Tones of Leather Brown Hanzyth

Dragon Description

Egg Name and Description

Concealing Veils Egg
Spread across the surface of medium-sized egg are gentle pastels. Soft yellows, faded reds, waxen oranges, and pale hues of inbetween colors that make a gentle transition between the different colors. The colors are not arranged neatly persay, but they are present in some more or less orderly fashion, with the odd slow whorl here and there, serving their purpose quite well. Purpose being to cover the egg entirely and conceal its occupant. There are vague iridescent shimmers that flit across the surface of the egg - pale greens, gentle brass, and even a faint glimmer of gold glistens across its surface.

Hatching Message

Concealing Veils Egg gives a final shudder as cracks run across the entire surface of the egg. With a flourish of shards, the hatchling contained within sheds the shell that concealed him from the world. A brown hatchling is revealed, and with a shake that nearly threatens to topple him, he rids himself of the last remnants of egg shells. There. He is no longer hidden, but seen.

Impression Message

There's a flush of warmth, quite distinct from the brutal heat radiating off the Sands. Then dark rusty red blurs the edge of your vision and then there is the subtle, yet distinct, sensation of something spicy. It is a cooking spice and something neither savory nor sweet. Quickly these sensations disappear and you are aware of something, no someone, else who is quite simply there. «A'ir…» The presence calls your name, tasting it as though it were something strange and unusual, but pleasing to the senses. « A'ir, I have come to you. It is I, Hanzyth, have you been looking for me? I have been looking for you. I have found you! But first, please help me… I am so very hungry. »

Mindvoice Name and Description

Subtle Hints of Cinnamon
Hanzyth's typical mind voice is a dark rusty red, the color of cinnamon to be precise. When angered or annoyed this dark cinnamon color will become peppered with brighter reds and oranges. His mental voice is deep, mellow, and thick. Furthermore, he will always retain that hint of cinnamon-spice when speaking with others. Dragons may not recognize it or notice it, but when he speaks to you, or in the rare event that he bespeaks another human,


Personality (RP Tips)

Hanzyth is first and foremost a protector. As his chosen bond, you of course come first. He will do anything and everything he can think ofto protect you from any emotional and physical hurt that may befall you. If he even perceives that there might be a threat to you he will be on thedefensive. Second to you come other dragons and their riders.

Hanzyth's protection extends to them as well, and he can often be a little tooovereager to help out and prevent things from happening. This may resultin him causing more harm or getting in the way, but his intentions werenoble and well. When things do not go as planned, he may sulk and be depressed for a while.

Hanzyth is more than just a protector, he is a friend. When there are problems, you can always seek comfort with him. He will always listen to you and offer to make things better. But more than that, he will also offer suggestions to you. He only wants to make things better for you, and can be smothering in his love for you. Hanzyth will be your best friend, your older brother, your confident, and your most dear companion.

He will attempt to avoid upsetting you, but his smothering love may cause you some irritation, so upsets and tiffs are unavoidable. But it really is for your own good and he does have your best interests at mind.

Your Hanzyth also possesses a romantic streak. When there is nothing to do but laze around, he will insist on people watching. People fascinate him, as they are complex and peculiar creatures so unlike dragons. He will make up stories for their behavior. For example, if he sees a young woman deliver an older man a note, he may fantasize about what their relationship is, or what the contentsof the letter are. Perhaps the young woman is the daughter of his long-lostlove delivering him a love-note. But for all his dreaming, he knows when he is allowed to daydream and when it is time for work. His romanticism extends to flights. Green and gold alike, he will flamboyantly woo for their attention. Although he knows what work has to be done, he will still be heavily distracted by a proddy female and is likely to slip up.

As your Hanzyth grows, you will be his first priority. Aside from when he's not hungry or itchy, he'll be wondering what your doing and nosing about your business. Overprotective perhaps, but only to make sure of your wellness (at least every twenty seconds, but I'm sure you get the point) XD. This attitude slowly begins to change as he grows up; becoming less and less openly protective but it is still a matter on his mind. His romantic interest lies beyond this and like any male dragon, he will pay close attention to any rising females.

Why A'ir? Why? Why not! People wander searching for the peices that complete life, and here he is, the last peice to your jigsaw puzzle! That last element of draconic perfection to be your lifemate till the end of your days and his too of course. This perfect union really is defined by one simple word, togeather, and that's what you'll be for the rest of your lives.


Name Tones of Leather Brown Hanzyth
Dam Gold Fenillanth
Sire Bronze Xiaoth
Created By D'ce
Impress To A'ir
Hatched September 12, 2004
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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