Night's Ethereal Princess Green Kith

Dragon Description

Solitary and scintillating, by charms is this green conjured, manifesting with a sly serendipity. Mystique brims bold in the magical moonglass of her pale hide, only to be reflected in riverstone-rounded edges. Swaggering host she is to that hide of marbled milk-jade, scattered with estranged glitter that appears to make her hide glimmer with ethereal light. Countless treasures gild the shallow draughts of her lovely throat and dainty knuckles below diamond talons, yet dull they appear, against the fathomless depths of her crystalline-faceted eyes. She is bejeweled, though even without adornment, she shines.

She is resplendent in her coloring, reaching from deeper emerald greens that graces her nose to the pale marbled milk-jade of her sides, and finally to the muted golden honeysuckle on the edging of her wings and tail that make one wonder if this green was truly meant to be a queen. She has all the hallmark traits of a renaissance beauty, her wings large enough to offer her a train, her tail slender and often raised as though she is aware that she is much more than she appears. There is no part of this dragon that one could truly criticize, other than perhaps the fact she never seems to completely fold in her wings tight to her body.

Egg Name and Description

Light in the Darkness Egg
Rich and verdant greens make up the primary color of this medium sized egg, with straight lines of forest green rising from the dense thrush foliage that comprises the base. Uniform streaks rise from the bottom, with tiny leaflike appendages scattered here and there along the edges of the lines. Depending on how the egg is turned, there's a single bright white streak on one side, limned in gilded gold. The line seems to suffuse that side with bronzen light, penetrating the overall dark forest green that surrounds and drawing attention to the bright white stalk. The opposite side appears darker in contrast, so if the egg is somehow placed between the two sides there's a gradual darkening as though the bright stalk were the only source of light.

Hatching Message

Light in the Darkness Egg wobbles - though it is only because of the bright white streak along one side that the motion can be seen at all - though it is also because of that streak that it is clearly evident when the motion stops.

Light in the Darkness Egg cracks suddenly, the sharp, clear line splitting the streak of white in two, as the hatchling within fights against the confines of its temporary home.

Cracks continue outwards, spreading in every direction, and soon, Light in the Darkness Egg is no more, instead, a hatchling is left amongst the remains of the shell, hidden yet by the shadows of the sands, though even that can't truly hide the poise and grace it exhibits.

Hatchling Name and Description

Sugar is Sweet Hatchling
As with all the other dragons that are being shelled, this dragonet is birthed in darkness. There's something regal about the way this one's bearing is, the way the head is held, the way the tail is lifted as though it doesn't wish to drag it upon the sand in its almost assuredly gooey state. Large enough to make one question what color it might truly be, there's an eerie blue whirl to the eyes as though the pangs of hunger haven't quite hit this young one's stomach. Glimmers of light reflect off of the hide, luminescent as though the dragon might very well begin glowing if it gathers enough shimmer.

Impression Message

Lights, pale azure and illuminating the darkness seem to originate from the being at your feet and pull you into what feels like a full body embrace. « Quinn. We meet at last, you have no idea how long I've been -waiting-. » The alto voice speaks gingerly into your mind, shimmering with warmth that is comforting rather than oppressive like the heat of the sands. « Do you know my name? » She asks, curiosity tinging her question in the pale blues that worry that you might not. You do, however, deep inside your soul. Kith, your mind tells you, and no sooner than you recognize it there's a flood of relief from the newly forged bond you have with the dragon in front of you. « What do we do next? »

Mindvoice Name and Description


Moonlit Reflections
Kith's poise and grace extend beyond her physical form, as both are clearly evident in her mind as well, and both are augmented by a enchanting, alluring tone that draws her target in, dragon or human, enticing them to listen to her, and ensuring that she makes the best use of their attention. Her smooth alto carries easily, and never seems forced, despite the purposefulness of each and every one of her words, a warmth that seems impossible, particularly in contrast to the cold minds of her clutchsibling Garouth and even that of her dam, Fuerioth.

Cool depths of rich blue flood her mind, calm pools of refreshing water that pull you in, and encourage you to linger in their depths - the soft sound of a waterfall echoing over rocks a constant backdrop, a reminder that you are never alone from this point forward - she will always be there with you. The crisp scent of forest pools, of water, of dew, tickles your senses, punctuated by the sweetness of hidden flowers, a scent that only grows stronger with her mood becomes more intense. It is also during those moment that streams of moonlight dance across her mind, rays of silvery light upon the surface of the pool, brightness that illuminates her thoughts.


Congratulations, and welcome to your new home at Monaco Bay! We've enjoyed having you around, and the fact you've participated in the plot that Aliona has been running has been superb. The theme for the clutch was Bedtime Stories, and your green is based on the story "The Tale of Princess Kaguya", which is a 10th century folktale said to be one of the oldest known pieces of Japanese literature, with just a little twist of Cersei Lannister for her proddy time and flights. I hope you enjoy her, and that she gives you a lot to work with ICly to push your character forward in any direction you wish to go. The inspiration and roleplay tips are just that, tips for you to use if you please and I hope you like her as much as I enjoyed writing her. Welcome to weyrlinghood!

~ R'en with mind desc by S'u

Personality (RP Tips)


There’s something completely innocent about this young green, with a newness to the world that it’s obvious she delights in pretty much everything she experiences. The sand between her talons, the air against her hide, the first bites of meat. Everything is revelled in some way, even if she doesn’t particularly like the experience. Curiosity abounds, her interest in what Nyath has on his couch, what Zeleth has in her bucket of meat. Is it the same meat that’s in her own? It should only be fair that it is, except hers has more gristle and so perhaps if she just exchanges a few pieces, surely her sister will never notice that she took the juicier ones. She’s enamored with you the most, Quinn, for you are the one who will be teaching her the ins and outs of this world she’s been placed in, this world that she knows nothing about.

Be prepared, Quinn, for your Kith to ask questions. A -lot- of questions. Quite a few inappropriate questions, along with some that are just so ridiculous you wonder why she’s even concerned about the answer. « Why are you scooping up our feces? Don’t you have people to do that for you? They know you’re mine, right? » She might ask, thinking that she is somehow incredibly special and therefore you are by proxy. Should she get to see the differences between males and females of the human variety, she might ask more anatomical questions regarding such things, and this will likely come far before the lesson on flights. Blushing and apologizing might be a new thing for you and it’s not that she’s trying to embarrass you, she just needs to -know-.

Her attention span is noticeably lacking, in classes she will try to listen, she will. But, there’s just this funny thing that Garouth is doing with his tail over there. « Don’t you see? It’s twitching. Oh, and over there, didn’t you see that shadow? Do you think it was a tunnelsnake? I can go check for you. » Yeahhh, as dedicated as you might be to your lessons and training, she will be a complete and utter distraction; but some part of you can’t get upset with her. She’s just so charming when she asks these questions. She will be eager to watch her brothers hunt, but for much of her youth she will be a young and playful thing that explores and gets into everything she can fit into. She might misjudge her wings, though, so at least once she might find herself stuck in an awkward place she might need your help to get out of.

She will not be the first to fly, nor will she be the last. This will not bother her in the least, for she was just perfecting her skill so that when she does take off - she looks graceful when she does so. You will notice that your green is a bit of a narcissist, though despite this, she doesn’t -care- what other people think of her. So what if they don’t think she’s the most lovely green in the weyr? She knows she is, they’re just mistaken. Don’t they see how well she’s oiled, and bathed and carries herself? She’s a queen in her own right, and by proxy she expects you will take care of not only her - but yourself. She expects to be oiled at regular intervals, and if you don’t, she’ll remind you sternly. « It’s time. My hide already feels like it’s starting to crack. You can finish that conversation later. » The urgency in her mindvoice will be apparent and once she’s taken care of, well, you’re free to have time for yourself again. She expects you to be clean cut and dressed well, this doesn’t mean dresses - but you should carry yourself with the respect that the one she’s chosen should have for themselves.

Kith is not one that needs constant attention, in fact, she enjoys when she’s got time to herself to gather gossip. For a guard, that would be very useful, wouldn’t it? She’s got her claws on the pulse of the Weyr, if you need to know who left late at night, she’ll know who was on watch duty and be pleased to inquire for you. She’s got a way with words that inspires the sharing of secrets. She, unlike her brother Garouth, doesn’t hunger for the acquisition of power because some deeper part of her knows that the most powerful don’t hold high ranking positions. They hold secrets, and she is a collector of those. She will practically insist that you start training firelizards for exchanging notes. Your bronze, Oil, will do for a start, but there should be more.

Devoted to you heart and soul, Kith is a confidant that you can trust your deepest darkest secrets to. She will be happy to indulge in a talking session on top of the highest hill in the weyr and spend time with you, her soulmate, the one that makes the sun and the moon move for only her, and the only one in her life that she believes tells her the whole truth.

She is a part of your life, now and forever, and while you are her guide there are times where her strength will uphold you. Together, you are a indomitable force, strength and passion combined to make the pair of you a force to be reckoned with. If you decide that you want to be wingleader, or if you are ambitious enough to desire something badly enough, Kith will work her hardest to help you achieve your goals. She will maintain her perfect looks, however, so be prepared to put in extra work if you expect her to do more drills with you. That means her hide will undoubtedly need more oil, and it’s your onus to do that for her. Kith would be an amazing weyrlingmaster’s dragon, for her perpetual innocence never truly fades entirely as her memory is as unreliable as any dragon’s. She will be happy to run, play, and enjoy time with young dragons as much as if she were still one herself - long into her old age.

When the dreaded time of proddiness comes, you will find that she has a longer period of telltale signs than most greens. Her pale hide will luminesce, her reaction to males being interested will be met with haughty arrogance but not violence. Kith will look upon others as though none of them are worthy of her, though some part of her has a kindling for her clutchsibs. Obarath, Nyath, and Garouth might have a chance of getting her to snuggle up to them but -any- other male might as well consider himself unworthy just by the way she looks at them. It’s possible that one might assume she’s using her brothers for protection, but they know that she’s enthralled with them. The way she croons at them, the way she preens for them.

You will find that she demands that her hide is oiled perfectly at all times in the week leading up to her flight. And while her signs last for a long time, as soon as she’s decided that it’s -time-, you will be gobsmacked. She will almost always pick a time that’s inconvenient for you. Eating? Too bad. Bathing? Even more too bad. In the middle of something intimate? Well, it’s -her- turn. Her flights will be fast and furious, and the first couple will be incredibly short because your ability to control her from gorging will be difficult. Really, it depends on you whether or not you choose to restrain her, but you will find she will feel far more accomplished if she gives the males a merry chase rather than feeling like a heavy weight that’s being plucked from the sky, and if she can get a few swipes in on some of the males before they catch her - well, all the more pleased she is.

Flight Logs

Title OOC Date Cast


Name Night's Ethereal Princess Green Kith
Dam Gold Fuerioth
Sire Bronze Sindrieth
Created By R'en (with mind desc by S'u)
Impress To Quinn
Hatched 18 February 2017
Monaco Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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