Child of Light, Ruler of the Deep Green Haeyaneth

Dragon Description


This dragon was born from darkness, and it continues to claim her even now. A shadowy green wraps itself around her hide, the color so deep that it calls forth the image of a forest at midnight. But all is not lost. Viridian douses her sharply pointed head knobs and drips downwards. The color continues to spread as dots, like a swarm of fireflies that dances across the murky backdrop of her body. Her colors seem to shift constantly, the rivers of brightness gleaming strongly when she is happy while stygian clouds extinguish that light when she is displeased. This dragon boasts a sharp jawline and even sharper teeth. The deadly points glint from within her draconic maw, displaying a charming yet deadly smile to any that come too close. Her features are softened by large eyes that constantly dance with an array of colors. The hues seems to change at an alarming rate, going from blue to red to yellow within a moment and making it nearly impossible to read her thoughts. Mystery, intrigue, and perhaps a scent of danger seem to surround this dragon. Whether fortunate or unfortunate, the image is only made stronger by her talons.


Bands of deep red pulse through a mossy background, creating claws that are more precious than the bloodstones they look so similar to. Her spinal ridges share that same lethal appearance. There are no rounded domes, only the cruel points of gaspeite-like dorsal spines.


The dragon's frame is perfectly proportioned and her long, serpentine body hides the very deliberate positioning of each muscle as she walks. There is however, one shortcoming: her left wing. Her right can be called nothing short of brilliant. An emerald sheen covers the structure, shimmering with even the tiniest bit of light to create a mesmerizing picture. The other side claims no such beauty. Color seems to have drained from this wing and its spurs to the point of near translucency. A honeydew sheen coats the sail and tendrils of mint course through it at random. The precious limb provides a light green filter that allows sunlight to shine through, but though it may seem as delicate as the sails of a lacewing it works just as well, and perhaps even better than those of other dragons.


Egg Name and Description

Colors of the Wind Egg


A sea of red and orange stretches out across this perfectly oblong egg. Strands of green and brown crawl upwards from the base before erupting in an explosion of vibrant colors. Yellow makes its way into the mix, adding richness to the hues. An airy breathe seems to be whisking the colored dots from their branches, throwing them into the sky in a hazy whirlwind. Eventually they seem to find a home on the gleaming surface that is the other side of the egg.


Crystal green stretches out along this aspect of the ovoid, the color shimmering constantly as if assaulted by ripples from each falling speck of color. By some illusion a structure seems to be rising in the hazy distant. Gray stone spires soar upwards, providing a majestic touch to this picturesque egg.

Hatching Messages

Colors of the Wind Egg rocks gently on the sands and an ominous tapping begins from inside the shell.

Colors of the Wind Egg begins to show cracks from which dark ichor oozes, coating the sands beneath it and filling the air with the scent of blood.

Colors of the Wind Egg erupts in an explosion of fragments that lodge into the hot sand like pointed daggers. What remains in the egg's place is the form of a newly hatched dragonet that peers through the mist.

Hatchling Name and Description

Captain of Uncharted Waters Hatchling

Black ichor coats this newly hatched dragonet and drips from windsails and snout. Thick fog obscures its body almost completely, leaving only two eyes visible from the darkness. They flash with an amalgam of colors, creating a kaleidoscope of hues within the mist. The thin form seems small and almost weak as it struggles to free itself from the dark group. Its legs tremble with effort, but the quick flare of the dragonet's wings betray the true strength hidden behind a gelatinous mess. Sharp talons crush the remains of its former prison on the sands until the egg shell is nothing more than dust. The memories of former life are quickly swept beneath the hot sands with one flick of a long, tapered tail. No more of that, not when there is so much more to discover.

Impression Message

One moment you feel the heat of the sands searing your feet and the next you're awash in honeyed waves of mead. The night sky stretches out above you, dotted with millions of stars and constellations. No matter how tolerant of alcohol you may, the heady buzz that comes with being drunk hits you immediately. « Hello Love….I almost died waiting for you. Literally. » The voice is soft and sultry, echoing in your head even as you feel a warm breathe against your ear. « Have you come to save me? » A gentle nudge at your cheek directs you to look out on a never-ending horizon. The sun has just begun to rise and as it climbs higher /she/ grows stronger. « Krysalia? No no…Krysa, that's much better. Krysa, it seems that you're just what the healer ordered. » The ocean of liquor begins to seep away slowly until you're on the sands once more and looking into the fiercely swirling eyes of a green dragonet. « Now as a proper nurse I believe it's time you offered me food, and perhaps a sponge bath. » The explosion of cannon fire in your mind can only be laughter.

Mindvoice Name and Description

Hello Love…

A vast ocean spreads out across the mind of this dragon with naught but a single ship upon it. The rich scents of leather and ocean spray intertwine, overpowering those that are too timid. The water begins to boil, seeping its way into each crack of the vessel and threatening to break it when she is angered. Her voice is tinged with a flash of lightning and the rumble of thunder for those who upset her. But when she is content her mind voice is more akin to the gentle crash of waves against a rock. As for sound, her voice is deep, smooth, and almost sultry…like an exceptionally smooth shot of liquor. Which kind? Whichever she's in the mood for at the time.



First and foremost, WELCOME! You have no idea how excited I was to find out I'd get to write your dragon!

So the theme for the eggs this time around was 4 seasons and TV shows that have run at least 4 seasons. Your egg was a combination of Fall and the show Once Upon a Time. Your dragon's personality and mind touches are heavily based of Captain Hook from the TV show. He's good at heart but he constantly finds himself fighting against the pull of evil, much like your dragon will do for the rest of her life. Ah, and the ticking from the egg touchings is of course Hook's nemesis The Crocodile (also known as Rumplestiltskin in the series). The inspiration from her desc came from a few things….I'll post pictures on the wiki! Ah, but the biggest thing is her special wing. Hook is missing his left hand, but I of course couldn't give you a singles dragon! Instead I gave you one with a wing that works beautifully but from far away looks like it doesn't exist at all. I tried to make her a pretty/handsome creature with a look of danger, so hopefully it came across that way!

Last but not least, her name. Haeyanath comes from the korean word Haean, which means seaside. Since your dragon is based off of Captain Hook it seemed fitting. I tried to make it flow, but I'm not sure if it's what you're looking for so please feel free to make adjustments! If you'd like a pronunciation guide just google "how to say seaside in korean"!

Last but not least, Haeyanath is your dragon so RP her as you wish, I can't wait to see how the two of you grow and again, I AM SO HAPPY that you are here. Congratulations!!

~<3333 Reya~

Personality (RP Tips)

Evil Queen aka Regina: "You were the only one who could break the spell and destroy me, and the only one pure enough to save me."

Oh Krysa darling, you've just bought a one way ticket to trouble. Haeyaneth is one of the purest souls that you'll ever meet. Everything in the world, no matter whether it's the tiniest insect or the largest is planet is a thing of wonder. She was trapped in that egg for so long battling with an evil that will never quite let go of her and it's made her appreciate this world all the more. There's a beauty in everything and she will find it. She'll never get tired of watching a sunrise, or a sunset for that matter. No matter how many seasons pass the changing of leaves and the spring bloom will never cease to fascinate her. This little green will also want to travel. The minute she learns to *between* Haeyaneth will be blipping you around Pern. She doesn't just want to travel she /needs/ to travel. She needs to see the different Weyr, the holds, and even what's up there on Deluge.

Captain Hook aka Killian Jones: "…look at it. Dried up, dead, useless. Much like you."

Your Haeyaneth isn't afraid to speak her mind. She's never quite this harsh with you but she won't hesitate to express her distaste for other humans. They're small, easily crushable and generally anger inducing. « It's like a bug buzzing in my ears….tell it to go away. » She may not even address people by gender but instead use words like 'it' or 'that' if they /truly/ annoy her.

Hook: "Actually, I quite fancy you from time to time. When you're not yelling at me."

Haeyaneth acts very much like a lover. Your conversations will be filled with incessant teasing and flirtatious comments. You are her Savior and she's fiercely loyal to you because of that. The two of you may annoy each other from time to time but she can never stay mad at you for long. Her attachment to you can be described as nothing less than unconditional love. She'll tolerate your friends and if you ever choose a weyrmate to settle with she'll accept that too, but said people will /always/ have to be second to her. The only exception to that rule is children. She can't be the least bit mean to children and if Krysa has any Haeyaneth will be fiercely protective of them.

Hook: "Live to fight another day, mate."

Haeyaneth didn't escape from her shell unharmed. The mind touches that struck Krysa so deeply weren't just a consequence-less symbolization of this green. She truly fought against evil and lost, but you brought her back to the life. She can't quite shake off that darkness however. You'll notice it every now and then….she's particularly brutal when she feeds. It's bad enough that not only will it be vomit-inducing for you but also the people around you. While she isn't quite fond of humans it's only occasionally that a bit of cruelty will slip out. That man drowning? « The water's entering its lungs now….hah! » Now if that person were to /actually/ die she'd be completely broken up about it. Her personality won't keep you from working in Search and Rescue if you want, she's more than willing to do the work but not without making comments. Will Krysa be able to accept that bit of darkness that occasionally shines through? That's something the two of you will have to work out together.

Your Haeyaneth is one of the largest greens on Pern, dwarfing some of the smaller blues….and she certainly knows it. The way she moves can almost be considered a regal strut of sorts. Her muscles move together seamlessly allowing for the occasional sashay if she's in the mood. Unfortunately, this sort of things comes with time. She may be thin but Haeyaneth is quite long and she'll quickly tangled in her wings and tails while she grows. That nearly translucent wing of hers won't hold her back terribly. When she first learns to fly she'll notice the wing isn't quite as cooperative as the other. There will be quite a bit of stumbling and she'll likely be the last of her siblings to master flight but once she does there's no stopping her. The daredevil gene is embedded into her and your flights will never be boring. Acrobatics are her specialty and though she'll never let you fall….well, there's no harm in doing a sudden dive when you're least expecting it! Her movement is even better in the water. She's a pirate at heart after all, and swimming is something she'll excel at.

Hook: "Yeah. I *am* dangerously handsome."

Regina: "Lips red as blood, hair black as night, bring me your heart, my dear, dear Snow White."

When it comes to flights your green is quite the flirt, if the males aren't scared off first. Haeyaneth will make quite the show of bleeding. Her usually unpleasant feedings will continue to be disturbing but in a different away. Just before a flight she'll prefer to rip the hearts out of her prey and use the blood within to fuel her flight. It's not nearly enough to sustain her for long so she'll likely go through more beasts than other dragons. Once that gruesome display is over and she's in the sky however, she likes to tease the males and they better put in some effort. She won't simply fall into the arms of any old dragon. They'll have to /work/ for her. It isn't just a fantastic aerial display that she requires but a dragon with wit than can match the remarks she throws towards her suitors….banter!

Captain Hook: "I know you're hurting, Swan, but there are better ways to grieve Baelfire's death then letting anger overcome you."
Emma Swan: "Let me guess. Rum?"
Captain Hook: "Never hurts."

Robin Hood: Holding up a bottle of whiskey "What about this? Is this magical?"
Regina: "Not exactly. But it is a liquid that can conjure courage, give strength, or even act as a love potion of sorts. It's called whiskey, and no, it's not magical… especially the next day."

Who says a dragon quite drink? Haeyaneth will prove them wrong! You'll have trouble keeping her away from the bar and you best start keeping a few kegs of alcohol in your Weyr once she's older. She'll like try to get some booze in her during weyrlinghood, but whether she's successful in that attempt or not is up to you!

Regina: "Have you guys not been watching the clock. It will be sundown before you munchkins finish."

Adding onto that….all work and no play is not Haeyaneth's motto. When there's an /important/ task to be done nothing can break her ability to concentrate, unfortunately she doesn't classify most of weyrlinghood as important. Flying is important *betweeing* is important. The straps lesson? Not so much. Flight lesson? She couldn't care less… « What do /I/ need to learn about instinct? Tell the man to quiet down. » Haeyaneth won't bother to hide her boredom either. She'll incessantly chatter to you during lessons making it hard for /you/ to concentrate as well. If you're lucky she'll just fall asleep. It'll be an effort to keep her from wandering off.

Regina: "How about we make today the day we both beat fate?"

In the end it is you and Haeyaneth against the world. With you by her side she can't believe that there is anything but success in the future. You may fail a few times along the way but she's a hardy dragon and you'll just have to get up and try again. She'll insist on it. After all….evil never wins and once all is said and done, /you/ Krysa are her happy ending.


Name Child of Light, Ruler of the Deep Green Haeyaneth
Dam Gold Isanath
Sire Bronze Marzoth
Created By Reya
Impress To Krysa (Krysalia)
Hatched 01 April 2016
Monaco Weyr
PernWorld MUSH


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