Through the Ages Bronze Izelyth

Boots of weathered bronze clad the hind limbs of this stoutly built dragon, the dark hue ending abruptly midway past the joint, sharply contrasting the bright brassy-bronze hues that cover the rest of his hide. While not chubby, he is solid, the brightness of his hide doing nothing to slim his wide back, narrow his barrel chest, or obscure the muscles that gather beneath the hide of his short, strong neck - the richness of his coloring fading only along one forelimb - a forelimb that seems somehow smaller than its partner, a difference emphasized by its dull coloration. His muzzle seems too short, turned up slightly at the end and tinged with a reddish copper, a feature that allows his fangs to peek out in perpetuity. In contrast, his headknobs are entirely too long, and rather pointed rather than the smoothly rounded shapes of his siblings. Ridges of burnished bronze, warm and dark, originate here between those headknobs before they march down his back in a precise line, as if a well trained army on the move to invade the farthest reaches of his thick tail. Wingsails - large and brassy bright - are supported by copper-bronze spars, creating a cloak of mystery when they are folded to his sides - and a great shadow to spread upon all the lands when they are not.

Egg Name and Description

Cloaked by Magic Egg
Pearly white wraps the shell of this large egg from tip to tip, sweeping uninterrupted across the entire surface. And yet, the longer one stares at the egg, the less white it seems - as ripples of blue become visible from one angle, ribbons of lavender from another. When viewed from above, perhaps one may see a band of soft saffron, while someone else claims to see speckles of mint. The iridescent nature of the shell is entirely incapable of being put into consistent words, and indescribable in the same way during any two different moments in time, almost as if it is under an ever-changing spell of illusion.

Hatching Message

Cloaked by Magic Egg gives a little shake, the fine yellow grains of pollen that had settled upon the upper curves if its pearlescent surface falling away in a smooth motion, while those bits of white fluff that had landed float off lazily. With the pearly surface unmarred, the egg stills once more.

Cloaked by Magic Egg is suddenly shaken sharply, a crack appearing along one side, the smooth white shell beginning to separate, a large portion falling away from the top quarter of the egg. And then, it seems as if it is time to rest after such an expenditure of energy, for the egg stills again.

Cloaked by Magic Egg can stand the assault from within no further, and the beautiful pearly shell gives way, shards falling to the sands beneath it, leaving a hatchling in the remains, even as white fluff already begins to settle and stick.

Hatchling Name and Description

Just A Clone Hatchling
There is truly nothing particularly remarkable about this hatchling, nothing to make it stand out from its peers - aside from perhaps the dark shadows that seem to engulf its hind limbs. A bulky shape, the white cottony seeds that have been floating around Monaco Bay have already begun to cling to damp hide, while the soft yellow of pollen seems to glow in the lights along huge wingsails and muzzle.

Impression Message

Suddenly, you are far from the heat of the sands, instead finding yourself on a narrow deer track that is winding its way through a cool, lush forest, the leaves fluttering with a gentle breeze that weaves through the branches. « Viren.. » A pause, a consideration, and the cool, even voice speaks once more, with a bit more confidence. « V’en. » The sound of water finding its way over stones tickles the edge of your mind, « I am Izelyth. You… You are mine? » The soft sound of dancing water seems to slowly become more intense, as if ever more water begins to push its way through the same narrow banks. « Together, we will become more than we would alone. But first, I am very hungry? » And just like that, the forest falls silent, the predator within starving for his first meal.

Mindvoice Name and Description

Magic of the Forest
Izelyth’s mind is like a cool, pristine forest, full of the dark greens of lush foliage and the bright spring greens of new growth, the cool grays of a rocky outcropping peeking out from behind a wall of trees, and the warm browns of a hundred species of trees that stretch ever upwards to obscure the sky above. His mind is the sound of a brook babbling somewhere in the distance, urging you onwards in your quest to find it. His mind is the rustle of the wind through the leaves, the sound of acorns falling to the soft earth, and all the other background noises that layer upon each other to make you comfortable alone in nature, while reminding you that you are never truly alone ever again. While his mind is not soft, neither it is hard and unyielding, rather it simply -is-, an even backstop of support.

Certainly, Izelyth’s mind will reflect his moods - should the forest suddenly go quiet, beware of the predator that lurks within his mind, fury and anger caught up and ready to burst into a rampaging wildfire at the slightest provocation. His words will take on a frightening sharpness, and even those not directly responsible for the shift in his mood will need to be aware. Excitement and eagerness may cause the babbling brook to turn into a rushing river that threatens to wash away the banks and pull you along with it - particularly in the early months as you learn to navigate the new bond between you. At the end of the day, however, the peaceful forest will always return, urging you to follow that next path, that next turn, cross that next stream, with an indescribable magical quality that supports and protects.

Personality (RP Tips)

V’en, you are going to have your hands full from the very beginning, but you will never doubt that Izelyth is yours, and only yours, mind, body and soul.

Izelyth will be open with you from the moment you lock eyes on the Sands, and he will expect the same in return from you - every time something triggers a memory or an emotion (yes, good or bad), expect Izelyth to stop what he is doing and look to you for an explanation, and telling him no simply will not be good enough. Instead, Izelyth will have no shame in using his bulk to nudge you to share, dropping his head in your lap if possible, or forcibly coming between you and whatever you are working on that you may use as an excuse to not elaborate further. There is no need for concern, however, as this information is for him and him alone - there will be no chatting with his siblings about what you eventually give in and share with him, no spreading of your secrets, no sharing of your dreams. The bond between you is sacred and to be respected. The bond with his clutch siblings however? Not as important, for especially as a Weyrling he will happily share their conversations with you, even if the rest of their lifemates were purposefully excluded - though it is likely the majority of his conversations with others will lack any real substance.

Why is that? Izelyth can be rather private with those that aren’t you - as a Weyrling he will head for that couch in the corner - the one that can be hidden away to form a private sanctum for you both, and as a full rider he is likely to find a Weyr as far out of the way as possible. It is likely in the first few days, he will even demand -curtains- be hung around his space, and Faranth help whoever dares to invade it without permission - human or dragon.

Despite his disdain for forming deep and lasting attachments with, well, anyone but you, V’en, Izelyth is still fiercely loyal to the Weyr - or the idea of the Weyr at the very least. Monaco Bay is his home, it is his background, it is the very definition of who he is and where he came from - he is a bronze dragon of Monaco Weyr, the result of thousands of years of breeding the best of the bronzes with the golds to create.. Him. How can he possibly do anything to betray that? Should at any point, anyone speak even the slightest word against Monaco Bay, their Weyrleaders, or anyone else, Izelyth will jump to their defense without hesitation.

"You want to know what I am? I am a clone! A clone of the emperor of the known universe, Horde Prime. Horde Prime cloned himself, building an army to conquer all he saw. Planets, worlds, galaxies fell before us. I was his top general, but there was a defect in my cloning, and defects are worthless to Prime. I was sent to die on the front lines, but during battle, a portal opened and sent me crashing to Etheria, stranding me here. With nothing but a broken ship, I built an empire. When my portal opens, I shall bring forth my brother's armies to crush the Rebellion, and Horde Prime will see that he was wrong. I am not a defect. I am worth something."
— Hordak, "Huntara"

However, from this knowledge, from the weight of this lineage, comes another rub - Izelyth has a strong desire to stand apart from his siblings, from the other bronzes of Monaco Bay. He wants to be more than just a bronze, more than just a rider - he will set his eyes on the prize, and will not rest until he is there. As a weyrling you will quickly collide with this single-minded focus, as he pushes you both to your limits in an attempt to be top of the class, The set hours of class are not nearly enough to ensure that you excel, and Izelyth will be rousing you from your bed at first light to get extra practice in, and encouraging you to stay on the field while the rest of the class disperses for dinner, just for one more try. He will encourage you to sharpen your talents as well, and once you are full riders, he will constantly be angling for you to get that promotion. Wingsecond? Sure. Wingleader, even better! He will do his best, too, to get you a promotion on his end by chasing, oh, every gold on Pern. And trying doubly hard if they happen to be the Senior gold. If it is the Senior gold of Monaco Bay? Well, every trick in the book will be unleashed without hesitation.

Izelyth is a pragmatist and it shows, as he knows what he wants and he will do whatever he needs to in order to accomplish it. As he ages, he may tentatively allow others into his circle - if there is some benefit for him, of course. However, just because they get in, doesn’t mean they will stay in - he has exacting standards. Honesty is valued above all else, and should those he relies on - even you - fail him somehow, there may not be repercussions - however, should you - or anyone else - fail him and then lie about it? Well, at that point you will likely see his temper flare up, and if the offending party is in his circle of trust, they will quickly be removed and replaced without emotion.

Finally, Izelyth has an odd interest - particularly for a dragon - you will find that he is completely intrigued by technology. Is someone working on their laptop while you are on your way to lessons? Be prepared for this to distract him from his otherwise single-minded focus as he attempts to peer at the tiny (to him) contraption. Bits and pieces of old inventions will quickly find their place on your shelves and under your cot, and those that may lend a hand to fix them will earn themselves a quick promotion to the circle of trust. He will love to hear the stories of what the Ancients could do with technology, before they came to Pern, and he will encourage you to find out the newest inventions from the tech craft - what else is possible?

Physicality: Izelyth is not perfect - the thousands of years of dragon breeding made him - and he is not perfect. Despite his solidly built frame, despite his well muscled form - he will never truly be perfect. That being said - he will refuse to let it stop him.

Thankfully, it is a minor thing - his right fore-limb is a bit.. Lacking. It manages well enough, certainly, but it will never be quite the same as his left - never quite as strong, never as muscled, and it will never lose that slight dullness of the hide. As a very young weyrling, this may slow him down a bit, as he is forced to walk on all fours - and there will be an oddness to his gait that even casual inspection will reveal. As he grows, he will learn to compensate for it, and while on the ground he may have an unusual gait, still, however it will take on its own uniqueness.

Thankfully, while he may be awkward on the ground, he will be anything but in the air - once he gets there. As a big, well built boy, it will take a second for even those overly large wings to do their job and get him airborne, but once he is, he could fly for forever - in a straight line. Tricks and twists will not be his strong suit, but pure stamina, he is definitely first on the list for that. Of course - when it comes to chasing greens and golds, this will work against him for the former, but be a boon when he is in pursuit of the latter.

Why Viren? Let’s face it - Viren isn’t perfect - he isn’t the ‘ideal’ candidate, or the ideal image of a bronzerider - but he has potential, and potential is what matters. You can both be imperfect together, and appreciate the strengths you have in spite of those imperfections, and build a future together that is the best it can be.

"Imperfection is what makes scientific experimentation possible! Imperfection is beautiful… at least to me."
— Entrapta, "Huntara"


Izelyth was created for you by Wendyn, and hopefully you don’t regret being as open ended in your ask - after all, this is what happens when given free rein.

Our egg theme this cycle was 80s Cartoons, and the Cloaked by Magic Egg was based on She-Ra. I did however, go slightly off script as I based it on the recent Netflix reboot of the series instead of the original 80s series. The egg itself was desced based on the moonstone of Bright Moon, the source of magical power for the leader of the rebellion. The touches are based off the opening of the series, the first foray into the Whispering Woods - and to avoid spoilers, I will leave it at that!

Given your open-ended suggestions for theme, I stuck with She-Ra and based Izelyth on Hordak, a featured antagonist throughout the series. His slightly awkward forelimb is a nod to the character, as are various aspects of his description - his ‘boots’ and his batlike wings. I will leave it to you to watch the series and not spoil you with too many details, however I hope as you go, you will see where aspects of his personality came from.

I took a bit more liberty with his mind, however, aiming to stick more closely to the egg theme, rather than pulling from Hordak’s environment - I felt that it was a better fit for what he becomes, and what Izelyth will be to you.

Finally, his name: Izelyth comes from the Aztec name ‘Izel’ which means Unique. Hordak is one of an infinite number of clones, but manages to break away and become his own person, and I wanted to capture that in his name - while Izelyth may be one of 8 weyrlings, and numerous Monaco Bay dragons, he is his own self, and always will be. Additionally, there is a running storyline of the First Ones - an ancient civilization that once flourished on the planet - and I felt that using an Aztec base provided an appropriate nod to that was well.

As always, everything here is more of suggestions, and you are free to ignore any of it as you see fit.

Congratulations, V'en, we are so happy to have you join us on this crazy ride that is Monaco Bay!


Name Through the Ages Bronze Izelyth
Dam Gold Kiyaszaeth
Sire Bronze Elsvruth
Created By Wendyn
Impress To V'en (Viren)
Hatched August 23, 2020
Monaco Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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