Kaleidoscope Dragonfly Green Korith

Shimmering and beautiful, this delicate green is as ethereal as she is grounded, phantasmagoria made real. Her headknobs are slender and delicate, sloping back from a wide, angular forehead. Tiny, silvered details glimmer faintly along the length of each arched prominence, bending and swooping in pale iridescence. A similar colour flecks high cheekbones in tiny, starry pinpricks, motes of pale color that make overlarge eyes seem quaint, doeish, dear. A long, strong nose ends in a gently rounded snout, nostrils sleek and streamlined, chin dainty in the extreme. Though the rest of her features are particularly elfin, her jaw is blocky and strong, belying a deep inner fortitude hidden amidst so much grace. The rest of her form follows in a similar vein, long, sloping neck edged with nigh-triangular 'ridges, their faint argent shine implying the rise of so many blades along her spine. Squared shoulders and hips taper to slim, muscled legs, paws dainty and narrow with prominent knuckles and sharp pearlescent claws. Faint netted twirls of bluish-purple sheen spin from wrists to toes upon each forepaw in the appearance of gloves. Though perhaps at first glance an unusual touch, given the soft sage that comprises her base, it takes only a ray of sunlight, a flicker of fire, or a moonbeam's caress to set her form ablaze, coruscating purples, blues, and other cool-minded colors for which there are not and never will be names rippling in fantastical billows and rises, the majesty of which is typically reserved for the birthplace of stars. This fey iridescence trails down neck and sides, twines betwixt ridges, alights in dew-dropped pools along her sides before fading into twinkling scintilla near her tail's end. Overlong almost to the point of dragging, this tail is nevertheless expressive, motions taking on a life, a mood, a meaning of their own. The same deep royal-phthalo that tips each end of her forked tail is reflected along the borders of her wings, leading edges and aileron both painted with a heavy hand before breaking in mirror-like shatters across the wing’s entire length. Each pale, silvered membrane beneath seems to have been stretched to the point of translucence, hide thin enough that green veins stand out at the finest points of her sails. No matter how seemingly-fragile this veil, the muscles that support her wings are toned and firm, the strength in their bulk a subtle reassurance: not only can she fly, she will do so swiftly, and often. The only question is, can anyone else keep up?

Egg Name and Description

Moonlight Legend Egg
Inky shadows collect around this egg as though it's cloaked itself in midnight. From a distance, for the most part, all one can see is the dark ebon of the shell's exterior, it's not until one ventures closer that it can be noticed that there are tinges of grey as well. Atop the very apex of the shell is the only place that the black doesn't touch, a shimmering golden circle that embraces the darkness rather than dismissing it. There is a scene in the darkness for those that touch this egg, a single black looking feline atop a hill that appears to have a faint crescent moon shape imprinted in the center of its forehead. A trick of the mind, perhaps, as when the shell is moved it disappears into shadow once more.

Hatching Message

Moonlight Legend Egg starts to wiggle and shimmy, sending a small spreading of pollen across the sand as it starts to quake. Maybe it’s a figment of the imagination, though, a skittering of shadow across black.

Moonlight Legend Egg makes a sickening sound, the /crack/ of the egg’s shell can be heard across the sands, but immediately any hint of what lies beneath the surface is covered up by a flurry of pollen sticking to the contents and settling once more.

Moonlight Legend Egg may have already hatched before this moment, because there are no more sounds of cracking happening just the slow movement of something escaping the shell and rolling around on the sands to collect so much fluff that it’s just a mass. A trill can be heard announcing the arrival of this dragonet.

Hatchling Name and Description

It’s So FLUFFY Hatchling
Rotund. No sooner than this little beast is hatched it’s out there rolling in as much fluff as its little body can hold. By the time it’s finished, it’s about twice the size that it’s supposed to be. Probably. Where is the head? How can it see? These are all very good questions which are found out as soon as it starts moving. There’s a flutter of what one might suspect are wings, but with how much fluff there is, they look like tiny little things flailing about in the fluff. The tail, however, still can be visibly seen, the shadowed length swishing back and forth and sending more fluff flying in its wake.

Impression Message

There is a gentle nudge against your mind, a furry sense brushing against your thoughts before it disappears for a moment. A blink, and then it is back, nudging more forcefully this time to claim your attention, a soft purr reverberating through your soul. « Ze’n. » The single syllable seems to hover around you, echoing through your bones, and then the nudge becomes a solid pressure against your mind, leaning heavily and having no intent of withdrawing, ever. « I am Korith, and I am -so hungry-. » She purrs, pushing a little more firmly, and letting ribbons of creamsicle dance through your thoughts, winding through your mind like a feline between your legs. « You must be too, let us eat. » The creamsicle flares to a bright tangerine. « Now. »

Mindvoice Name and Description

Heart Moving
Korith’s mind has a sharp contrast between what she shares with you, and what she shares with others.

Her mind is one of softness and comfort - like the fur of a friendly feline settled in your lap. Warmth envelopes you, and there is a consistent soft hum that reverberates through her mind and yours, a reassuring purr that leaves you knowing you are never alone. With you, she prefers muted tones, pastels of soft sky blue and mint green, even ribbons of creamsicle orange and cotton candy pink mingling in - light colors that betray her tenderness and sensitivity. When her emotions rise, expect the backdrop of her mind to gain in vibrance and saturation, with curiosity causing ribbons of cerulean and emerald, while impatience and annoyance bring out the fiery reds and oranges. Even in these moods, there is a kindness to her mind, one that encourages you to share your thoughts, feelings, woes and dreams, and let her soft voice make it all ok.

When it comes to others, however, her mind lacks the consistency it does with you - instead it is as if she is constantly striving to be accepted, her mind voice shifting as her conversation partners do. While with Izelyth, her mind will take on the sounds of a pristine forest and her voice will become light but firm, with Askaveth she will become louder and more forceful than you may have thought possible as she takes the qualities from each in an attempt to assure them that she is Like Them.

Personality (RP Tips)

When your Korith first hatches and finds you waiting on those destined sands in robes of white, she will be a creature made up of insecurities, a green both sensitive and self-conscious, easy to bully if only because she is — and for a long time will be — overly concerned with her appearance and the opinions of others. Even fresh from the shell, she will attempt to hide perceived flaws, perfect the clumsiness of her own limbs, and aspire to be the smartest in her class. The smartest, Ze'n, not the strongest. This means that you will have to spend a lot of time making sure that the meat provided by Monaco's Weyrling staff is cut up into small enough chunks for her to not make a mess (or a spectacle of herself) while she eats it, that you will spend an increasingly unreasonable amount of time cleaning (and oiling, the most important part) her hide to perfection, and that you will find yourself constantly helping her keep her talons filed to reasonable points until she can manage it satisfactorily herself. You might even have to figure out how to make a crown of flowers big enough to adorn her head. It could be worse, right? She could be any other color except for a green. It's not such a daunting task to tackle. Right? …Yeah, Ze'n. Good luck with that!

Korith is a social creature despite how mentally-afflicted she becomes at the first hint of rejection. Korith /needs/ other dragons, needs their approval in order to thrive, and while none will ever become so important to her as you are, there's just something vital to her mental nourishment that craves being a part of so many lives, of feeling important and accepted, of being /wanted/ and joining a gaggle (or would that be a murder) of greens to gossip with and admire all those blues, browns, and bronzes alongside. But don't worry, Ze'n. It's not all fantastical girlish whimsy. Korith is just as happy to be in the company of her more masculine brethren, to seek conversation with her elders and /listen/ to the advice that they can bestow upon her — and she's /good/ at it too. She harnesses all of that bright, curious observance she harbors for the world and turns it onto those around her, putting them at ease and creating a space in which it feels as though Korith is offering an ear to listen and no judgment, a space where they are safe to be themselves. Even better: she pays attention. She might be just as subject to the failings of a dragon's short-term memory as any other dragon shelled on Pern, but she knows precisely which details are important enough to spruce away from all the rest and locks them away in the vast capacity of your /own/ memories, where she can draw upon them when the need arises.

But there's a darkside to that need for social acceptance, a part of Korith that will remain silent in the face of cruelty if it means the continued acceptance of the crowd. It means that Korith will adopt the same attitude most popular towards those who live on the fringes of society in polite conversation, even if she knows in her heart that it's /wrong/ to be so critical of others. It means that Korith will not always readily think for herself, that some of her own individuality will be stifled in the pursuit of being liked by /everybody/ (an endeavor she will only pursue so long as everybody likes /them/ too). She is not above the quiet disdain so commonly found in dragons towards their less intelligent cousins, the watch-whers, and while she might keep her opinions close to her chest more often than not, sometimes silent complicity is just as damaging as those barbed insults she chooses to ignore.

As she grows (and you grow with her), Korith will find confidence and pride in the dragon she's becoming, in the lifemate that you are proving to be. She will learn to cope with the intensity of her own emotions by directing them inward, forming a necessary dichotomy between who she truly is and who she thinks the rest of the world wants her to be. There will be the Korith that will present herself to all of the world (polite and well-mannered), and the inner monologue of Korith expressing how she truly feels about every person, place, and dragon with which she interacts, the Korith that you — and only you — will ever be privy to witnessing. You see, this Inner Korith is rarely ever in harmony with the reservation she clings so fiercely to on the outside, a glimpse of the inner machinations that help Korith /keep/ presenting that considerate, confident, polite exterior — even when she's angry. And make no mistake, Ze'n: your Korith is prone to jealousy and quick to anger. She is not exempt from displays of selfishness either, and it certainly does not mean that she curbs every strong reaction every time a particularly ugly emotion arises. It just means that Korith is selective (in the beginning) about who she allows to bear the brunt of her ire. Faranth help the poor soul that's on the receiving end when she allows Inner Korith to take over.

“I’m the one who made Naruto suffer the most… I’ve just been getting it wrong… just been messing it up… I don’t want to get it wrong anymore… don’t want to screw it up anymore.”
- Sakura Haruno

But with growth comes the realization that you just might need her to be as strong as she needs /you/ to be. There is no greater failure in your Korith's mind than having failed the brightest constellation in her night sky: /you/. And there will come a tipping point in which your Korith realizes that she needs to improve, to become better, to cast aside the restraints she's allowed herself and the perceptions of society to place upon her. She will not completely lose the hypervigilance aimed towards her outward appearance, but her need to be presentable at any cost will certainly wane and give way instead to a fierce determination to succeed, to make /you/ proud, to become so much more than just another pretty green in a sea of so many other pretty greens. She will no longer be content to simply fit in, she wants to stand apart from the crowd, to be seen for who she is and not what she could be. It will probably come as no surprise then that Korith will develop a sense of competitiveness as she grows into herself, as she realizes the power hidden in wing spars and the delicate make of her body, power that she cultivates with each and every movement.

She will be driven by the success of others to better /herself/, will try to become a dragon that does not need to be helped, that does not need to be /saved/, but that can help and save others. Her confidence will bloom beneath the realization of her full potential, and Korith will become a dragon that she feels is really, truly, worthy of /you/, Ze'n. You, and others. Korith will come to find that her greatest joy lies in helping those around her, which means that no matter which wing you choose to participate in upon graduation, she will be well-suited and eager to take on each and every task.

Eventually Korith will mature, no longer relying so heavily upon her Inner Korith to cope with and shed the frustrations of her darker thoughts in order to protect the image she wishes others to see. She will learn how to deal with her anxieties and feelings in a healthier way, to communicate them in a calm (and okay, sometimes not so calm) and reasonable manner, to make her own stances known and accept that it's /okay/ to disagree, even with those most important to her. Make no mistake, Korith will be a force of nature when she's grown, stable and confident and capable. She will be formidable but kind, undaunted and undeterred and always, /always/ willing to stand up for what she thinks is right. She will become an indispensable ally, all the more coveted for how willing she is to /fight/.


Graceful, poised, strong, confident in her abilities? Maybe a little clumsy at first (IE: how Sakura completely fails at being a ninja) but grows into her body?

With the training you will both undergo as weyrlings, Korith is bound to become /strong/… but first, /weyrlinghood/. To call Korith tiny is to call a bull elephant a hefty boy - while accurate, it in no way appropriately defines the truth of the matter. While she will always be big to /you/, by dragon standards, she is diminutive, with a rail-thin, all-legs appearance rounded out only by a jellybean kittenish body and an overly-expressive tail to match.

As she works and grows and finds herself in her physicality, she might learn to enjoy exercise, bask in the minor prowess that her form affords her amongst her siblings. Her legs might be short, her tail might be long, but with determination and work, she'll be fast on the ground, /faster/ in the air, and it will take an impressive specimen indeed to outstrip her in a dive.

When at peace upon the ground, she seems delicate and timeless, graceful and poised. She enjoys sunny spots, pools of moonlight on the ground, and finds peculiar entertainment in trapping small prey between her paws for the seeming enjoyment of marking its panic. If told off, she will offer the barest backwards tilt of her head, acknowledging that a command has been given before slowly peeling her paws away one claw at a time. Only then will she recline as though relaxing was her intended purpose the /whole time/, casual nature betrayed by the displeased lashing of her tail. What? Let her deprive /you/ of your new best friend and see how you feel afterwards!

While on the ground her movements favor felines, flying is another matter. She zips and zooms through the air in swift, almost erratic motions, and though she can't /quite/ turn on a dime, Ze'n might swear she could, given proper incentive. A master of hovering in place with steady beats of her wings, and particularly enjoys skimming low over the crystalline waters of her islandic homeland, clawtips kissing the tips of waves.


She is a curiously coy creature, your Korith. When a male catches her eye, she’s bashful - painfully shy, even! - but equally persistent in trying to suss out his interests. Does he like her? Does he like her like she likes him? Unless they’re particularly blunt in their denials - or confirmations, for that matter - she won’t see between the lines. It’s not that she’ll disregard a rejection; it’s that she just doesn’t see it or fully understand it. And sometimes even then, she's undeterred in her need to make them like her too.

This is especially pointed when she’s proddy - which, unfortunately, lasts a bit longer than it will for most greens. She’ll bounce between being withdrawn and moody and tentatively reaching out to those suitors she’s most interested in. And there will always be /one/ (maybe even the same one) that Korith is /most/ interested in. He is the dragon that will be subject to her persistence, the one she harbors an increasingly not-so-secret flame for (for as long as that delicate hide is glowing, anyway) and wants to be noticed by. When she isn't tipping towards solitude, she will be pursuing /them/ more fiercely than all the rest, with a devotion that just might border on obsessive. Suffice to say that by the time she flies, it will be a great relief for everyone involved.

In flight, she’s fast and erratic, darting and swift. The larger males will have a true struggle in catching her; she’s just too quick on the wing. She will goad and encourage those that have found her favor - but won’t be above lashing out if it seems like a male she’s not interested in attempts to snare her. In the aftermath, she will enjoy leisurely cuddling - at least until she realizes just what’s happened and will quickly compose herself, restoring the mask of confidence over blossoming self-consciousness.


Welcome to Weyrlinghood at Monaco Bay, Ze’n! Korith’s egg was inspired by Sailor Moon, a Japanese anime that was easily transferred to the west and well received in the 1990’s. It is based on “Moonlight Densetsu”, or Moonlight Legend which is the opening song for Sailor Moon, but also has feline traits from Luna within the mind desc and carrying through to her physicality.

You said you wanted a spammy description, and you got it! The personality is as you would expect from being based on Sakura Haruno, from Naruto. You lucky bug, you got a Japanese person to write your dragon. You’ll see that your dragon is multi-layered, and has both an inner voice and outer voice much like Sakura herself. She is now in your care, and please feel free to change anything you don’t like. I chose the name Korith, because the nickname Sakura had in the show in Japanese was Dekorin. I took the ‘Korin’ and it fulfils the shorter name length.Take care of her, and she’ll take care of you.


Name Kaleidoscope Dragonfly Green Korith
Dam Gold Kiyaszaeth
Sire Bronze Elsvruth
Created By R'en
Impress To Ze'n (Zelien)
Hatched August 23, 2020
Monaco Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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