Little Ragdoll Gold Keonath

Dragon Description


Wrapped around her small, light frame is a base of buttercream which sets forth a smooth velvety texture and background onto which a darker burnished gold is streakily, almost hastily brushed unevenly. Here and there are other minor imperfections: a light streak of pale white-gold just beneath her right eye, a blotch of saffron on her chest, and a darker spattering of yellowy topaz that spills down her rump and onto her blunt ended tail. Despite all these flaws of coloration, a light layer of honey-copper glaze is set on top of it all almost as a finishing touch to her coloration. Compared with other golds she is smaller and yet rangier, almost as if she were perpetually stuck in an awkward phase of adolescence. However, she is by no means weak, possessing powerful muscles in her haunches, at her shoulders, and in her chest. Pale gold, in its most pure and undiluted form, colors the thin membranes of her wing sails through which small veins of ichor can be seen when the light shines through them. The coppery glaze that coats her body is most evident in the thin bones which assist in the spreading of those wings, standing out only because of the close proximity of pure gold.

Egg Name and Description

Knobbly Speckled Egg
A creamy wash has been applied as a first coat to this egg's leather surface. Over this, however, is layered the evidence of a careless artist. Dull flecks of grey have been splattered evenly across the egg's shape over which dark brown splotches are laid. The effect is as though a painter carelessly flicked a brush laden with paint at the egg and then left it so to dry. The color effects are more noticeable at the top of the egg, which is fashioned into a distinctive point that stands out amongst other more regularly shaped eggs, and across the broad and rounded base of the egg.

Hatching Message

Knobbly Speckled Egg turns about its axis, rustling in the sand as the occupant within stirs.

With another tottering movement, the Knobbly Speckled Egg shifts out of its carefully prepared hollow. The sound of tapping from within precedes the appearance of a crack along its ovoid surface.

With a final shudder, the shell of the Knobbly Speckled Egg breaks apart, falling in pieces to the sand below.

Impression Message

A gentle sprinkling of cool brushes against you, leaving behind it the slightly prickly sensation of spearmint. Bright bubbles of soft green tap and caress at you, providing welcome relief from the nearly unbearable heat from the sands. One could almost forget that there's nothing but a thin layer of sole between the flesh of your feet and those hot sands. Slowly those sensations coalesce until there is something weighty and formidable /leaning/ against you. Not physically, but it's there, and… «Keonath» is announced in a breathy light voice, «That's my name. Keonath. And I know that yours is Jaziera. A fine pair we'll make, don't you think? Jaziera and Keonath. Keonath and Jaziera. Together forever. A long time, but I don't think I can wait any longer for some food…» Trailing off the sensation of an empty aching pit accompanies her words and you feel her hunger pains echoed in your mind.

Mindvoice Name and Description

Mint-kissed snowdrifts
Keonath's voice is a light touch, much like gently falling snowflakes. Except, unlike the gentle drifts of fresh snow and the refreshing touch it brings, there is just a little bit of tingliness underlying it. This minty undertone belies the strength and authority of Keonath, being a bit unexpected and something to catch the attention of others. Much as she likes to show the public one face and the private another, she'd like to lure others in with sweet and beguiling gentleness, only to surprise them in the end with a splash of tingling spearmint. Though the colors of her mind voice shift often, she prefers to speak in light pastel colors such as pale spring green, off white, and washed-out yellow, but blips of red and purple and more intense colors will creep in and betray her emotions and thoughts.


The egg was inspired by the Greenshank Egg ( As for your Keonath, well, unfortunately I'm not all that familiar with Polgara or the series you mentioned. I tried to give you a character with the potential for sneakiness and manipulation, but also some more depth than just that. The guidelines above are really only a handful of tips and you're more than welcome to expand or change her in whatever way makes you happiest. Egg and dragon by Mianyi.

Personality (RP Tips)

The first few months of your time with young Keonath will be relatively easy. She will be much similar to a young child, always curious about her surroundings and your bond. This is a time for the two of you to explore this bond and forge a deep understanding of the other. Of course, she's also very interested in where her place is at this weyr. She's aware that she is different from the others in her clutch, and even at the weyr. It's a fact of life though, and not necessarily anything good or bad.
That's not to say that disagreements will arise later as Keonath matures and her personality becomes far more concrete. She is fiercely loyal to you, her Jaziera. You are the one that stood out to her, meant for each other you were. Don't ask her why, it's simply the way things work. Why does the sun rise and set? Why do the tides flow? Because that is how nature works. Call it destiny or fate or whatever you want to attribute it to, she is yours and you are hers and it was never intended to be any other way.
Keonath has two sides to her personality. There is the 'public' face that she puts on, and then the side that only you, her darling Jaziera, is allowed to see. The truth is that deep inside, she's a bit unsure of herself and her standing within the weyr - something that will fade out with age as she gains confidence, and which may change with the number and ages of golds present at the weyr she resides at. No one must ever know this but you, because it would be shameful for a gold to feel /uncertain/ and unassertive, she thinks. Maybe the others do and she's not an anomaly, but asking might confirm her worst fears, so let it go unspoken please. Additionally, she has a philosophical side and when you two find a lull in the day she may begin asking a variety of questions of you. She'll ask you them again and again, because they will occur to her more than once and she'll simply have forgotten that she once asked you. But is it really too much to ask that you humor her and indulge her ponderings?
Others might never guess at this philosophical and hesitant side of her. Towards others she comes across as introverted, but wry and playful when she's in the mood and interacting with others. She likes to tease, talk big, mess around with other's minds, and just generally get up to mischief. Owing to her small size, she does her best to play it up and appear smaller. She's stealthy and likes to sneak around and making others underestimate her allows her to gather information for later use. Owing to her poor memory she has a tendency to forget and not follow through on any of her big talks, particularly if she's just boasted that she will do some extraordinary physical feat. She may even feign an attempt at forgetting, though dragons are ultimately incapable of outright lying. Still, a gal can try to save some face! She is somewhat of a tease and this particularly manifests itself when she goes proddy. It's a time to strut her stuff, talk big, play at being witty, and enjoy messing around a little with those poor bronze minds that are so interested in her.
She has her moments of play, a good sense of humor that manifests itself now and again, and indulgences that she enjoys. She is a dynamic character and will grow with her rider and be affected by events that shape your life and hers. It's a life journey you two are on, and she is wholly yours, so feel free to develop her as you see fit.


Name Little Ragdoll Gold Keonath
Dam Gold Pagnisath
Sire Bronze Osraebukath
Created By Mianyi
Impress To Jaziera
Hatched February 8, 2008
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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