Winged Goddess Gold Isisth

Dragon Description

As if the dawn's flower, given life by the whispering word of the sun itself, a sweeps of sun-kissed amber hues bath her hide; seeming reflected back enchaining shimmering rays of light. Gossamer wingsails that seem to have been spun from the most delicate silk hold an inner luminescence; dancing rainbows across rippling darkness that streaks across spiderweb-like veins. Her bearing is told in the graceful movements of her sinuous length that speaks of regal imperiousness, lacking any traces of submission; and elegantly proportioned as she is, there is queenly haughtier and pride in her demeanor. Her delicate head rests atop a slender neck — long features give rise to kohl-rimmed eyes —large and almost cat like in their intelligence — that curl back towards her head knobs in curls of swirls of near fantasy, edging into deepest indigo and amethyst further into the spiral.

Lithe and lean of body, she shows the promise of grace that came with age and though that grace is worn proudly, it perhaps foretells of a lack of size for she is certainly not large for a queen, ranging more to a medium length. Her black on amber markings, seeming bracelets of spirals, swirl upward from her long black clawed feet, giving an exotic impression that ranges from darkness of nearly demonic claws, to the pale angelic light of her wings and the otherworldly near-deity that reigns between them.

Egg Name and Description

Perfectly Powdered Marsmallow Egg
Crystalline sweetness in its softest form seems to coat the fragile shell of this lighter than air confection of an egg. Perhaps it is just that? Daring one to take a taste, to bite into that hot spongy middle and savor that almost creamy airiness of delight. Whispering soft swirls appear in the surface the closer you come to the shell, swirls that seem to echo a lively dance of pleasure in life. Perhaps it is poetic that the sweetness be hinting to the good things in life, or perhaps it is ironic. Who is to decide?

Hatching Message

Perfectly Powdered Marshmallow Egg shifts within its expanded shell until finally, an explosion of powder falls about the hatchling within, rising as though it were extremely old and frail.

Hatchling Name and Description

Ancient Mystical Hag Hatchling (Colorless Hatching Name and Desc)
The shadows hide the form of this bent and crumpled hatchling as it claws its way from within its shell. Whithered by age or perhaps just by birth, it's bony form has to stop for its breath, its exhertions costing it dearly. A haze of grey and blue hang about it's haggard form as wrinkled wings shield it from view. Along the dark trails that none take, it hides, biding its time, waiting for the moment in which to spring as a viper upon its fortune.

Winged Goddess Gold Hatchling
A single sweep of sun-kissed amber gives way to this golden one's debut. As if the dawn's flower, given life by the whispering word of the Sun itself, she unfolds her gossamer wings as though they were made of the most delicate silk, so fragile that a bare breath of wind might shatter her very existence, dissipating her mortal shell into nothingness. But that is not the case for she is the wind, the rain, the hour of the storm, and the gentle touch of spring. With a self-knowledge that indeed is years if not decades beyond her, she rises and shakes back her wings, letting the rippling darkness of the spider web-like veins catch the light and dance rainbows about her.

It is as she parts her wings and settles them against her back that her true rainbow kissed glory can be viewed in all its perfection. Even dewy from her hatching, she is a glory to behold. Her tiny body elegantly proportioned with delicate feet that even seem in proportion to her hatchling body. Diminutive she may be, but one look at her and it is clear that she is not the submissive. Her long delicate features give rise to kohl-rimmed eyes, large and almost cat like in their intelligence. Those black-rimmed eyes curl back towards her head knobs in curls of swirls of near fantasy, edging into deepest indigo and amethyst further into the spiral.

Her delicate head rests atop a slender neck, strong enough to hold herself proudly as she poses. Long and lean of body, she shows promise of grace coming with age if not size. Her legs hold none of the knobbiness shown by most hatchlings, though while a grace to her, it perhaps foretells of a lack of size to come. Her black on amber markings, seeming bracelets of spirals, swirl upward from her long black clawed feet, giving an exotic impression that ranges from darkness of nearly demonic claws, to the pale angelic light of her wings… and the otherworldly near-deity that reins between them.

Impression Message

The sudden entry into your mind leaves no room for personal space or privacy. Indeed when this presence takes over with all the imposing nature of a goddess. And with her comes a name… so simple, and yet so complex…. « Isisth »

Mindvoice Name and Description

It depends on what side of this voice that you are on when it touches you. As her rider, she will dispense with flattery and sweet talk. Blunt to the point of being brutal, she seems to have no consideration for your feelings in stating her mind. BUT! She knows just how far to take it. Linked with you, mind and soul, she knows how much punishment is enough to make you remember next time, and how much is hurtful. Rarely if ever will she enter the hurtful, unless you defy her. Defying her will is grounds for open mental warfare as she will use every trick in the book to break your spirit. Once you are broken though, she will very gently rebuild you, easing you away from what caused your inconsiderate action. After all she does this all for you.
To others however, her mind taste of sweet dates and feels of the hot desert sand, though the cool of the shade overshadowing it all. Exceptionally pleasant, she represents the two faces of the goddess, and the outward face is the one that promotes worshipful followers.


Isis… If you do not know the legends that surround this goddess of ancient Egypt, then perhaps this will be interesting to you. Isis has a great number of legends about her, some of which conflict as any religion so old is want to do. But in one particular legend, it was stated that she is the only human to attain godhood from Ra's own lips. You see names have a great significance to their religion. Holding the name of the gods of judgment will allow one to pass unharmed through the doors too the afterlife and to keep the scales from falling in your disfavor. Isis was a sorceress in her own right, and when she set herself to attain godhood, it was both through wisdom and trickery…and pain, that she was successful.

The story is long, but the just of it is that Ra was becoming old, and when he walked the land, muttering to himself, he would drool a bit as old men are want to. It was this drool that Isis had waited to collect. Taking it up, she fashioned a snake out of it and the dust of the earth and staked out to the ground in Ra's path. When Ra walked by, the snake formed out of his own body bit him and slipped passed all his protections.

Isis was wise. She let many go before her as Ra was slowly broken by her magically created crippling pain, and when finally she was brought forward, she told Ra that she could save him, but he would have to give her his name for the spell she would weave to work. Having no other choice, Ra finally relented, and Isis achieved godhood.

How does this relate to this golden beauty…? Well, for godhood to come, a little pain must be endured… or inflicted. You hold that piece of the ethereal, but until you are rebuilt in the manner that you can give that back, she will continue to break you and piece you back together.

Personality (RP Tips)

Growing Up
It will not be an easy time growing up with the little goddess. Indeed she knows she is far superior to you, and will not hesitate to make you aware of this matter. Blunt to the point of being rude, but only to you, she is quick to correct you on your manners and etiquette, though she is especially finicky about your posture. Indeed at the oddest moments, when you feel you are alone and she might be snoozing, and you forget yourself…. *SNAP* right at that soft spot on the base of your spine « NO SLOUCHING ».

To others she seems the sweetest and most forgiving of creatures, so kind, so understanding, though not so much of a joiner. Her mentality is that the others are not queens, and the humans are not you, thus they do not matter to her. It is you and you alone who will catch the brunt of her need to mold and shape. She is your own worst critic, that little pair of eyes and ears in the back of your mind that knows /everything/ even down to your idlest thoughts and daydreams. And you can be sure that she does not approve, she will let you know it…. *SNAP*.

But for all of this, it cannot be denied that Isisth loves you beyond all others. You alone have the possibility of true perfection, and it is that perfection that drives her to discipline you so. It is out of love for the perfection you could be… if you'd only listen to her.

As she gets older, and your new habits take root, she will less and less feel the need to be so strict. Though she will not tolerate lapses in memory in the things that should be habit…. like slouching *SNAP*. With age comes wisdom, and as she enters her adulthood, she will discover the further reaching expanses of her perfections. After all, a Gold as perfect as she, with a rider as perfect as you… There simply must be perfection for both of you. And that is that. She will accept nothing but the best for you, so there is the possibility that she will end a number of relationships before they even start.

Perfection? Indeed she is. Her mind sharp as a whip, she cannot be lied to, nor tricked, but she is not without her compassion, or her softer side. While a firm and demanding master, she is not unfair. And that, dear one, is why she chose you. You alone understand the worth of her knowledge and accept her discipline, not with pain or pointless blubbering, but with a firmer stance, a prouder expression. You alone see that this mistress is making you into something, perhaps a glorious goddess like herself, fit to ride astride her magnificent form. You alone held that spark, that flame of inner strength, that insured you would not only survive her breaking and remolding, but when she was done with you, perhaps you would outshine her…. a masterpiece to prove her greatness.


Name Winged Goddess Gold Isisth
Dam Gold Miyareith
Sire Bronze Willowith
Created By V'ncent
Impress To Lonriya
Hatched February 18, 2001
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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