons in general. Out of all of the candidates, Gwen was the sole person to pass the egg's inspection without putting up a front, as well as being her natural self. Another reason this dragon loves Gwen is because she was able to show him a new facet to justice. One is able to be kind as well as completely just, which he didn't think was possible. Though still the kindness part of Justice will remain a gray area for Maemith.


Soft and light, this egg can be, but often times it isn't. A pure white feather, outlined with a streak of black, often plays into the mind's eye of whomever this mind touches. Giving all a chance, it will judge by the actions done and make theories off of those observations. Innocent, righteous, pure white and Evil, forbidding, tainted black fight each other constantly around the feather, while a faint squeaking of an antique balance can be heard. No spot of Neutral gray can ever be seen, as it isn't afraid to be blunt. It isn't afraid to be a loner. It is itself and nothing else. Kindness may not be known to this creature, though it might be able to learn an error in its ways. However the pure and good always get a comforting caress from it's white side, while the tainted and evil are hurt with it's scornful black side. But with it's bond, the touch will always be pleasant whiteness unless the bond does something bad.


This dragon is Ma'at/Mayet all over. Even though it's a female goddess, hey! It could be a male! But as a filler, Mayet is known for the ostrich feather on her forehead, which is used for balancing the hearts of the deceased to see if their soul will be fed to the beast, or if their soul will be able to travel the lightened path. So there's the deal of what Mayet does. I can't say what she does in her free time, but I'm sure she didn't take any time off really. Busy Body might be the best way to describe Maemith, who might even have to be forced to stop doing whatever he'll be doing. He'll be decicated to his work, no doubt.


Name Wooden Gavel Brown Maemith
Dam Gold Isisth
Sire Bronze Kalerriarth
Created By N'andi
Impressee Gwen
Hatched 17 August 2001
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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