Cherry Wood Brown Kersenth

Dragon Description

At first glance this dragon seems to be more red than any variant of brown, though an under-shade of that dulling wood grain is vaguely visible. Large and bulky can be the only way to describe his frame that is far from any sort of obesity, though not anywhere close to a dainty and delicate build. The dark grain of wood blotches the reddish-brown hue of his bulky figure, though the dark brown is not the only color visible. A honey hue of the cherry-wood mixes in as a lighter grain, flowing along his long form in a barbary-esque stain. %r%tHis neck is a longer length than most, the underside looking like five black strings are strung from the underside of his thick, powerful jaw, ending at the underside-base of his cherry-wood tail, which - unlike his neck - seems to be shorter than the norm. Antiqued cherry wood ridges sprout from behind his head knobs, cascading down his back and tail like wooden inserts on a finely crafted piece. His wings are incredibly sturdy as well, the limbs being so thick that he almost seems like a wooden toy that moves instead and his membranes as well appear as an antiqued insert of wood, completely opaque and holding a swirling pattern cherry-brown grain.

Egg Name and Description

Take My Breath Away Egg
Deep mahogany covers the shell of the oval egg, the dark color suggesting a bit of a sultry and romantic aura. There are no jagged edges to this egg, no noticeable flaws, though the shell is riddled with minute bumps and recesses that are difficult to detect due to the smoothness of the shell. Over the deep mahogany colors flow natural curves of a midnight blue that echo the flow of a gentle breeze, which caresses whatever it flows over. Another hue - a dark royal purple - drapes itself over the mahogany, but under the midnight blue in a pattern that echoes the grain of wood, pooling in the small recesses.

Hatching Message

With a creak, the Take My Breath Away Egg wobbles, sand that has been piled around it loosens and falls away, revealing more of the shell.

A noise that sounds like someone is thumping their hand against a guitar body sounds, and sounds again. The noise comes from the Take My Breath Away Egg, and along the deep colors of the egg, off-white cracks of the interior start to show.

With an exceptionally loud *thunk* the Take My Breath Away Egg splinters like broken wood, the shell falling away from the hatchling within, though smaller splinters of egg stick to the moist hide of the hatchling.

Impression Message

The strumming that was so familiar to you in candidacy once again fills your mind with a sweet comforting melody, the collage of deep and soothing colors not far behind the music as it wraps you comfort and bathes you in freshly discovered devotion. «Y'sar? Yes, Y'sar. You needn't be scared anymore.» Comes a melodious masculine voice, like a well-trained Harper's. «I, Kersenth, will always be here for you.» And for a moment, brighter red streaks across the mind voice of Kersenth. «But now I require food, you'll come, right?»

Mindvoice Name and Description

Delicate Strumming of Devotion
Always in the background of this dragon's mind voice, is going to be the sound of a guitar. Whether it is a gentle strumming for comfort, or hard sharp sounds of anger. The only other way to describe the mind of this dragon is pretty abstract. Deep reds and purples swirl about in non-descript patterns, more or less flowing around a mind in sync with the strumming of the guitar. As the dragon becomes agitated or distressed, sharper colors such as white, yellow, bright orange, or bright red will seep through the comforting colors that dominate this mind.
Finally his 'voice' has developed instead of merely communicating through feelings and emotions. His voice will echo that of a well-trained Harper, and maybe have the timbre of Alisar's voice, since you seem to think of him so much. His voice is very masculine as a deep bass, but it is not flat and unsoundly but rather melodious and soothing. Very rarely will Kersenth get angry enough to 'yell' at you, which would sound more like operatic cursing. Normally his voice is soft, caring and soothing as well as encouraging, with the sound of the guitar in the background as the accompaniment which always compliments his current mood whether it be lazy, energetic, loving, annoyed, or whatever.


This Egg and Dragon were created by Jheina.
The Egg was based off of Enrique's "Hero" song. The song itself is about devotion and love in the most tender of ways, and I thought it was only fitting for a dragon. After all, a dragon is - usually - your support and love, and your partner for the rest of your life. The song "Hero" inspires such a tender devotion that one will never intentionally hurt the other, and that devotion will also cause one to cover the tracks of the other.
The dragon on the other hand, is based both from the song described above, and the character Arima Souichirou from His Her Circumstance (Kare Kano). The main facet of Arima that I wish to concentrate on however is not his dark past which he runs from, but instead his deep devotion to his first and only love Yukino Miyazawa. While Arima really is a model student in the typical Japanese High School, he constantly tries to carry the burden of everything by himself. He'll get protective when people do things against Yukino, mad when they snub her, slightly distant when she gets familiar with other people, but will still nudge her towards what is good for her, while mostly ignoring his own problems. He is there to support and cherish Yukino, and Yukino is there to support and cherish Arima.

Personality (RP Tips)

Weyrlinghood for Y'sar and Kersenth will be like the beginning of any relationship. You'll have your mushy moments and your bad moments, and maybe even an argument here and there. Kersenth is still so new to the world, where while he might project confidence, assurance and positivism, deep down he's trying to keep it under wraps that he is unsure and a little frightened himself. If you've ever been in a romantic relationship, you should be able to understand this scenario quite well. Kersenth will be the prime example of infatuated and utterly devoted. While he may be explicitly devoted and gave himself to you, this may not always be a healthy thing, and may at times start arguments or disagreements. Kersenth will get protective of you when you get especially close to new people, and will even get sulky if he perceives that you're ignoring him in favor of your new friends. However, it anyone is to bully you, he will also get protective of you, and will try to solve the problem for you instead of letting you work it out yourself. Now this is not to say that Kersenth is not a social dragon. While he may be secretly unsure - it's just that to everyone but you Y'sar - a secret. Just like Arima, Kersenth will enjoy playing games or sports, and when Games roll around, he'll be enthusiastic to join, though he still enjoys taking his time, since his bulky build will not allow for aerobatics or extreme speed, but he doesn't mind plodding. But neither does this mean that Kersenth is a party animal. He's the sort who will converse and even play with others, but when it comes to being rowdy, inappropriate or anything of that sort, he'll politely decline from joining the scene, and go off to a sunny ledge, or potentially curl up with Y'sar and enjoy your company. He won't be as vocal in his curiosity of new things and experiences as some dragons, and constantly pester you with questions. Kersenth has seemed to pick up a great deal from your image of your older brother Alisar, and even at a young age, will act wiser than he might be, though by nature's grace he was hatched with intelligence. As he grows, he'll help you grow as well, nudging you to go socialize and get out and about more than you currently do, even though he may explicitly want your attention at times.

When Kersenth is completely grown, he'll merely be a more mature version of what he was in Weyrlinghood. Your relationship has likely deepened to the point where humans would get engaged and married, blissfully happy in the devotion that you show each other. Again, this could be a point for arguments and disagreements to emerge, for his devotion to you has only deepened, and thus, he'll be that much more protective of you. You are his Chosen, and he will make sure you're happy, and grow up well, and that you're not lonely. One might say he's rather like a parent.

When flights roll around, he won't get violent and hissy like other dragons, but instead he'll crank up his friendly charms, and use his powerful build to his advantage. Though when the flight is done, he'll return his attention to you Y'sar. He's really not all that interested in the ladies, though maybe along the way a single one will catch his attention and thus will be treated like more than a friend, though not nearly as well as the overboard devotion that he swathes you in.

Kersenth will treat all dragons basically the same - with a friendly attitude, an easy conversation and the label 'acquaintance'. No dragon will be favored among the others, although he is sure to express his respect for the leaders in the Weyr, whether they be wingleaders, the weyrsecond, or the weyrleaders and the juniors. If the person outranks him, he'll be humble yet his usual friendly and social-able self. It takes a lot to offend him, and he isn't one to offend others. If you had to compare him to anyone it'd likely be the Perfect Person, or a role model basically. Outwardly his attitude and performance is exemplary, though when with you sometimes his attitude can go a little over the deep end, and he'll become a little obsessive and possessive to say the least.

Why did Kersenth choose you, Y'sar? He sensed your need for a mentor and someone to guide you, and he saw in you the inhibitions that restrict you from getting to know others - he sensed the hesitations. While he didn't pry in your mind, some of your normal habits were easy enough to gleam, and all of the reasons listed above triggered his need to comfort, sooth and guide someone who needs it.


Name Cherry Wood Brown Kersenth
Dam Gold Talisyth
Sire Bronze Zsuzsath
Created By Jheina
Impress To Lyle (Y'sar)
Hatched December 11, 2005
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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