Last Breath of Summer Gold Isanath

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Sweeping expanses of rich amber gather upon the lengthy frame of this golden dragon, warm orange undertones peeking through upon every inch of her body, the first hints of autumn taking hold. Upon her long, almost dainty nose dance freckles of carrot orange, the markings continuing upwards from each nostril, sweeping over eyeridges and dissipating as they spread over each of her headknobs. Despite her delicate features, a certain curviness adorns her, what little excess weight she carries gathered in her hindquarters, giving her a rather off-balanced appearance. Limbs are practically too long for her form, as if she's outgrown the rest of her body, yet even in their awkwardness they are tipped with tangerine toes, the same bright color coloring the tips of wingspars as they stretch between wide sails. Saffron creeps across the translucent spreads, darkening to coral upon the edges, the hues of a setting summer sun trapped upon her very wings, mirrored upon the ridges that run to the tip of her lengthy tail.

Egg Name and Description

Lost Daughters of the Pack Egg
The warm hues of copper and chestnut brown encircle the shell of this rather larger egg, streaks of gold settled amongst tan and khaki. Rich mahogany tickles the wider end, softly spreading upwards, like a cuff of thick fur wrapped around the base, warming it even as the Istan sands do. Ochre dominates near the top, the almost orange hues visible even under a soft white covering that seems to have settled, like freshly fallen snow.

Hatching Message

Lost Daughters of the Pack Egg can take no more - the pressure is simply too much. The cracks spread quickly, the shell collapsing to the ground, what it was no more - Now instead only the possibilities of what she may become.

Impression Message

There's a tightening in your chest, pressure against your back, and it is as if a corset has been pulled and laced and knotted, even as your mind is engulfed with dark emeralds and sapphire, satiny smooth against your thoughts. « Stand up straight. At least pretend to look like a lady. » The voice is chiding, firm, and then the satin seems to settle more evenly against your mind, as if a gown specially made for you and fits to your form. « I am Isanath, it is a pleasure to meet you. » She offers politely, much like a lady making a first acquaintance. « And you.. You are my partner, Aliona? » And then, a flash of gold shoots through your mind. « I think it is time for our welcome feast. Don't embarrass us. » And then, you find yourself back on the Sands, the ginger-gold sitting primly at your feet, waiting for you expectantly.


Isanath will likely prove to be a challenge for you, at least in the first few months as you work together to figure each other out, and come to some sort of compromise.

Unlike Aliona, Isanath is quite noticeably a 'girly girl' - which is not to say that she is afraid of hard work, but more that she prefers the more delicate activities and pursuits. She also believes that, as a future leader of Ista, both Ali and herself need to have the appearance of leaders - stressing about the details enough to drive even the most obsessive people to their wits' end. All of this is wrapped up in a particular sort of naivety, which will have the potential to cause her more problems in the long run than anyone could guess.

From the beginning, even as a Weyrling, Isanath will be a proper young lady, prideful and stiff, often found with her tail curled around her body, sitting primly wherever she is. While her clutchmates may be playing in the dirt, rolling in the water, or digging in the mud to find what they can, she will often be off to the side, looking down on them as if she is a dragon ten times their age, having a difficult time understanding exactly why it is that they are drawn to such pursuits. Isanath would much rather sit in the company of leaders - from Ista or elsewhere should they be visiting, listening to their tales and ensuring that she is in their good graces. After such a session, she will be over the moon, eager to share each and every exchange with you, time and again, and may grow frustrated if and when you do not share her same excitement. She will expect no less of you - doing her best to push you into 'random' meetings with Weyrleaders, Holders and high ranking Crafters despite any discomfort, and expecting you to act like a lady while you do so. There are times when she will express her displeasure in your appearance, your accent, your habits - after all, they just aren't appropriate for a new Junior Weyrwoman - and push you to conform to her expectations.

Of course, the stories of the leaders are far from the only ones she enjoys - A visiting harper, or even someone with story telling skills - will have her complete attention as they tell stories of glory and romance, of the bronzerider who rescued the maiden, who led the Weyr to victory, and kept the girl. Whether it is songs or stories, a young Isanath will be enthralled with them, asking you to repeat them again and again, whenever the details begin to fade from her short memory. Her love of stories comes from her youthful naivety and trust, believing that the songs and stories truly reflect how life can be, and how her life will be, as a gold on Pern. She is bound to trust anyone with rank, believing that a true heart guides them, and that they only have the best of intentions, even if in doing so she hurts those she cares about - you, her clutchmates, or someone else with whom she has made a special connection. Perhaps it's a small lie - or more likely feigned ignorance - meant to ensure Rakauth avoids punishment for something he truly deserved, or perhaps it is sharing a secret that you would rather avoid coming out, because she feels that Eulweth or Nziekleth will reward her when it is passed on to their respective riders. When, not if, she is hurt by someone she trusts - taken advantage of, cheated or robbed, it will result in her beginning to slowly question her ideas of the world, and how it works. In time, she will begin to trust more cautiously, and those around her will need to demonstrate that they deserve it.

Her love for romantic tales will be a headache from time to time, both as she makes assumptions about others in your life and her own. « Ali, do you think Oszarioth likes me? I think he looked at me! » Imagining herself in one of her stories, she will constantly be waiting for the pair of you to be swept off your feet and carried off to be leaders at some new Weyr, the figureheads that she believes you destined to be.

Isanath is, of course, a gold - and she will quickly learn what that distinction means in the hierarchy of the Weyr. Unfortunately, it can be one of her weaker points, particularly as a weyrling, when her responsibilities leave her time to ponder. She will be quick to attempt to force her opinions on others, though the 'lesser' the color, the more prone she is to exercising her abilities. « Kolath, why must you act so wild? » She may ask when her blue clutchmate wishes to play, turning up her nose and returning to her own ponderings. Certainly, Mzath will fare no better, should the green attempt to share her views on - oh, anything. « Mzath, why do you believe that? Oh, right. I do not care. » And there will be an almost haughty mental snort to accompany it, a flash of color indicating she has no time for such boring discussions.

Thankfully, as Isanath ages, she will mature as well, learning to become a more benevolent leader, and taking the time to listen to those around her. Some of the haughtiness will disappear, as she finds her days busier with actual work, and she has less leisure time to spend lording her rank over others. It will likely turn out that she is not necessarily a bad leader, once she gets some practice, and succeeds at organizing others, and swaying them to her side - Hopefully her side is the 'right' one. Unfortunately, even though she may mature in some aspects, you will always remain a project of hers - as she will be determined to get you into gather-finest (including skirts, underskirts, and soft slippers) even if there is no gather, and to train you out of your 'lesser' language habits - Even though she may be nice about it.

When it comes to mating, clutching, and brooding, Isanath at least understands that it is her duty - it is what she was made to do, and there is no reason to not do it correctly. There will likely be little warning that Isanath is due to rise, for she at least prefers a degree of modesty, though she may seem that much more orange for a day or two beforehand - the flight itself will likely not be anything out of the ordinary either - fast, far, and rather to the point. While she will tolerate the male that catches her for the duration of their time on the Sands, it is unlikely that she will forge a lasting attachment to them, and once the eggs have hatched, and duty is dispensed, he will be just another male. She will be an observant, protective clutch-mother, watching over her eggs diligently, and keeping a careful eye on any candidates who are on the Sands.

"You may be as different as the sun and the moon, but the same blood flows through both your hearts. You need her, as she needs you…"

Why did Isanath choose you, despite all your differences? You are the Arya to her Sansa, and the one that she really needs. Despite her destiny, despite her attitude, sometimes she needs to be able to relax. She needs someone to help her do that, to step back and realize that appearances aren't everything, and sometimes she needs to have some fun. She needs someone to throw a snowball at her, or to tug her metaphorical hair, someone to chase around in revenge. And, just as she needs Aliona to help her relax, she will help Aliona with some of her 'vices' - pushing her to be the best she can, helping her with her accent, her education, and her fears.


Generally, Isanath's mind is filled with only the finest, her voice having a silky smooth quality to it, slipping like satin across the minds of those she encounters. Richly dyed fabrics - the colors of rubies and emeralds - create layers of depth, obscuring many of her thoughts from all but you. Prim and proper, her voice has a distinct refinement to it, the smooth rhythm ever constant, as she avoids contractions, and silent letters, each and every word carefully enunciated to its fullest. In conversations with others, her emotions remain concealed behind the mask of politeness, flashes of gold and silver appearing now and again, adorning the jewel tones of her mind, showing nothing other than what they expect - a well bred, blooded lady. Sometimes however, that mask seems to slip, particularly as a weyrling, Isanath's emotion slipping through, moments of anger, disappointment, and brashness characterized by a rougher fabric, dull brown and khaki burlap scratching against your mind. Thankfully, as she ages, she will grow into her legacy as an Istan gold.



The theme this cycle was 'Companions, Partners, and Pairs', and the Lost Daughters of the Pack Egg was based on the Stark daughters from the series 'A Song of Fire and Ice'. The egg in particular was based more on Sansa's personality - a well-bred, feminine, lady-like young woman, leaving the other half of the partnership to be found amongst the candidates on the Sands.

Isanath herself is also based on Sansa - drawing from the character's auburn hair to integrate with your request for a ginger dragon - while attempting to maintain some of the awkward adolescence of growing too quickly that keeps Isanath from being truly 'pretty'. Her attitude is all Sansa, and while she is not a Victorian school ma'am, she is every inch a well-bred, well-mannered lady.

Her actual name is one you suggested yourself, however with so many similarities to Sansa, it was truly too good to overlook. Her hatchling name, meanwhile, refers to the Stark motto that 'Winter is Coming' and Sansa is a child of the summer, which is quickly drawing to an end.

Isanath was created for you by Angharad - Of course, everything here is merely ideas, suggestions, and thoughts. She is yours to play as you will, though I hope you enjoy her!



Name Last Breath of Summer Gold Isanath
Dam Gold Eulweth
Sire Bronze Malphath
Created By Angharad
Impressee Aliona
Hatched 28 July 2012
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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