I'm a Dragon, not a Green Khaatxhath

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Dragon Description

The death of spring heralds the start of summer, and this fine lean creature speaks to the transience of the moment by the brilliance of her hide. That vivid chartreuse springs forth with mint and magnolia twining amongst the wide toes of her broad paws, threading lively ivy-green growth up through the lean anatomy of her lengthy legs. Summer's heat tempers this poison-ivy encroachment upon the sensible mantle of her slender shoulders, accosted with the muted sunlit warmth of plains-grass and the subtle hint of unripe wheat still green with potential. Her wings lift with fragility unseen in the rest of her composition, the bourbon-soused membranes so thin that one can easily see the ichor pulsing life — beautiful electric-green life, so vivid! Green as Aldebaran whiskey, and as intoxicating — in steady heartbeats that ebb and flow. Black-label spars are naturally dark against the delicate cradle of her sails, promising her own defenses against any windborne threat. It is the arch of her grimly-laced, grimly-ridged neck that brings proper posture to the rest of her, no matter how lovely she might be; with her head tossed to the sky and caustic affront written in feminine sardony by the crooked slant of her julep eyeridges, there is never any question that she is, by any other name, a dragon.

Egg Name and Description

Is This the Real Egg
At first glance, compared to its fellows, this egg is relatively plain. A uniformly pale seafoam in color, there’s only the faintest pattern to its shell, thin horizontal lines marching evenly up from base to apex. A simple design, for an egg that, at second glance, isn’t quite so simple at all. The longer one stares, regardless of lighting or angle, the fuzzier the egg grows, the lines creating an optical illusion that blurs the
edges of the egg and raises some questions as to the veracity of its existence. Is it
truly an egg, or merely one of those mirages as arises from the mingling of different
temperatures, much as might occur when the blistering dry heat rising from the Sands
clashes with the sultry air of Monaco Bay.

Hatching Message

Is This the Real Egg shudders and shakes and abruptly shatters, parting along the scanlines as though rings were falling to the Sands. In the detritus rests a quiet hatchling, barely visible through the slowly settling dust of hatching and the still-stirring ash that chokes the air and coats the Sands. By the time the last shard of egg has settled on the sands, there is nothing to see but a pile of pale turquoise shards and an ash-and-sand covered hatchling, all gangling legs and tail and long, fragile wings as it slowly stumbles to its feet.

Hatchling Name and Description

For the World is Hollow and I have Touched the Hatchling
Slender, almost slim, all whipcord and bone and lean limber strength, this hatchling is coated from stem to stern in a chalky conglomeration of volcanic ash and glitter-infused sand. The thick crust leaves no hint of color but for what sparkle and shine peeks out from amidst the monochromatic coating, speckled flickers running the gamut of the spectrum; one last gift from Half Moon. Flakes sift through the air at every movement from pale, thin cracks winding along the lanky frame like kudzu snaking up the pines.

Impression Message

For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Hatchling is tired, and the cranky whine that escapes its gaping muzzle proves it as it abruptly sits back on its haunches and stares tetchily at the Candidates in front of it. What if it just makes you people come to it, hmm? Maybe that's the way to do it! Gaze shifts from masked face to masked face to mas- wait. Whirling gaze shifts back to that second face, widens, and abruptly the hatchling springs to its feet and leaps forward, barreling into the chest of a black-haired harper boy. Ash and sand and glitter fly everywhere as long, fragile wings wrap gently around the newly Impressed pair. Ah ah, you're not going anywhere, my dear.

Mindvoice Name and Description

Reality is What You Make of It

There is no real rhyme or rhythm to [Name]’s mind, other than it generally reflects exactly how she’s feeling. One moment, you and she may be together on one of Monaco’s sparkling beaches; the next, a thunderstorm crashes overhead while torrential rain soaks you to the skin. The more pleased she is about something, the more likely her mindscape will reflect this by displaying idyllic vacation hotspots - the warmer and sunnier, the better. On the flipside of the spectrum, anger or distress may evoke natural disasters, including hurricanes, volcanoes, and even the occasional zombie outbreak. The stronger her reaction to external stimuli, the more likely it is to affect her mindscape, and the more likely you are to find yourself immersed in some form of extreme, from the hedonistic to the violent.

Although her voice remains the same in timbre - low, sultry, with just a hint of Keroon’s down-home twang that she picked up from one Candidate or another during gestation - it too often reflects her capricious emotions, rising or falling in pitch or speed depending on how excited she is. She’s wickedly good at mimicking the voices of others - even males or humans, and the deeply hidden prankster side of her may not hesitate to engage in a bit of misdirection when the opportunity arises to sow a bit of discord - or maybe just pull the wool over on poor Tyr’ie.


Egg: Is This the Real Egg is based off of the technology Virtual Reality. VR is one of those technology trends that resurges every decade or so, always getting better but not quite getting great. The current iteration of VR is a lot closer to what we used to dream about in science fiction - but it’s not quite there. Thankfully, companies are still pushing the envelope, so it’s improving every day!

Mindvoice: Khaatxhath’s mindscape is based off of the Enterprise’s Holodeck. Okay, yes, I know that the original Enterprise did not have a holodeck, but - I mean… the egg/mindtouch is based off of Virtual Reality. I had to sneak it in somewhere. XD Her mindvoice is something of a mix between the Enterprise’s computer - from TNG, because TOS’s computer was a bit too digitalized for what I was going for - and Leonard McCoy’s (his accent, her sultriness). Of course, that mindvoice is prone to change - she does like to shake things up with a spot of imitation now and again.


Name: Khaatxhath - So, you asked for a few things in a name, and we were happy to oblige. In Khaatxhath, you have your sharp consonants, your softer sounds, and your keyboard smashing - and you have a bit of homage to some Star Trek lore. The Khaa part of your dragon’s name comes from the infamous ‘KHAAAAAAN’ screamed by Captain James T. Kirk during Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. The Txha part comes from part of the Hmong word for Bone, ‘Pob Txha’. I thought about just doing Pobtxhath, but the Pob part just kept throwing me. I ran it by Xh’vyr, and he suggested a bit of a mashup. Khaatxhath just really seemed to suit. I pronounce it ‘Kah-tax-hith’, but you can pronounce it however you like.

Desc: You said you wanted spam SO YOU GET SPAM AND THEY GET SPAM AND EVERYONE GETS SPAM! No, just kidding. With vivid green elements (mint, magnolia, and Aldebaran whiskey) contrasting against softer sepia-browns (mint juleps and bourbon), it screamed the first Saturday of May, and there's hints of thoroughbred in her long legs and lanky build. That moment of time when spring first yields to the swelter of summer is the moment that Khaatxhath embodies. Her crooked eyeridges are an eternal reminder for you to know that — Tyr'ie, she's a dragon, not a scintillant moment in time frozen for eternity.

Theme: The theme of this clutch was “Websites and Computer Programs in Dragon Form” and grew, as technology does, by leaps and bounds until it included companies, conglomerations, and technological trends. In particular, Khaatxhath’s egg and original mindtouches were Virtual Reality - that trend that keeps coming and going but hasn’t quite reached its full potential. It’s slowly getting there - and it gets better all the time! The theme of the dragonets was pretty much whatever you asked for - with a bit of emphasis on how your theme embodies technology. In Khaatxhath’s case - well, she’s kind of anti-technology! McCoy isn’t terribly fond of some of the newer trends in technology - especially the ones that mess with the very particles of his being! His dislike of transporters is seen in Khaatxhath’s reluctance to go *between*, preferring a long flight to a short skip, so I hope you’ve made yourself some comfortable straps!

Personality (RP Tips)


Your first brush with Khaatxhath, while she still rested in her shell, should have warned you what kind of rollercoaster ride you were in for. Khaatxhath isn’t one to let logic rule her when emotion is so much more interesting of a motivator. She is highly curious, highly compassionate - and very, very grouchy. Khaatxhath is an old soul in her own way - wise in the ways of the world and just a bit jaded about it all. It’s up to you to convince her there’s more to life than ‘the way it’s always been’ and teach her that sometimes new tricks are better than old.


Fortunately for you, from the moment her eyes met yours, Khaatxhath has given you her undying loyalty. That doesn’t mean she’ll always get along with you - bless your heart, everyone knows the best friendships usually involve plenty of ribbing and teasing - but she’ll stick to your side come hell or high water, and no matter how frustrated she might be with you at the moment, if anyone else tries to pick on you, she’ll be on him like white on rice.

Dr. McCoy: Mr. Spock, remind me to tell you that I'm sick and tired of your logic.
Spock: That is a most illogical attitude.

Although she’s loyal to you, that won’t carry over to your friends. It takes Khaatxhath a while to warm up to new people, and some may never come to bask in her good graces. She’s a picky friend, preferring those who appreciate a good laugh and a roaring argument to those who feel that the best way to live is to eschew all the things that make life fun - you know, like that pesky Yevith. Her bronze brother will be her bane - his calm, zen-like ways and infinite patience are bound to grate on her nerves, and she won’t be able to stop herself from heckling him at every turn.

« Go jump off a bridge, you pointy-knobbed, green-blooded hobgoblin! »
“What is a hobgoblin?”
« Yevith is a hobgoblin! A green-blooded one! »

She’s more likely to warm up to - say, Seksicanth, because that brother of hers is most definitely a bundle of explosive emotions in a small blue package. Of course, that does make her a ripe target for his own brand of friendship and she’s likely to spend the rest of her life convinced he’s got one of any number of incurable - and unpronounceable - diseases, especially since he knows that healing is a bit of a hobby of hers, and she’s been very keen on learning everything the dragonhealers will tell her. Of course, she speaks fluent sarcasm, so it’s rare he’s able to pull one over on her - but that won’t stop him from trying, or her from enjoying it.

« It’s worse than that, he’s dead, Tyr’ie! »
“But… he’s right there.”
« Yes, but I’m pretty certain he’s got psychosomatic hallucinations. »
“… he’s got what?”
« His head’s full of shit and it’s infecting his body. »

Your Khaatxhath is a sarcastic, irreverent, clever girl who’s got a yen for the ‘old days’ - even though she really has no idea what those are. She’s a connoisseur of fine waters, preferring those from Monaco Bay to anywhere else. She’s always quick to tell you the difference on those occasions that you and she are away from the Weyr - and occasionally, she might just find another pool or lake that suits her just fine. She’s cantankerous and canny and maybe just a little bit on the sly side when it comes to tweaking the tails of those dragons she feels take themselves too seriously. In short, Khaatxhath is your down-home Southern girl who loves you dearly. Bless your heart.


Lean and long, Khaatxhath is all bones and muscle and sleek strength inside a rich green hide. She lacks many of the feminine curves of her dantier sisters - but the angles and planes of her slim body suit her in-your-face personality, her spare, graceful movements, and the stunning brilliance of her green-gold hide, giving her a unique beauty that other greens are hard-pressed to match.


Her coloration evokes sensations of summer’s dawning, that edge of time that stretches for all too short a moment between the green beauty of spring and the sere golds of summer’s sunbaked fields. This is emphasized by the coltish grace of her lean, limber form, all power and nervous energy packed into a yearling filly’s budding frame. She’ll never quite grow out of the ‘unfinished’ stage - but it suits her and her thirst for life, that constant flower of youthfulness, no matter how heavily the years may sit upon your own shoulders.

Khaatxhath is, despite her vibrant coloring, not a particularly showy creature. She has no need for the flamboyant aerobatics of her golden sister Kiyaszaeth, nor for the insatiable need for attention that seems to be a key component for Seksicanth. Her movements are spare and economical; she feels no need to dance when she can simply walk. Her form and frame lead her to an innate, unstudied grace - but that only means she is less inclined to trip over her own feet than most of her clutchmates.

In the air, Khaatxhath retains her economy of movement, preferring to find a thermal to lift her upwards and a current to glide upon rather than expending her energy on something as trivial as flying. Like some dragons, she prefers to fall from a height rather than take off from the ground, and you may find yourself embroiled in an argument come time for flying lessons.

Oh, and between - yeah, you're going to have some real problems there. As far as Khaatxhath is concerned, between is only for those crazy enough to risk themselves with unproven (ignore the fact that dragons have been going there for millenia) methods of travel when she has four perfectly good feet and two perfectly good wings. It'll take some fast talking from you to get her to submit to the lessons - and even more to convince her that no, taking a week to fly to the Northern Continent is, in fact, NOT preferable to going between to get there.



Droxine: You only take a mate once every seven years?
Mr. Spock: The seven-year cycle is biologically inherent in all Vulcans. At that time, the mating drive outweighs all other motivations.
Droxine: And is there nothing that can disturb that cycle, Mister Spock?
Mr. Spock: Extreme feminine beauty is always disturbing, madam.

Mating flights are an unfortunate part of life, and even Khaatxhath is no stranger to the call of hormones surging through her blood. An already emotional creature, she becomes something of chaos personified during her thankfully brief surges of proddiness. In this alone is she more Spock than McCoy, more vulcan than human - this primal, primeval urge to mate overwhelms her senses and heightens her urges until the only thing she can think of is scratching that itch and getting back to the real task at hand - making sarcastic quips and taunting Yevith.

Her heat should come on her quickly and pass just as fast - you may only have an hour’s warning between the moment she begins to itch until she’s in the feeding pens, savagely blooding her kill, and rarely will she wait even a day from onset to satiation - fortunate for you, especially as you watch many other gold- and greenriders spending days at a time influenced by their lifemate’s raging hormones.

In the air, she’s fast and furious - she takes no pleasure in being proddy; she wants her one and done and she wants it now. She tends to end the flight herself, rather than leading her suitors on a merry chase; she’s a preferential lover, and she has a tendency to select from the pack a mate with whom she has some kind of bond. This may frequently mean you end up in the arms of Seksicanth’s rider - but occasionally, it might just be one of those too-serious beasts she spends her day heckling who draws her attention…

Afterwards, it’s as if it never happened. That legendary draconic memory? When it comes to Khaatxhath and mating flights, she forgets almost the moment she’s disengaged from her mate. Once that driving urge is sated, she’s over it, and back to her usual cantankerous, sarcastic, and yet eminently lovable self.


Name Khaatxhath
Dam Szetamirath
Sire Aeldhiyth
Created By Jazhira (and Xh'vyr!)
Impress To Tyr'ie (Ityrziel)
Hatched August 17, 2019
Monaco Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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