Kojakuth and Ur'yu are an insta pair created by their player and transferred from Ierne to Eastern.

Dragon Description

Deep emerald green is the basis for the streamlined body of this dragon, giving her a base coat from headknobs to tailtip. That is not the full extent of colour on her body however as she's touched with lighter jade about her headknobs and spattered across her muzzle. A smooth bloodstone mark is about her neck like some huge necklace encircling the creature's soft throat. Wingsails of a nearly translucent ammolite seeming to reflect small rainbows as they're unfurled are small yet strong. The gemstone dragon is finished off with a bright green peridot tailtip and onyx talons.

Hatchling Name

Emeralds and Rainbows Green Hatchling

Mindvoice Name and Description

Cheerful Rainbow Swirls of Musical Notes
Kojakuth's mindvoice is a flurry of cheerful colours, bright and cheery like her personality. It has a bit of a sweet scent to it, like fresh cotton candy all fluffy and ready to be tasted. The sound is that of a soft musical tune, cheerful and happy yet it can also be quiet and soothing depending on her mood.

Personality (RP Tips)

Kojakuth is a very cheerful and often flirtatious gal. Her personality seems to invoke happiness and most of the time can cheer her rider up even in his gloomiest of times. She likes to flirt and snuggle with the boys. Watch out when she's proddy, though, as she does a complete 360 and can be very quiet and grumpy and she tends to ignore rather than flirt when she's glowing.


Name Green Kojakuth
Dam NPC Telgar Gold
Sire NPC Telgar Bronze
Created By Ur'yu
Impress To Urihyu(Ur'yu)
Hatched Insta-Created
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH


Coloured with coloured pencils and scanned in:
Coloured using paint program on my computer:
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