Celtic Glade Green Jusryth

Dragon Description

Illusions of windswept grasses richly covering this hatchling's hide, caressed by gentle winds vie for colors of greens and greenish yellow throughout her entire body. Oaks have casted their golden leaves, chased about by the fairy folk and sprinkled over her, mistletoe dark green flecks of life with its hint of white berries, are evenly tossed upon her hide. The ghost like images are evenly marked upon her, sails satiny and strong, wings long, her body a finely tuned instrument.

Egg Name and Description

Satin Over Satin Egg

Hatching Message

Satin over Satin Egg moves rolling off into the darkness.

Satin over Satin Egg moves in the darkness just a bare hint of an egg can be seen

Satin over Satin Egg moves off into the darkness, as it looks to be jerking.

Cradled in the shards of the Satin over Satin Egg, the Lonely Cry Hatchling lifts her head to warble into song, as if calling for the one she knows must be out there.

Colorless Hatchling Name and Description

Lonely Cry Hatchling

More than see, you can hear this small one, cries into the darkness, confusion , the small form doesn't even move.

Impression Message

Mindvoice Name and Description


Personality (RP Tips)


Name Celtic Glade Green Jusryth
Dam Gold Arolaeth
Sire Bronze Zaristh
Created By Leah
Impress To Arista
Hatched 15 July 2000
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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