Inspiration through the Darkness Blue Kostayath

Dragon Description

The striking darkness of indigo shadows blends it's way unto soft powder blue hues that frost this dragon's hide. It invades short headknobs, trickling down in fine tendrils over the back of his narrowed head and neck ridges where they fade before broad shoulders and long wings. Wing sails are free as they bare their own gentle hue of smoke that dominates membranes and mottled in ash, scattered in defiant order throughout as if storms emanate from their movements. Even raven tipped claws and long muscular tail are dominated by the shadows where they rise and softly blend with the light until it seems to vanish entirely. This dragon's form is average and slender in build, the only remarkable image upon it's frame are single dark patches of obsidian consuming each eye, the edges falling in a single tear below to the jawline, giving this dragonet a dark and chilling visage.

Egg Name and Description

Blizzard Frost Egg

Hatching Message

Blizzard Frost Egg shifts quietly among the shadows of the other eggs, sending grainules spilling down the sides of the shell while it lurks within the sands and patiently awaits it's escape.

Blizzard Frost Egg rocks violently as it slams into another egg, a crack appears down its side and radiating outward throughout the shell before it settles once more from it's restlessness.

Blizzard Frost Egg begins to rock once more, the cracks about it's surface continue until they engulf the egg. Suddenly the shell is shatters into pieces as this hatchling erupts from it's prison, a blue tail lashes out and the tip flickers in frustration before rolling to its side and revealing the remainder of this hatchling's form. Inspiration through the Darkness Blue Hatchling bugles its arrival as it rises with damp wings hanging at its sides.

Hatchling Name and Description

Impression Message

Mindvoice Name and Description


Personality (RP Tips)


Name Inspiration Through the Darkness Blue Kostayath
Dam Gold Pagnisath
Sire Bronze Osraebukath
Created By
Impress To Vr'nt
Hatched 9 September 2006
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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