Lady of the Weyr Green Kelmaimenth

Hatchling desc

Whorls of silvered dust sprinkle over the tip of this pale green's muzzle, dipping towards her forward slung jowls. Ivory fangs bare in the fierce gleam of a cruel sneer while her wolfish maw curls at the corners that bring attention to her widely set predatory gaze. Armored, is she, plates of pale silvered green that spread across her flat head and brighten to a luminescence over her head knobs and pours 'twixt the crags of jagged emerald peaks of her tightly muscled back. Amber green pours down along the rippling muscle of flanks to long limbs crouched in grim and fatal sprawl, leaving no doubt as to the feral nature of the beast. Wickedly curved talons of darkest obsidian shimmer with each serpentine movement, deadly in appearance. Biting, brutal, the ice pelted broad chest, plates of pale green shattered, broken by cold between where cracks of fracture sleek against her armored torso. Emerald green presses upwards towards the silvered green of her back, enrapturing her gossamer wings which delicate silvered spars are twisted and wrought with the dark ivy of her underside pressing through. There's an elegance to this serpentine green's movements, calculated and meticulous in its ferocity.

Egg name:

Gleaming Iridescent Egg

Egg Desc:

Smaller than the other eggs surrounding it, this mottled egg is appears to be pure white. From a distance, there’s little to tell it from the rest of the clutch other than its size and the fact it has an almost gleamingly pristine white color. It’s not perfect in angles, it hasn’t got distinguishing marks, it’s utterly plain. However, coming closer, you start to grow more uncertain that this is the case. When light hits the shell, a pale hued iridescent patchwork of all the colors of dragons becomes visible, however the colors don’t carry far.

Hatching Message

Wobble: Gleaming Iridescent Egg offers a small hint of movement before it is still once more. Only those watching directly would have seen the light hit the pale patchwork of colors perfectly so to display all the colors before it is back to a simple white.

Crack: Gleaming Iridescent Egg is growing impatient within the confines of this small egg. With little warning the egg is now wobbling harder and faster as the cramped occupant struggles to escape the prison of this hard shelled egg! Cracks spiral crazily along the entire egg.

Hatch: Gleaming Iridescent Egg finally cracks through the hard membrane and shatters the egg into several large pieces and out emerges a bedraggled, wet hatchling who utters a long creel of accomplishment for its escape!

Hatchling Name and Description

The Lady of the Weyr Green Hatchling

The vibrant colors of the hatching grounds sand stick firmly to the wet hatchling that has emerged from the smallest egg. Despite the annoyed sounds the emit the gender is indeterminable with so much purple and fuschia swirled sand upon its body. Each wing unfurls in a futile attempt to dislodge the sticky substance but to no avail. There’s a leanness to the young body that could mean it is a larger dragon though the muzzle as it swings around to peer forward is quite small. Red tinged eyes reveal only the growing hunger and impatience of the hatchling as they move forward to find their mate.

Impression Message

Suddenly from all around you a cold wind engulfs you completely to dissipate the heat from the sands. Swirling mists of colors and a cold rain brings these simple words to your consciousness to announce the presence of another . « T’ayne! I have found you. Kelmaimenth and T’ayne.» a mental nudge is given, the pain momentarily forgotten « Of course…of all the hearts and souls…our union shall be perfect. There is no other meant for me than you. Together we’ll learn to rule the skies! » there is a moment of pause as her mere presence blends seamless against your very soul. There is no doubt that no matter what happens you will never, ever be alone any longer. This is one creature who will give her unconditional love for all time. « Is there food close? I am so hungry! » with that hungry plea you are released from the swirling winds to find you’ve never left the Sands. Sounds and colors suddenly seem so much brighter than they did before your Kelmaimenth found you. Whatever happens now the path is destined for you, T’ayne and your Kelmaimenth.——

Mindvoice Name and Description

Mistress of Shattered Traditions

Just like plunging into the icy cold depths of a mountain lake in the springtime, Kelmaimenth’s ind voice ranges wildly from icy cold to burning hot within a blink of an eye. Frozen fragments of thought lace the edges of her words. Often her preferred method of getting her point across will be through pictures. Picturing her thoughts, to her, seems so much faster than speaking the words. She’ll send fiery hot jolts when she’s unhappy with someone though never, ever will her tone heat up that much towards her lifemate. With each emotion she’ll have an entirely different range of images and feelings. From a bottomless, echoey pit to bright as the sun shining warm on a summers day, she’ll continue to surprise you throughout the years with the diversity of emotions she can express. ——


Welcome to Weyrlinghood at Monaco Bay Weyr T’ayne! ! We hope you’re as excited to be a part of this weyrling group as we are to have you. For your lovely green I brainstormed for several days to find the right ‘warrior’ woman that you asked for an in the end I think I found a good, strong, women. Jaenelle Angelline is from the Black Jewels books from Anne Bishop. She grows from a gangly young girl who is completely misunderstood by her family but loved by everyone else in the realm to a woman who The Witch everyone has been waiting for. I picture her growth and changes through the book to be much like your wonderful green’s progress. Jaenelle was horrible at basic craft ( one such example is she couldn’t call in her own shoes) but could create wondrous and beautiful creations no one else could ( such as a butterfly on the children’s island in Hell.)

Your egg theme was plain, white eggs so R’en and I based it off of Ruth. The dragon theme is People of Pern in which Jaxom is prominent for that part of the theme. I hope I managed to blend Jaxom’s sense of duty and tradition well with the stronger woman of Jaenelle inside this large bundle of green. Her mind voice is inspired by the lake plateau that Jaxom and Ruth would often go to. They went here when learning to chew firestone and flame. They often came here when Jaxom was upset. I picture the deep, cold waters of the lake mingled with the cooler mountain air and the sense of peacefulness there.

What’s in a name? Keeping to your lettering scheme and staying within the strong-willed women, Kelmaimenth was born! She’s a combination of two female celticish names: Kelly (from the Gaelic word for "warrior woman"; "farm by the spring". At an ancient shrine of the goddess Brigit at Kildare, there were sacred priestesses and warrior women called kelles, and its possible the name and surname came from them. Kellie, Kelli, Kaley. ) and Maitilde ( battle maiden. Matilda, Matty, Maiti) I wasn’t sure where you wanted the M in the name so I threw in two!——

Personality (RP Tips)

Larger than life the presence of Kelmaimenth grows stronger with each passing day that your bond grows. Though weak at first both of you will learn from each other which will cause your bond to strengthen as weyrlinghood progresses. Mistakes made by herself will not be tolerated whereas mistakes by you are immediately forgiven, « You’ll do better next time! Surely the fault was mine. » Mistakes by others can bring a variety of reactions from her ranging from forgiveness to snappishness depending on her mood. Often times she’ll snap without thought « Watch it Obrinth! », and be apologetic for it later. As she gets older the times she snaps like that lessens and becomes more constructive. When she grows older her temperament may be near perfect for aiding with the weyrlings for she’ll teach by example whenever someone struggles. Naturally the pairing of you two is accepted by her with no doubts nor hesitation for who else could provide such a balance of your anger and her own independant and strong-willed personality. You complete this lovely lady as much as she completes you.

No one knows exactly when the personality of a dragon develops, whether it is within the shell or perhaps after they are bonded with their riders. Kelmaimenth ‘s temper however surely was forged during her time within the small egg she was stuffed into. Within the larger end of the range for greens, certainly Kelmaimenth was overly crowded as she grew within the Gleaming Iridescent egg that was so much smaller than some of her clutch sibs. She’ll be ungainly as a weyrling as she grows into her larger wings and limbs. Each stage of learning is approached with some trepidation as her learning style varies wildly from everyone else. With each lesson the basics will be a struggle for her to grasp while the overall concept she’ll understand within a moment of being explained. Wing stretches, walking and wing flares she’ll consistently confuse and bungle the process though of course eventually this will all smooth out over time but you must be patient with her during all this and never let her see any amusement you may have when she trips over the oil barrel in the barracks yet again!

Often times the knowledge she displays may surprise you and cause wonder on exactly how she came across this knowledge. Later you’ll learn she asks questions of /everyone/ she encounters with no dragon being excluded from this. Older greens and blues will be queried most intensely on their duties within the weyr and particularly out of the weyr. Kelmaiment has a burning desire to explore everywhere she possibly can. This desire will be hard to contain when it comes time for Between training. Learning for her will be somewhat tedious at times and a downright joy in others for she’ll balk at learning when she doesn’t feel she herself is ready to learn that particular lesson. Nevermind that the AWLM wants you to learn bonding exercises, she’ll insist that right now is a great time for you to finish her interrupted bath from earlier.

That being said she’ll grow into a strong sense of obligation to duty and honor that won’t be shaken easily. There is an instinct deep within her that makes her always aware of the fact that you two represent Monaco Bay Weyr she’ll insist that everything you do in your duties as a full rider is done to perfection if it includes contact with minor or major holds beholden to the weyr.

There will always be a special bond between her and your entire weyrling class for these are the dragons she’s being raised and learning with. Nothing can shake her loyatily to each and every one of them no matter whom it is. From the start, Fuerioth will be looked up to at all times with her authority never being questions. If Fuerioth says it must be done then Kelmaimenth will take it upon herself to ensure that the order is carried out by any means. Obrinth is often the one picked on the most because it is to him she feels the closest kinship with his endless questions. Naturally questions must be asked, for she asks a fair share herself, but for some unexplained reason his questions seem to annoy her the most. So her patience with him will grow gradually over time though in the beginning she will pester him to please let her sleep in peace without so many questions!

Kelmaimenth displays a shrewd and long memory for she’ll boast she only has to be told something once in order for her to remember it. While this may be true it is only to a certain extend for dragons don’t typically have the greatest memory nor are they able to piece things together very well. Just because she sees you mending a bit of leather on her straps doesn’t mean she will correlate their sturdiness the next time you go flying.

Vanity may not be a strong trait within this headstrong green but it /is/ there for there will be times she’ll insist upon another bath and oiling despite already having done that in the morning. Her sleeping area must be perfectly arranged at all times. Choosing a couch may prove tricky for she’ll insist on changing several times before finding just the right one for her so be prepared within that first month of weyrlinghood to move several times. One won’t be sure how she got the idea into her head but eventually she’ll wish for you to use scented oils upon her for she’ll insist they give a better sheen to her glorious hide. Hopefully you will be able to find some without having to search all over Pern!

Speaking of Search, Kelmaiment will be insistent the next time there are eggs on the grounds that she must Search more candidates than anyone else. A ‘wide variety’ is needed to present as worthy candidates she’ll say. Once she’s searched a particular person she’ll not forget about them as she’ll insist on knowing what they are doing daily. « Is Shayne available to help you bathe me today? »

Overall your green is a blend of sweet, intelligent, shrewd and very, very independant dragon. She’s all yours to play as you will and I hope these rptips give you a great launching point for Kelmaimenth. -<3 Nessa


Her proddy time is no longer nor any shorter than any of the greens within Monaco Bay Weyr. Fairly atypical for this aspect she will be snappish and short of temper for up to five days in which it is mainly males who provoke her ire. Rising will be a sheer joy to her as will any activity that includes flying as fast as one can. In this she’ll really stretch her wings out and soar to the full extent of her limits. Knowing she is large for her size she pushes her stamina to the limit. Often times she’ll have no preferences on who catches her so they’ll simply have to outsmart her for she’ll never ‘agree’ to being caught until she’s well and truly caught.


Your egg and mind-touches were written by R’en and Vanessa (with some help from R’sian as well), the description was all R’en ( thank you R’en!) and the rest of the green was written by Vanessa. We hope you enjoy her very, very much and once again welcome to Monaco Bay Weyr!

Dragon Name Lady of the Weyr Green Kelmaimenth
Dame Gold Pyrith
Sire Brown Tebinth
Created By Vanessa and R'en
Impress To Vantayne
Hatched Aug 3, 2014
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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