Strike Out Brown Jouenth

Dragon Description

Warm golden oak slides on the lanky and wiry frame of this brown dragon. His hide is bright under any sort of light and faintly marked with a wood grain pattern. Nearly overbright 'knobs adorn his head, leaving it the color of ripened wheat that falls back along his lithe neck to the blocky set of his shoulders, before it continues on along his neckridges. Strongly muscled forearms, retain that same warm brown tone along with his rounded barrel chest. Lean flanks rest above heavier haunches than could be expected from the rest of his frame, leaving him slightly bottom heavy. Warm brown continues, a cinnamon shade that decorates his talons, capping his paws in that rusty shade to touch the ground. Wings are lighter, a nearly honeyed brown that flows across his 'sails in a rippling pattern from his ailerons to the trailing edges. His spars are highlighted, sturdy bone colored just a bit darker and floating above those paler wingsails. Neatly finishing him, his tail is slender and just the right length to balance him in flight, although it tends to drag when he's on the ground.

Egg Name and Description

Heap of Sticks Egg

Hatching Message

Heap of Sticks Egg rolls slightly in its spot on the sands, just enough movement to show that it's alive and doing quite well indeed, if not quite hatched.

It makes a final rippling motion, rounded sticks falling from their carelessly tumbled design into shards that litter the sands now as the Heap of Sticks Egg hatches. It leaves exposed a hatchling, one faintly stunned to be there out on the sands and its first movements produce a thready creel of distaste for where he finds himself.

Hatchling Name and Description

Impression Message

Mindvoice Name and Description


Personality (RP Tips)


Name Strike Out Brown Jouenth
Dam Gold Fenillanth
Sire Bronze Xiaoth
Created By Nelali
Impress To C'rys
Hatched 7 June 2003
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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