Tipsy Muted Blue Ghedith

Dragon Description

Dull hues of cornflower blue cover the dragon's hide, the subtly different shades creating a barely noticeable marbling pattern across his body. Slate grey has been mixed into this muted blue and spread in lazy, blurred streaks on his broad muzzle, elongated headknobs and muscular underside. True to dragon form, the blue dragon is trim and fit, with plenty of necessary sinewy muscles. The wingsails are a pale clear blue, as if the muting grey has been filtered out of the cornflower base tone and mixed with pale cream before being spread evenly over the thinly stretched membranes. Sharp, slate talons curve and lightly touch the ground. The dragon's tail, cornflower blue like the rest of his body, tapers gently to a rounded point.

Egg Name and Description

Quite a Dirty Egg

Hatching Message

Quite a Dirty Egg rocks back and forth, as though it were trying to escape from the clutches of something.

Quite a Dirty Egg tilts dangerously towards the left, then does indeed fall over into the gooey remnants of an already hatched egg. And there it lies quietly.

Quite a Dirty Egg wobbles from side to side, as well as forwards and backwards, before it returns to a still stand.

Quite a Dirty Egg shivers in spot once more and is stilled.

Beneath the smudged and darkened surface of Quite a Dirty Egg small cracks laced over its surface deepen and small chinks of egg begin to crumble away. The integrity of the shell breached, a cascade of egg shell pieces fall to the ground, dumping the occupant of the egg rather unceremoniously onto sands in a heap of goo and tangled hatchling limbs.

Hatchling Name and Description

Impression Message

Mindvoice Name and Description


Personality (RP Tips)


Name Tipsy Muted Blue Ghedith
Dam Gold Pagnisath
Sire Bronze Aevisaanth
Created By Mianyi
Impress To S'oe (Soetteal)
Hatched 28 May 2005
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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