Hearts Filled With Fire Blue Hauruth

Dragon Description

Deep blue tinged toward indigo is the primary color of this dragon, a warm and welcoming twilight hue. His muzzle is a bit shorter than average, though his eyes are large and bright, accentuated by the trace of ridges above them and a noble brow despite an understated chin. A graceful neck traced with backward-pointing ridges connects from sweeping knobs to strong shoulders and a broad chest. From those shoulders extend his wings, long and with a slight curve to their contour that suggests agility in the skies. Their sails are paler, lilac grey tinged with iris where they meet the spars and soft in contrast against the deep blue of his hide. That same warm purple-grey appears on his hindlegs, that less saturated shade covering paws and calves and reaching up to make a speckled curve along his hips - not quite symmetric, but nevertheless matched to either side of where his waist tucks in past the curve of his ribs, lean and trim beneath the dapple of indigo shadows. His tail continues the rich blue that began at his neck, a long and sinuous appendage to once more keep that sense of balance as it counterbalances the elegant grace of his neck.

Egg Name and Description

Healers Hate This Egg
This egg is rounded to the point of bloating, with a brooding purple shade that darkens toward the black of recent bruises at the base and tip that only barely distinguish themselves in shape from the swell of its turgid body. Along the sides, the shadows grow translucent, stretch-marks of venous violet traced over a throbbing maroon. All in all, it looks less like a dragon's egg and more like some enormous boil transported here to fester on the sands.

Hatching Message

Healers Hate This Egg sits on the sands, bruised shell silent and still. Is it even going to move?

Healers Hate This Egg cracks, as suddenly as if struck by a meteorite. A spray of shell flies out around a cratered hole near the top, followed by glistening ichor oozing down along the side.

Healers Hate This Egg breaks open against the sands, and something stirs amid the wreckage.

Hatchling Name and Description

Heartless Fallen Star Hatchling
Something stirs amid the wreckage, pale like starlight against the dark of night. All that can be seen are fragments - a leg, a wing - as if a dragon has been broken to pieces and left scattered across the sands. Perhaps it will gather itself together and form a complete creature - but how can a dragon be made only of legs and wings? It's not some sort of fried chicken bucket to be filled up by mere pieces! Somehow, this wrecked dragon must find a true heart.

Impression Message

« You! » There's triumph, joy. « You are the moth, and I am the flame. » Flame-tongues flicker around you, bright and harmless as they caress your arms, reaching outward to make wings - only to pause. « No. No! That won't do at all. Moths are dull. /Grey/. It just won't work! » The flame crackles, shifting around you. « I am the flame, and you are… well, you're Vyvienne, for sure. And you're mine! Don't think they can take you away from me, because they /can't/. Nor me from you, not that either! » The fire encircles you, a warmth at once more intense than the sands and more pleasant, a mental hug that echoes the physical sensations. « I am your Hauruth, and you're my Vyvienne. Share your heart with me, and we will be /on fire/. » The flames roar, a bonfire toward the skies that sears brightly even as it fades enough to let you see the sands around you once more… though you still feel that new warmth who will never leave you.

Mindvoice Name and Description

The Fiery Hearth
Hauruth tends to speak as a creature of flame, one that changes color and hue to match his mood. When he's bright and eager he'll be a bonfire glowing with blue flame and showering white-hot sparks on the world, while a sour mood will find him crackling dully red and lurking close to embers.%rHe keeps his memories around him, stored in shelves upon shelves of little jars and boxes. Of course, they're not exactly the best organized - he may need your help with that, even if he doesn't want to admit it - but when he's found the one he wants %(or thinks he does%) he can bring it back to life again by pouring them into the bubbling cauldron by that fire to send forth their visions in wafts of scented steam and once more sweep minds away to there and then and what once was - or soon may be!


We decided to give our candidates spammy eggs this year - by which we mean eggs inspired by spam emails! Healers Hate This Egg was inspired by those mails promoting strange home cures, with a personality based on the ENTP Meyers-Briggs type. You mentioned how it made you think of Howl's Moving Castle, and so I decided to take that direction and run with it. Hauruth is based on a mixture of Calcifer and Howl - we hope you enjoy being his Sophie! Egg and dragon were both written by D'lei - and of course, they are but the starting point for whatever grand adventures the two of you choose to have. The sky is no limit, not when you could find a Castle in the Air!

Personality (RP Tips)

« I'm a scary and powerful dragon! Rawr! » your Hauruth might insist. Which is true, admittedly, even if he's "only" a blue… but don't go saying that where he can hear, or you might find him sulking for the next week. That, or he may decide to demonstrate just how scary and powerful he can be… and while he probably /would/ regret breaking all that furniture and help you clean up, he'd still insist that he's not "just" anything. He's your Hauruth! And you are his Vyvienne, the rider to his dragon, the fuel to his fire, the other half of his glorious heart.

He'll be quick to get his feet under him, though there may still be some share of hatchling tumbles when he's not quite as good as he thinks he should be and his aspirations exceed his grasp. Calling attention to these failures may provoke an argument as he seeks to claim that he meant to do that - « I was just testing the floor for oil spills! » - or else, if he actually believes he's failed, a tumble into overwhelming despair. « I'll /never/ learn to walk right! Or fly! EVER. » These bitter tantrums will be over as suddenly as they appear, his emotions as malleable as his draconic memory.

When he's not temporarily drowned in the depths of despair, Hauruth will be eager to talk to both clutchmates and visitors alike. He can be sweet and charming… and he earnestly does want to make friends, he can just be rather bad at remembering to talk about anything except himself. « Oh yes! We had a lovely chat, I told her all about my day, and that new oil we got, and… her name? Why… hmm. I've no idea. »

He loves basking in the warm sands, or - better yet - near a fire. As a youngster, you might even find him disappointed that he can't go back to the hatching sands. They were so /warm/! But a dragon can't return to his egg, and so the two of you will just have to find other ways to keep cozy. No drafty cliff weyrs for him! And when it comes time to learn firestone, expect him to be excited beyond measure. He'll be able to make his /own/ flame. No waiting around for someone else to light the fires!

Your Hauruth is a creature of hot places for sure, well-suited to the jungles of Monaco… at least, during the drier times of year. For all his love of the beaches, he's reluctant to head into the water, complaining that even the sun-warmed waves of Monaco are « Frigid! And they're /wet/. » Not that most dragons would find anything wrong with water being wet, but then, you already knew that your Hauruth isn't most dragons.

You're likely to have quite the argument on your hands when the first bath-time comes! Once you finally get him to accept being wet, he'll at least discover that he enjoys being sparkly clean and freshly oiled. He looks /fabulous/! You may even find he asks for a bath willingly - though he'd prefer the hot springs to the ocean any day, and you'd better have a fluffy towel (or twenty) on hand for making sure he's dry afterward.

For all he can tolerate a bath or swim, that forbearance does not extend to water coming from the sky. It's cold, wet, and out of his control, and Hauruth Does. Not. Approve. The merest hint of grey clouds will have him sulking indoors - or even looking for excuses to duck into someone else's weyr, just to avoid the risk of getting damp. « It looks like it's gonna rain. » he might say, in the same tones as another might note they seem to be coming down with the flu.

He's a very quick learner, which is part of why he's such a terrible student. Hauruth will often be first among his clutchmates to absorb a lesson - and turn impatient with the class. He /knows/ this already. Why should he sit and listen to the weyrlingmasters drone on and on and ON? He may lash out against the sources of this boredom, whether that's to snap at his teachers with « Just because /you/ like to hear yourself talk, that doesn't mean /we/ do. » or poke fun at his fellow students with « Come on now, are you a dragon or a firelizard? »

His snark and sharp words are meant to amuse himself and move things along, but they may turn out more cruel than he intended. For all his cleverness with words and agility in action, there's one domain where Hauruth seems rather slower than the rest, and that's emotional awareness. He can be a rather self-centered little dragon, one who just doesn't seem to get that other people have feelings too and may not be happy being told they're turnip-heads who should bury themselves back in the dirt if they can't keep up.

If things don't go his way - whether that's because someone takes umbrage at something he says instead of seeing the joke, or because he actually trips and falls on his face (or simply doesn't succeed as gloriously as he feels he should) - Hauruth will /sulk/. He may be a quick success at many things, but his confidence - and ego - are still much larger than his actual skills. When he fails, he takes it quite hard indeed.

He'll disappear to his couch, curled up to face the wall. « It's TERRIBLE, » you may hear - along with anyone else who shows a hint of being a sympathetic audience. « How can I ever show my face again? » These tiny upsets are /literally the worst/ according the Hauruth, and your attempts to console him when he's in one of these sulks may seem entirely fruitless. His life is darkness and despair! …at least for now. A new distraction or a nap will nearly always set him right, his "endless" despair disappearing to the depths of forgetfulness as his confidence and charm reassert themselves.

Even when he's sulking, he will listen to you… if perhaps reluctantly. « She made me! » he might declare when you tell him to come out for a lesson he'd rather not have. Which may be true, but for all that, it takes a special kind of person to be able to order a dragon around - especially one so proud and clever as Hauruth.

For all that you and he are the center of his own little world, Hauruth certainly enjoys interacting with others… and not /just/ because they might admire him. Though really, between his nimble wings and clever mind, if they /were/ to shower him in compliments he wouldn't blame them in the slightest. (Just as long as they're not /rain/ showers, because ugh.) Still, he enjoys talking to other dragons - especially ones bright enough to keep up their end of the conversation - and he's not above a game or romp. You may find his lack of modesty and sharp tongue mean that he's a bit hit or miss with the others, but his innate sense of superiority should - for the most part - carry him blithely through even when some people just don't appreciate his excellence.

When it comes to flights, he is more certain than ever he's a charmer. He may even be right! His quick wit can certainly be used to flatter a lady as well as insult his opponents, and his skill at flight makes for not just impressive aerobatics but also cunning swoops in swift pursuit. When he loses, he may blame his loss on others. « She wouldn't appreciate me anyhow! » he might declare of a lady who spurned his affections, saying of the victor, « Just a big brute, that's all. No style whatsover! »

For all his desire to chase - and win - he's unlikely to stick around the morning after. Oh, the flight is /fun/, certainly, but in the end… it just isn't enough to satisfy him. She's a lovely green, to be sure, and next time she rises he'll be interested once more, but… something's missing. He's not purposefully cruel in his abandonment of his former lovers, but he may be just a bit heartless.

Someday, Hauruth might find a lady with whom he can truly fall in love. If that should happen, you'll find him taking her flights rather more seriously, passionate in his chase and with failures sending him to his weyr in a spiral of despair as he waits - and hopes - that she will return to him once more. Still, that would take a very special lady, and perhaps Hauruth will never find one so special. Besides, he already has one very special lady in his life: you.

While the emotions of others may always be a bit elusive to him, that doesn't mean he won't be perceptive in other ways. He'll excel at riding search, skilled at detecting that almost-magical spark that might permit a holder or crafter to become a rider. And really, who /wouldn't/ want a chance at something more grand out of life? He'll be excited by his discovery, impatient to sweep his chosen away and take them to stand. « Why do they need to pack? There are clothes at Monaco! »

Of course, a dragon can't be riding search all the time. Indeed, with the infrequency of clutches in these post-thread times, Hauruth may find his chances to seek out a lucky soul few and far between. Impatient of waiting, he may try to "collect" potential candidates even without an egg on the sands. Sure, they can't stand /yet/, but… why not bring them to the Weyr anyhow? They'd be nearer to hand, more convenient when next there /are/ eggs! The disruption of relocation just doesn't seem to register to Hauruth - or perhaps he's simply certain that Weyr life is /grander/, dragon or no, and thinks that anyone should be glad for the chance.

With Hauruth's quick mind and skill at flight, the two of you will capable for any wing - and with his impatience and pride, you'll have plenty of challenges as well! Whether it's second-guessing the sweep patterns, growing bored with flying the same delivery routes, or sulking because it looks like rain today, keeping Hauruth on-task and engaged with his proper duties will take a great deal of your own effort and cleverness. If you manage it, the two of you can achieve wonderful things together! …though depending on how long it takes and what bumps there are along the way, it might also require finding a wingleader who's willing to look past a rather convoluted record to give the two of you another chance.

Just as he needs you to help him through life, Hauruth will be there to help you. His sense of ego extends to you as well - if you weren't grand and excellent, whyever would he have chosen you in the first place? Should you have self-doubts, he may be offended that you think so little of him. « I would not have a poor rider! Do you think so little of me? » For all it's framed in terms of him, there's a solid love beneath it. You are his rider, an extension of himself, and he believes in you just as strongly as he does himself.


Name Hearts Filled With Fire Blue Hauruth
Dam Gold Isanath
Sire Bronze Marzoth
Created By D'lei
Impress To Vyvienne
Hatched 10 December 2017
Monaco Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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