Not Quite a Star Green Kheyuth

Small, but finely and strongly curved muzzle which is a pleasant and deep shade of grass and forest green, leads to a strong featured wedged shaped head. Her sharp eye ridges are highlighted in paled jades and bottle greens that slide up to her head knobs, disappearing along the tips where it deepens to a darker hue once again. Long neck curves down to her well muscled chest, a mixture of the same grass and forest greens but now with the addition of olive greens which pool down to her sleek sides and right to her haunches to disappear among the deep and darker greens of her long tail which narrows to a fine tip. Slender limbs with small, wide feet, end with a light blue-green tint and have long, sharply curved sea green talons completing them. Wings sails carry a near to translucent mixture of yellow-greens, moss greens, jades and sage, always colliding and melding into each other, deepening only along the very tips and edges of the sails. While her wings are wide, they are proportional to her medium sized body and add to her already graceful, but powerful, looking form.

Egg Name and Description

Final Steps to Missing Links Egg
As the shell hardens, the colors begin to seep and bleed out into each other, the overall effect causing the egg to blur the already somewhat distorted figures even further. Browns become mixed with greens and what was once likenesses of trees and brush have become more washed out against light sky blues. The only thing that seems to remain intact is the yellow splatter, mimicking a tiny little eye, ever watchful even as the surroundings around it become more and more distorted and lost in a mixture of hues.

Hatching Message

Final Steps to Missing Links Egg shakes and rolls more violently now, rocking back and forth as the cracks grow wider and longer before finally it snaps apart, allowing the green hatchling within to shake herself free and make her first warbling announcement to the Hatching Grounds that she's arrived.

Impression Message

The chaotic sounds of the sands turn to a dull roar, almost similar to that of a crowd cheering. Suddenly a voice speaks out, light and hopeful, sweet sounds of silvery bells following. «You hear them? They cheer for me, for you, for us. Yes, you're perfect you and I.» Sheer delight may wash over any confusion or discomfort from the sands as the green in front of you makes her attentions known. «You're my O'lief and I am Kheyuth! Together we shall achieve everything we desire and the attention we deserve! First thing, fix this rumbling in my stomach!»


Kheyuth is swift with her thoughts and decisions, a whirlwind of emotions and feelings and not to mention colours and sounds. Following is a near to constant yearning for attention, admiration and acceptance. She knows she gets this from you and never forgets it but she'd love to gain some of that from others and see you gain it from others as well. She's outgoing, charismatic and borderline egotistical at times with her actions. All she wants is the best for you and her and she'll usually do everything to get it and will encourage you as well in any way she can. Kheyuth's is creative that way coming up with unusual plots and ideas, some reasonable while others can be so outrageous it could cause someone's head to spin. She'll share these with you, when she can remember them, as you are an invaluable part of her and your opinions matter most to her. A bit of a temper may flare up when she becomes frustrated or angered and she'll make it widely known that she is displeased. But she needs only you, calmed by your gentler, quiet touch and behavior, to regain herself. She helps you and you help her, a never ending circle and link.

In the end, a wise, kind, loving and intelligent mind peeks through. She has a kind heart deep down and while sometimes she'll act gruff and tough, demanding attention and admiration, she's truly a playful, outgoing, and overall friendly green. Kheyuth will love to play around, be it alone with you or the few that she considers true friends of you and her. She'll be serious when she needs to be, especially when it comes to reaching goals she feels that you (and her of course) need to achieve. Nothing is too difficult for her and she'll take you to the top and beyond if need be.

Growing Up: For the first few weeks to the few months of her life with you, she'll be a never ending source of energy and with this endless energy comes a tidal wave of thoughts and emotions, so quick that she's likely to be very confused at first with everything. «Why can't I do this? Or that? What is this or that? Is it important, to us? What will we gainI'm so confused!» Kheyuth will only need you though, to help sort out the more pressing questions on her mind. A quiet, gentle touch or reminder will calm her down and set her thoughts straight. And she'll want to play around and explore everything, as for now things are a game to her and probably will continue to be for some time.

When it comes time for training, she'll be right there listening intently to every single word, forever observing and calculating anything of importance that she can use to help you and her be the "best of the best" of the class. She won't take second best as an answer and if she does slip up in a drill, her frustration and disappointment will be strong the first time. «I can't /believe/ we were outdone by /them/! I could've sworn we had the best wing strokes and formation! It's not fair!» But overtime she'll learn to accept it and tone down her frustrations a little, still turning to you for help. And Kheyuth will excel well in various parts of training, anything to do with flying she'll seem keen in practicing the most and at times may run you into a little bit of trouble for the stunts she plots and pulls off during various drills.

As she matures, she'll loose a bit of her playfulness but not all of it, still prone to bursts of energy that'll have her demanding that you join in on her games. «Come /on/, O'lief! The water isn't THAT cold and it's fun to splash and see how big the waves will go! I bet we can beat anyone else who tries!» She'll still have a rough, tough, and gruff exterior to her but you'll know that her true intentions are kind and gentle. And her constant need to be top of the team, her love of attention and admiration, will never seem to dwindle even as she reaches maturity. When it comes time for her to hunt, she'll be a very good huntress, quick to select her prize and not to messy while eating.

Why:Because I saw potential in you, a flare, a spark, a glimmer of something that I find perfect and exactly what I desire. I see you and me, us, together, rising to great things. Forever I see you as my companion, the other half of me, and nothing will change my decision. You're mine, and that's that!


Dancing With Colours
A delightful mixture of bright, bold colours will taint and follow her every thought and every word. Greens, yellows, blues, purples and pinks seem to be her favorites, varying them from dark to almost blinding bright to suit whichever mood she is in. They rise and fall like her thoughts, always moving and always changing. Her voice is strong, but feminine. It can be light and pleasant or hard edged and cold depending on her mood or the need to get a certain point across. Sometimes very soft bell like sounds can follow her voice but not too often.


Your dragon's egg was based on the inspiration of the Late Cretaceous period as well as the small, raptor-like dinosaur named Bambiraptor which is believed to be the missing link in the theory of dinosaurs evolving into birds.

Your dragon was based on the cartoon villains Pizzazz and Stormer from the 1980's cartoon show Jem and The Holograms. Pizzazz is egotistical and desperate for attention, and it chafes her to no end that Jem and the Holograms are more popular. Her goals were lofty: to win the hearts of the fans. Stormer is the Misfit with the heart of gold. She's the only real talent of the entire group, able to play both synthesizers and guitar, plus write music and the other Misfits use her for their own purposes. The problem is, well, she accepts it because she doesn't realize what true potential that she has. So she takes all of there guff. Occasionally however she has ventured out on her own, leaving the Misfits. Attributes were used from both characters, along with some fine tuning and tweaking, to hopefully make the best suited personality for your green and you.

Kheyuth's name is a very slightly modified version of the Kumiai word Cheyu for Sing. I wanted to have a name that related to the inspiration and since Pizzazz is part of a band and is the singer (and Stormer is a writer of songs) I felt that this name would suit best.

Both Egg and Dragon are created by T'nah. None of this is set in stone; you may play her as you wish with using this as only a rough guideline or use it all. In any case, I hope you enjoy her as much as I've had the fun and pleasure of creating her for you.


Name Not Quite a Star Green Kheyuth
Dam Gold Ararinth
Sire Bronze Temocheth
Created By T'nah
Impressee O'lief (Odlief)
Hatched March 31, 2005
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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