Shrouded in Shadows Blue Gizokuth

Dragon Description

Midnight creates a shroud, cloaking wiry muscles and lithe frame in deepest navy velvet from muzzle to tail-tip, shifting from blue to black and back again with the slightest movement. Head is slender, muzzle pronounced, coming to a point at the very tip. His neck is long and limber, body sparse in flesh yet spry. Long limbs, fore and aft, show a great dexterity, especially in nimble finger and toe joints, and the whip-like tail ends in a formidable point. Billowing wings spring from his shoulders, spars covered in that same rich hide, sails a paler cobalt, casting sapphire shadows. Agility sings within his dynamic form, giving his lanky, unfinished form a rather sinister polish.

Egg Name and Description

Hateful Shade of Lemon Egg
The shape of this egg is perfectly ovate, a large round base curving out and than in to a gentle point at the top. There seems to be no marred portions of this gently textured shell, the entire egg symmetrical and unremarkable. Of course this means unremarkable in shape only, as the color of this shell is truly remarkable. Bright and pure yellow covers the entirety of the egg in an almost shocking shade: it's exceedingly yellow. As if to make it so the egg is not entirely blinding, marbled crimson peeks out from here and there on the shell rather subtly. To complete the picture a dusting of gold seems to have been sprinkled on top of the egg, shining and sparkling when hit by the light just right.

Hatching Message

Hateful Shade of Lemon Egg shifts just slightly in it's nest of sand. The movement could pass by unnoticable if not for the fact the shell shifting under the light causes the golden specks to glimmer all the more. The yellow egg has turned even more blinding, a beacon of light… but only for that brief moment.

Hateful Shade of Lemon Egg glimmers yet again as it moves. And there's a loud cracking noise that echoes throughout the hatching caverns. A dark line has appeared on one of the crimson areas but the shimmering egg falls still again.

Hateful Shade of Lemon Egg is now throwing rays of light in every which direction as it starts to tremble on the sands rather violently. It's almost as if the entire egg is made of glows. And suddenly with a resounding CRACK the egg explodes in shards of light, leaving behind a hatchling as dark as night.

Impression Message

Suddenly a bright beam of light burns into your mind, invading every nook in cranny like the first ray of sunlight coming through your window in the morning. It belongs there, your mind is also his. The light softens to a warm glow soon after it's initial appearance, the sound of sweet strings playing around in your mind. «My R'ai. Gizokuth's R'ai.» You've been collected and claimed, now to secret you away. But wait… the strings become more urgent again. « But I cannot eat you. What can I eat?»

Mindvoice Name and Description

Dragon (Grey Clouds and Sudden Sunbeams):
Like the shifting of weather on an autumn day, Gizokuths mind voice can shift up and down the full extent of the spectrum; at times it is the sweet melodic tone of all the string instruments working in harmony, like golden sunbeams streaking downward when hes content, doing what he pleases. Yet, at times it takes on a dreary, grey tone; minor tones harsh and grinding, his cynical nature showing through at these times. The sunlight in his mind is not totally benign, though; sometimes it becomes too much, flaring up like a fire, burning its way through anything in its path. Luckily, the power is rarely unleashed. The scent of his mind is that of a field after a quick rainstorm like damp earth, and clean air. The colors of his mind are mostly shades of yellow grays invading at times, sometimes brighter. The yellow shifts with his moods, but its always one form or another.

Egg (Tendrils of Daylight):
The underlying sound of this egg is that of stringed instruments in ensemble. The song can be deceptively sweet and melodic but also can turn harsh and sour with plenty of dissonance and always in a minor key. And then there's the light. Rays of warm sunshine turn quickly to blinding light that's invasive at best. The tendrils of light single you out, the warmth becoming a burning heat boring through you. It pries into your mind, revealing all of your secrets, and your dreams. Soon enough it finds everything you've tried to hide away, focusing on bringing to light everything bad you've done or plotted even things never truly meant. Colors are mainly a yellow soft and deceitful, or glaringly bright. Occasionally there is also crimson darkening the light on occasion before the overpowering presence becomes so much that you feel as if you've been pelted by a rain-shower of stones


This dragon was a bit of a collaboration. The egg and all it's parts was created by L'ae. The dragon's mind voice was created by Susia and everything else (the majority of the dragon) was created by J'ymi.
Gizokuth's name is based off of Japanese for chivalrous thief.
Based on the standard RPG Rogue that can be found in most RPG-style games, from table-top to computer, your Gizokuth is a scoundrel and a thief, but he's got a heart of gold, especially when it comes to you. A lot cynical and a lot sarcastic, he'll find himself in trouble - but with his silver tongue and quick wit, he'll get himself out of it just as easily. When I read your questionnaire, this was the very first thing that popped into my mind. It seemed to encompass all the elements you asked for. I hope you have as much fun playing him as I did in making him.
The theme for the eggs in this clutch happened to be lyrics/songs and this egg is based on Daylight by Jump, Little Children. The lyrics are included below.

Daylight burned a hole in all your fancy clothes
Daylight turned the wind to blow the way it blows
Daylight has taken you on in a game of cat and mouse
Daylight is making it hard to leave the house

Daylight broke into your window in disguise
Daylight stole the diamonds from your starry eyes
Daylight is whispering lies to the looming thunder cloud
Daylight looks down on the world and has you singled out

Please fall asleep
Please to go sleep
'Til the stars come out

Daylight tells the world your secrets and your dreams
Daylight is onto all your dark and shady schemes
Daylight shows all the world all the bad things you've done
Daylight knows everything underneath the sun

Please fall asleep
Please go to sleep
'Til the stars come out

Day after day a downright hateful shade of lemon
Crimson and golden thunder clouds raining stones

Please fall asleep
Please go to sleep
'Til the stars come out

'Cause they have you singled out
They have you singled out
Yes they have you singled out

Personality (RP Tips)

As a hatchling, Gizokuth will do a great deal of sleeping. However, as with all baby creatures, that won't last. Before long, he'll be poking his nose into everything - oil barrels, meat tubs, other Weyrlings' couches… He'll 'collect' things too, anything that isn't nailed down. Before long, everyone will know that if something's missing, the first person to look at will be your dragon. However, finding what he's so innocently taken won't be easy, as he'll be king at secreting things away so that even he, with his limited memory, won't be able to find them. Don't be surprised when you find other people's things stashed in the strangest places.

When it comes to learning, Gizokuth will pick up the basics quick. While he might not quite understand the concept of a chain of command, or the rules, you can be sure when it comes to the more physical aspect of Weyrlinghood, he'll be at the top of the class. Flying, especially, will come easy to him. His lithe form and great wingspan will make him a natural at the more daring aerobatics. Even on land, however, his agility will hold him in good stead, and rather than the normal waddling walk of many of his brethren, he'll walk with a spring in his step, light on his feet. Because of his build, he'll excel at getting into tight spaces, and getting back out of them without so much as a ding in his hide.
As he grows older, he'll begin to display a more cynical side than most dragons. There isn't always something at the end of the rainbow, and not all clouds have silver linings. That silver tongue of his, so keen at getting him out of rough spots, will dump him right back into trouble with its sarcastic mumblings. Even worse is when he goes into a temper tantrum - it brings out all the dark that exists within himself and you. He may never master the art of keeping his mouth shut when he should, and this will put him, and consiquently you, in hot water more often than not. He never takes things at face value, and will often want to know where the catch is any time anything is asked of you, be it duty or a favor. When it comes to the ladies, this trait of his will be tempered by the rakish side of him. He'll never be a ladies man, but he'll charm plenty of greens and golds with his rapier wit and outlandish words.

Even you will earn the darker side of his temper, but these outbursts will be few and far between. His love for you is unbounded, and the one thing he'll never doubt is the bond between you that was laid down the moment he laid eyes on you. This won't spare you his sharp tongue or wit, but it will soften the blow when he makes some of his more cutting comments. Still, if you disappoint him, don't expect him to hold back just because you're his reason for existance - he wants to keep living, thank you very much, and the best way to teach you isn't to go soft.
Not afraid of a little hard work, Gizokuth will be more than happy to do jobs when he sees a reason for them. Though one might think with his clever mind and quick body he'd be suited to police work, you'd be better off going Search and Rescue. The finer points of the law don't make any sense to him, and he'll have a hard enough time keeping to them himself, much less upholding them with someone else. Delivery service might suit him - except half of the packages would be missing beofre you managed to deliver.


Name Shrouded in Shadows Blue Gizokuth
Dam Gold Talisyth
Sire Bronze Zsazsuth
Created By J'ymi
Impress To R'ai
Hatched December 11, 2005
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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