This Dragon Will Swallow You Whole Bronze Lamnixzth

Dragon Description

Egg Name and Description

Here's to Swimming Egg

This egg is strange looking — different is one word for it. The color is all wrong, and are those bumps across one edge of the egg? The size of this egg is almost hard to figure out as it seems to 'drip' and 'run' almost as if flowing with a natural wave of the colors across this egg's surface. The color is not appeasing at all, it is a burnt orange-red mix that makes one think of paint, or perhaps someone splashing a bucket of colored water. There is a slight slickness to certain parts of the egg, and these places also have a shine or a glimmer to it when light hits it just right. Along one edge of the are small bumps, the first few are small and then get a touch bigger within the center before they disappear upon the other end of the egg. A flash of blue and white is caught across the bottom long half of the egg that is settled in the sand, almost looking like a slight roll of a wave.


MT-1: Show Me The Way to go Home greets you warmly, at least that is what it seems to be warmly, though at the same time there is an air of dampness felt as if mist was hitting you, yet at the moment no wind is felt here upon the sands. The scent hits you, it s the sea, a rich salty smell as if you might be on the beach but instead it I all around you, as if perhaps you might actually /be/ in the water instead of on the beach itself. Where a moment ago you could not see anything now you see blue, different shades of blue, light, dark, bluegreen, sparkling blue as if someone was trying to find the right color on a tray of paint. White appears and is 'floating' by you, though as you reach out to touch it you find nothing but air. Then something seems to be near you 'swimming' is a way to describe it as it goes floating by only to turn sharply and head back towards you. Just before that form is close enough to appear you find yourself back upon the sands, the one in this egg seems done with you at the moment.

MT-2: Show Me The Way to go Home: the air is hot now, so very hot, and yet you feel wet, there is a spray that hits across your face and as you look around you find yourself in the middle of the ocean. Fear creeps up into you, running down your spine and making your stomach churn as something just isn't right. How did you get here, how will you escape. There is no land scene in any direction, not a boat or even a dragon found. The sun beats down on you from above, no clouds seen an yet there is a rumble off in the distance as if a storm was coming. As you look around the slowly rolling waves a shadow is spotted under the water, something /was/ there you are sure of it, yet it is gone just that quickly. There is a breeze from no where and on that comes the smell of something rotting, like meat left out in the sun to long. Something floats by you in the water which looks a lot like a fish head before it sinks under the water which has turned a bit of red. The shadow is back and there is a splash, a slight shape seen but your sure hat your mind is playing tricks on you as it looks like a gray triangle. Before the fear starts to take over again you find yourself back on the sands the water gone.

MT-3: Show Me The Way to go Home: the one within seems surprised that you would dare return. Though they will give you a show if you wish it. Once the surprise feeling washes away your once more out in the ocean, bobbing up and down while the rough waves slam into you. The spray hits you pushing you one way and then another. The thick scent of the sea is filling your mind while fear is there. Something swims by, and then it returns only to grab hold of your leg and suddenly drag you downwards under the crashing waves. As you kick and fight the hold upon your leg releases and you break the waters surface gasping for air with a half scream perhaps escaping you. Fish are floating around you now, bloody, dead and somewhat rotting, a gift perhaps? A way for the one to say 'sorry' for scaring you, or perhaps you are now part of this monsters meal and they are waiting for you to get weak for another grab to finish you off. Though before anything happens the one here falls asleep, a rush of anger felt at the very end to hopefully make sure you do not return.

Hatching Message

Here's to Swimming Egg starts to wobble, back and forth, as if the one within is becoming eager and wishing to escape that egg.

Here's to Swimming Egg starts to crack, it runs down from the top and slowly spiderwebs out across the surface of the egg. A bit of red goo drips from these cracks.

Here's to Swimming Egg splinters down the side, this cracks out across the surface of the egg. During another struggle from within the egg finally crumbles and the dragonet within is free. It moves sluggishly — swirling eyes a dark black like doll's eyes — before it is up on its feet, shell bits still clinging to it.

Colorless Hatchling Name and Description

Farewell and Adieu to You Hatchling

The size of this dragonet is not huge, yet it is anything but small. Long neck, lanky legs, a large wedge-shaped head. Wings are tucked close, but from the looks of them they are very large. Its color is unknown — sand, goo, and shell still cling to this one's hide while it tramples along, searching for its lifemate.

Hatchling Name and Description

This Dragon Will Swallow You Whole Bronze Hatchling

The size of this dragonet is not huge, yet he is anything but small. This one has a path before him and with time and much care he will reach the and and be as large as his sire fore certain. Large taloned paws, delicate toes that are thickly knuckled even for one his age which is not a hindrance but in fact an added bonus as he has a very hard time dropping things, anything he catches are grabbed hold of tightly. Legs long and lanky but his proportionate are good for one his age. His neck is long, head large and has a short compact muzzle and resting in that muzzle can be found large white teeth, a few near the front slender an the tips of the bottom fangs even rest upon his top lip at times. Headknobs rest well upon the top of his head, and a set of small bumps run down the crest of his neck ending before his shoulders and then starting once more at his hindquarters down near the end of his tail.

His color is rich, as if someone dropped bronze liquid upon his head and it washed down across the rest of his form. The color pales across his throat, sides and haunches before becoming dark once more across his legs. His wings are large, powerful things when he is older though right now they will be a hindrance as he attempts to get use to those strange thing. The wingsails themselves flutter in the faintest breeze, and can get him into a lot of trouble if he is not careful.

Impression Message

Everything around you suddenly changes, there is a mist that appears from nowhere and the smell of the sea hits you like a ton of bricks. « Are you the one? » Is questioned first, and it is only in your mind as something, or someone is seemingly judging you, sizing you up. « You will do… We have much to plan, much to find, more to gather and not enough time. » The voice is rich, with a slight flare that seems like an accent of sorts, yet holds an edge that shows this one is wise beyond his years. « But first, we must eat. I am Lamnixzth and you will help me with this, won't you M'rus? » There is a rumble, something like thunder or a roar, but honestly it belongs to this bronze hatchling that is suddenly standing before you, drifted in out of the mist like a shadow almost, and that noise was his stomach that is waiting to be filled.

Mindvoice Name and Description

Bright Horizon and Strong Winds

His mind is open, a vast space that will have a crash of waves at times, and the spray of the sea ever found hitting some surface. Wind is felt, blasts of it when he is angry and smaller flutters when he is calm. When happy the salt of the sea is found heavy, as if he was 'sharing' his most prized position with someone. Ripples of colors will flow across his mind, all rich blues and greens, with just a flash of white like found on a crashing wave.


Personality (RP Tips)

He is a curious one, eager to explore, eager to question, yet at the same time one that is not fully sure of himself. Like any 'child' he will need some encouragement from you, guidance from you to help turn him into what he will one day become. That is not yet written, he like everyone else on Pern has a clean slate at first and it will take time to see just what he and you can do.

Quint: "Come on Chief, this isn't no boy scout picnic."

Lamnixzth is not a stickler for rules though, if there is one way to do something be certain he will find another (or many) ways to get it done, not all of them will be appropriate either. Like his sire was at this age, he will be clumsy a good amount of the time (thank those large wings!), and thanks to this he figures out other ways to do things. And when he does it could land you both into a heap of trouble!

There are certain things that he loves, one is the sea. If you don't have a love for the sea by now then you will soon or your dragon will be making it a point to find ways to make you love it. Not only does he love the sea but he loves the wind. With wings like his he needs a good amount of wing at times, and once he finds it everyone needs to watch out because he will owe that bit of wing and show you just what makes him so special.

Quint: "There's too many captains on this island."

As he grows you both will find out things about one another, and the world that you had no idea. New adventures, new challenges, and no telling what else could be lurking under the water. He is a good natured dragon, but even he has his moments where he can lash out at someone or thing and any that feel his rumble or roar may think twice about what they happened to be doing t the time. He will indeed push your to your limits, though at the same time you will be the one teaching him everything you know and then some. He is one of those dragons whose soul seems older then his actual age, there are times where things come to him naturally even if he and you have never dealt with it before. At some point you will no longer be the teacher, he will take over that part and teach you such things that you will be left in wonderment at how he knew it.


When it comes to friends he will make them easily. Everyone will get his attention, and he will think that everyone wants to talk to him as well. One of his best friends around would be a dragon from his own clutch, Eileth. These two will be thick a thieves, getting into trouble, finding new adventures you name it if it is to be done, or has been done then these two shall do it with one another. With friends come more fun after all!

Quint: "Here's to swimmin' with bow-legged women."

Regarding flights, he will take sometime time to figure out why chasing a glowing female is such a good idea. The start of it will sicken him, like some crazy joke, and he may even flee. Though like everyone else he will grow and learn that it isn't /that/ bad, an when he does figure out that chasing a flashy female is fun, and a test for the others and himself it will be hard pressed to change his mind to take to the air. Green or gold it does not seem to matter. Each flight is a new test, a new adventure and he will at one point look forward too those calls that echo around the weyr. If he should catch a gold, one best prepare for him to be a very protective clutch sire, if anything or anyone displeases him it will be a mess, the only thing keeping him in line at that point will be you and the Queens. Hopefully it won't come to that point.


Here's to Swimming was based on the movie Jaws, and Lamnixzth himself was loosely based on an albatross (Lam's love for the wind) and Quint — the serious sides of him, the attitude, and of course his love for the sea. The theme was 'Food in Entertainment.' I picked Jaws, and the food bit would be chum, for you can't go sharking without a bit of fish blood!


Name Lamnixzth
Dam Tzavayth
Sire Draukaith
Created By T'revs
Impress To Merius
Hatched 24 May 2015
Monaco Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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