Whisker-twitching Bronze Isseith

Dragon Description

Swirls of brazen brass bubble, churn, and froth across the flawless hide of this dragon. Intricate swirls and flecks of buttered russet writhe beneath the swirls of rich copper that coats Isseith's strong back. The bold brassy hue runs thick down his broad chest before it cools, darkening as it slinks down his thick neck and across his well-formed belly. The inky blotches appear black but upon any type of scrutiny the color is ousted as a violet void that engulfs the golden nuggets of color that are try to hide. The shadow of amethyst quickly dissipates past his firm hind legs just in time for a long slender tail to sprout. Clad in the same vivid sheen of brass that makes up the crisper color of his body, his tail is more deceptive, holding hidden strength in those lurking muscles. Long sails are held proudly at his sides, their pale gold-streaked underside neatly hidden in the leathery folds. Every move Isseith makes has the overcoat of his wings shimmering gloriously with their sharp copper glint. His limbs - arms, legs, and wings - are not as subtle, displaying their brawn in thick ribbons that refuse to stay concealed and yet the picture of perfection is marred if one notices his lack of a right pinky toe, gone, never there to begin with. If that wasn't enough of a betrayal, his muzzle, sleek, long, and narrow, conflicts with the rest of his decidedly masculine form. Thin headknobs sprout up with their golden pixie dust dappled tips before bronze forces its way through and slides over his protruding eyeridges and down his smooth nose.

Egg Name and Description

Heaven's Winged Weaponry Egg
Predominately the Heaven's Winged Weaponry Egg resembles that of a wherry, however, the subtle and much less so splashes of color layered upon it's surface certainly help to distract from it. Tiny pinpoints of muddled brown disguise such a common backdrop, making the overall surface of the egg appear darker than it really is. Upon closer inspection, one can easily make the distinction between, but from a distance they blend beautifully. Licking flames dance color in an ascending direction from the base in hues of burnt orange and sun-dried raspberry. Thick at the bottom, they stretch along the sides and splatter randomly at the top, indeed attributing to the illusion that it has been set ablaze.

Hatching Message

Heaven's Winged Weaponry Egg has a feeling that its time to shine. A small quiver starts at the base of this egg, shaking those ruddy hues like there is no tomorrow. Its violent, threatening to send the egg splintering in every direction but before stability is lost… silence. Perhaps it isnt time yet. But that time will come soon and if one stares at this egg enough they might see it quiver from time to time. Someones is impatient.

Heaven's Winged Weaponry Egg gets that feeling again. That one where stars collide and planets are born. Theres silence, and then with a loud pop a thin sliver cuts this egg jaggedly from top to base. Thick goo squishes out the crack, sending sticky globules dripping down the eggs shell before it puddles on top of the sand in a thin film. But just like that and there is silence, peace before the big finale. One has to make a grand entrance, right?

Heaven's Winged Weaponry Egg has teased the crowd long enough. The slime that has slowly been trickling out of that crack has stopped just in time for the entire egg to cave in. Pop, pop, pop. The top crumbles and flakes, sending pieces of shell raining onto its owners head yet the bronze muzzle that forces that crack wide only glances around calmly. Beauty sleep disturbed, Whisker-twitching Bronze Hatchling has no choice but to fully step from his discarded home and see what all this fuss is about.

Impression Message

The crowd fades, the cheering ceases, and for just a few frozen moments there is serenity. « Good day, Marcus. » His deep voice is warm, caressing your mind with searing tendrils of blinding, white hot molten copper. « Was that too bright? I apologize. Im afraid I havent quite gotten the hang of this yet. » The bright shimmers fade to a deep burgundy and you can almost feel his warm breath in the back of your mind, brushing tenderly across your neck. « Im your Isseith, and you are my Marcus. » But you knew that the moment you looked into his eyes didnt you? He was sure. « Never a doubt in my-» A loud rumble interrupts his train of thought and red blazes fiercly in embarrassment. « Perhaps food is a good idea. »

Mindvoice Name and Description

The one thing that Isseith is not is loud. It doesnt matter how angry he might be his mindvoice will always be as smooth as silk, hell always appear calm and collected even if hes absolutely furious over something. When I think of Isseith, one man alone comes to my mind: Sean Connery. That thick richness that just rolls across your mind and seduces you with sexiness. Thats right. Your Isseith is sexy incarnate. Not even that missing toe can throw a kink into that. And yet he actually has two slightly different mindvoices. He has the warmer more expressive voice when it has to do with Marcus which comes to him in bold reds and coppers. And a silkier, more crisp voice when hes speaking to other dragons, one that slips around in midnight purple, his words small golden beacons in the void. He probably wont ever speak to another human unless its for something very important, hes for Marcus and Marcus alone.


Egg: Hil Everything else: Ica
Notes: You asked for a dragon based off of Yuki from Fruits basket but I mainly took the inspiration from what you said and combining that with the Japanese zodiac that Yuki was originally based off of. I tried to give him enough interesting quirks that you could play him and hed be interesting but feel free to add or take away things if hes not strange enough for you. I didnt want to traumatize Marcus.

Personality (RP Tips)

People born in the year of the Rat are charming, honest, ambitious, and have a tremendous capacity for pursing a course to its end. They will work hard for their goals. They are easily angered but maintain an outward show of control. That is your Isseith in a nutshell. He isnt the affectionate, emotional type.. at least to everyone else. That side of him is always lurking deep inside, staying hidden so that only Marcus can see it. Marcus is his everything, he will listen to him go on and on about computers until the end of his days and he would die a happy dragon. That is not to say that he wont grow up to care about others, but he will never be distracted or ignore Marcus. No matter what, he will always be there, a big solid force for the computer crafter to draw on whenever he needs. The only time he might seem a bit scatterbrained is when he becomes a father, because he will always have a soft spot for his own children, be that theyve just hatched or theyre ten turns old. Hell always keep a silent eye on them to make sure they are doing well. The first clutch he fathers will probably be the most difficult on him. Hell want to help out his golden mate and more than likely get underfoot rather than be truly helpful but he really does mean well!
His days as a weyrling will be taxing. When hes fully grown hell be perfect. Big, strong, and magnificent. But until that time that hes reached his full size hell always be a bit gangly and awkward, stumbling much too often for his tastes (Ever seen a baby mouse stumbling its way around? Perfect image!). This will be a constant thorn in his paw until he can grow into those large strong limbs of his. Flying will be something that might drive him to the brink of insanity; hell have problems with it and will not be able to admit he needs help. While he may have serious problems with getting off the ground and into the air, once his wings are mastered hell be a sight to behold. While Issieth wont ever be as agile as a blue, hes strong and steady, having almost unlimited stamina when it comes to flights, both mating flights and regular ones. Riding him will be a smooth journey and he probably will be interested in being a ferry dragon just because once he gets into the sky hell hate to leave it (That and all the passengers will rave about how steady a flyer he is). The skys the limit.. and he will indeed test exactly how high the sky goes—hopefully Marcus isnt afraid of heights!
The women always fall for the strong, silent type, and Isseith is no exception. When he does talk hes charming and honest and that tends to drive the girls mad even if its on accident. His charm can only take him so far before his ambition pushes forward. If theres one thing that Isseith is, its honest, and during those times he actually pursues the ladies and a better misses comes along, there wont be a moment of hesitation when he tells them that hes found someone better. It might come off as cruel or cold from time to time but the fact of the matter is that he knows something good when he sees it and hell always go for it - and its typically in the form of something big and gold not small and green. Once he gets an eye on something, there will be no stopping him, no getting him to give up. He will pursue it until the ends of the world if he has to, and thats definitely not just in regards to girls or flights, anything he sets his mind to will happen the way he wants it to or hell never stop. But in saying this, he doesnt have to be interested in the females just because they're into him. While this aspect might be fun from time to time, its definitely something that can easily almost never come out. Just letting you know that it is indeed possible for him to be a skirt chaser if you let him.
As for quirks, Isseith has a few. He isnt like his rider, obsessed with everything technical but he can appreciate his riders love and will try to listen and understand to the best of his ability. Honestly he just likes that they flash different colors. His biggest problem is.. that hes a packrat. Oh yes, he will find things that looked interesting, or perhaps just shiny, and bring them back to your hut or his secret stash. If Marcus disapproves of this quirk he will just take it to some other place but trust me, he wont ever stop. He wont ever steal but hell definitely barrow until he can find something better to replace the item he has to return. The only good thing about this little problem of his is that his treasure trove will never get to an unmanageable size since hell constantly be in search for the best trinket. They are his trinkets and he loves them as much as Marcus loves his computers. Putting that little issue aside he also isnt all that fond of water. It never gets to the point that its a serious problem, but he wont ever volunteer himself for baths. Marcus will definitely have to bring that up and there will be much foot dragging even if he quickly denies that he has any issue with water or baths. Another thing is that hes definitely more of a night time kind of guy. Early morning before the suns up? Sure! Why not! But mid afternoon? Hed much rather be curled up in the shade taking a snooze. This - coupled with his absolute ungainliness - is another reason why he wont be at his best during Weyrlinghood. Smack dab in the middle of the day doing exercises will make him sleepy and unfocused. Marcus will find out early on that its not that hes lazy, just the time of day seriously does affect him. But rest assured, while weyrlinghood will be hard on both of you when hes fully grown he will flower into one of the most amazing bronze dragons to grace pern! (Okay, I exaggerate a bit but you get the picture!) All good things come to those who wait and adulthood will definitely treat Isseith well! And finally there is one thing that he wont ever let you get. A feline. The first time he comes across one of the elusive beasts will probably be one of the few times he loses his cool. Actually, every time he comes across a feline, big or small, will have his hackles raising and he will be generally unreasonable and very un-Isseith like. They are indeed one of the few things that will ever throw him out of his groove so be warned, Isseith is definitely not a cat type of dragon.


Name Whisker-twitching Bronze Isseith
Dam Gold Pagnisath
Sire Bronze Osraebukath
Created By Hil and Ica
Impress To Marcus
Hatched February 8, 2008
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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