Through the Fire and Flames Gold Fuerioth

Dragon Description

Dawn breaks pale over her head in early morning glow to the shimmer of moonlight faded to silvered flickers of forked tail. Lambent, she, with star-bright brilliance masking a face in so white a gold, rays darkening outward to the burnished amber of deep, drizzled honey across headknobs and puddling as pitch between each gilt-tipped 'ridge. Hide flames fire-forged in molten orange descending down lithe neck through whipcord lean musculature of her body despite her size. Her wingsails, they glimmer and sparkle, pale to the point of nearing purest platinum nearest the edges, hungrily licking in embered tongues of tangerine setting spars ablaze. Like her sire, she has hypnotic weaves of amber gold and torchlit bronze that lace through them on the underside while the top - lovely still, aren't as glamorous as the underneath. Blackest night claims each talon, each polished point eclipsed in ebon save for subtle sheen where light dances merry along wicked curve of a hunter's claws.

Egg Name and Description

Exquisite Agony Egg:

Thick at the bottom and pointed at the top, this particular egg appears to have been crafted with a sadistic touch to make the dam uncomfortable. Large, unwieldy and unforgiving, this egg seems as though it's sparsely covered in dangerous brown spines which are dipped in a torch-lit bronze so they are especially visible from a distance. However, if one gets past the outward appearance, there is a glistening blue backdrop which these thorns are protecting. Whorls of mostly pale azure and dark sapphire blues are swept with tinges of crimson red, telltale signs of sacrifice and blood lost in the struggle.

Hatching Message

WOBBLE MESSAGE: Exquisite Agony Egg trembles, shifting in the sands as though attempting to get the larger point downwards and buried into it. Twisting and shifting in the sands, it settles once more to rest.
CRACK MESSAGE: Exquisite Agony Egg suddenly comes to life once more, and while the fat end of the egg refuses to move it makes no difference. The egg cracks suddenly, one singular crack that threatens to spread across the surface in small fissures, before again, movement ceases.
HATCH MESSAGE: Exquisite Agony Egg has a singular crack that is slowly spreading, and rather than popping or bursting, what comes out simply oozes towards the sands in a sticky heap that ends up completely covered in sand. A sharp intake of breath and the hatchling pulls itself to its feet, shaking itself in an attempt to get the stuck on sand off.

Hatchling Name and Description

All Mixed Up Hatchling

Slender and whipcord, this dragonet moves with fluidity that doesn’t appear as gangly and unkempt as some of the other hatchlings. Large, though not overly so, it appears as though this might, possibly, be a brown - maybe a bronze? It’s hard to tell with how quickly the sand stuck to its hide as soon as it was shelled. The parts that aren’t stuck with colored sands seem dark on the body, leaving one wondering what color this one is. A closer view offers no solace, the sand has mixed to a ruddy shade of brown mixed with black by the time it lurks closer to the candidates.

Impression Message

An oddly familiar cold touch beckons to you, sending a chill straight down your spine before you realize that your vision has become blurry. Could it be the colored sands swirling around has gotten in your eyes, or could it be something else entirely that has stolen your ability to see properly? « Reya, » The voice that swirls from everywhere, and yet nowhere that can be pinpointed calls to you, and there’s an echo of pain though she steels herself against it. « It's so difficult to see out here, don't you think? I will show you the way, follow me. » She doesn’t need to tell you her name, for it’s etched in your soul: Fuerioth.

Mindvoice Name and Description


For all that her body is the semblance of fire and light, her mindvoice is quite the opposite. Crisp and cold, dark and haunted - Fuerioth will never be a bubbly presence in the weyr like some of the other golds. Her mindvoice can inspire shivers in others, from the unexpectedly cold touch that it has and maintains even when she’s in a good mood - but it is more like cold water on a hot day, pleasant once acclimated, though difficult to get used to at first. You may become immune to its icy touch, but others may find it difficult to get used to. When she’s upset, the chill raises to the next level - a harsh biting nighttime winter wind that threatens to leave the minds it touches chafed and frostbitten, and woe be those that truly upset her as her icy demeanor will leave few survivors. Excitement, in her mind, is like snowflakes in summer, impossibly cold sparks that somehow manage to survive the heat.


Welcome to Weyrlinghood, Reya! I was glad to get assigned your golden Fuerioth, and hope that you love her with as much trouble as she’s given me! As it’s my first dragon ever, I hope you’ll be patient and feel free to change anything that doesn’t suit you. She has bits and pieces from different wizard mythos, however the bulk of her comes from D&D’s Wizard Elminster, which D&D was the theme of the clutch.

Elminster, an old wizened mage that has lived far longer than any mortal should have. He has been reborn as a woman through his faith to Mystra, and met many challenges in his life. A natural storyteller, Elminster is a witty, clever and charming man. He rarely reveals the extent of his true nature to anyone that is not an extremely close friend. He can portray himself as a trickster, a rake, a fool or any stereotype he wants to assume depending on what he wants to accomplish or what reaction he wishes to elicit. Your Fuerioth is has many of Elminster’s traits, far wiser than her turns and much more mature than her lifemate counterpart at this point in time.

Her description is partly from the pictures from books about Elminster, the flames that surround him and the fact that it made me think of a phoenix. To get the idea of how her coloring looks, I have included a picture of the phoenix that I used, the light near the edges and darker center that makes up your golden dragon. Her hatchling name is from the song “Through the Fire and Flames” by Dragonforce, which is one of the hardest Guitar Hero songs in the world (maybe that’s just my opinion). I know, I only barely managed to beat it. But, the lyrics suit her.

Fuerioth got her name from a wizard from another universe you’re part of, Dresden Files - where Fuego is Harry’s fire spell, as per Fi’s suggestion, which I thought fit well giving your background as well. Also, since you’re losing the ‘Fey’ part of your name, I thought it’d be nice to give you an F back. Because, you deserve an F.

Personality (RP Tips)

“This ancient path is cracked and paved, with the bones of those who could not behave.” – Sign on the way to Elminster’s home.

Fuerioth is shelled with a disposition that assures that she will not be mistaken for a child, even if her form is of one. Even as a dragonet, she will have an air of knowledge that is far beyond her turns, and will carry herself better than her fellow clutchmates. Even on the sands, while she may have mishaps getting out of the shell - once she’s /properly/ on her feet, it’s like she was already prepared for the experience of walking. « I /know/ how to eat, Reya. Do you think I came with no instincts at all? » She’ll gripe when you first try to show her how she should go about eating those scraps of meat in the barracks. It won’t be uncommon either, while other dragonets are still trying to figure out how to make all their limbs work in unison, your Fuerioth will already know and may even try to show the others. « No, Obrinth, you must move your wings out of the way before moving your feet or you’ll trip. See? Like /this/. » It brings her pride to show others her abilities, the things that she’s discovered before them. However, she will not be the glimmering idol of perfectionism either. Walking and eating inspire no difficulties for her, but later when there is flight involved, that’s where she’ll fail and her confidence will be shaken.

“Rumors of spike-filled pits along the path are almost totally false. Thank you for your caution.” – Sign on the way to Elminster’s home.

Your Fuerioth will not be the sweet tepid creature that her mother is, instead she will have her opinions and she will express them without restraint. Wearing frumpy clothes? That’s not suitable for her rider, and she’ll inform you that you must change before she allows you to leave. « Those clothes make you look like you work in the stables. My rider will /not/ be seen looking like that. You represent the weyr, and you must look the part. » However, it doesn’t mean that dresses are required – simply better fitting, more flattering clothing. She does not hold her tongue with her opinions, not for you and not for her clutchmates, nor does she soften the blow of her words. « Kelmaimenth! Get those large ungainly wings figured out already! » However, she is not all prickly, she enjoys telling stories. Yes, she has stories to tell and half the time it’s difficult to tell if she’s making them up or if they’re true experiences. Times like these you wonder if your gold might have lived a full life before she came to your side in the form that she’s in.

“No trespassing. Violators should notify next of kin. Have a pleasant day.” – Sign on the way to Elminster’s home.

As a young dragon, Fuerioth will amaze you constantly with the things she is already aware of how to do. Her knowledge has many facets, and she will be happy to lead you along a path that she feels is right for you. She will attempt to turn that loyalty to the caravan into loyalty for the weyr, which she hopes to inspire you to vehemently protect. It is her home, where her eggs will be laid and where her progeny will grow up where she can watch them. However, since she is such a bright young thing, she gets easily bored in weyrling classes. « Oh, Reya. I already know that we have to do those things. Can’t we go outside and play in the water? » Will be her lament, though if she doesn’t get her way she may lapse into looking to entertain herself by other means. While she may be seemingly well versed in what she should do, she still has the childlike wonder of experiencing new things. She loves to get dirty, wet, and /experience/ things. She will not be one to idly watch over, she will want to participate - she wants to explore, visit other weyrs, and see the world. However, she will not grow attached to any particular items. Like the sakura in spring, she will relish the things she experiences, mourn the loss of them, and then carry on until the next experience.

Everyone feels grief
when the cherry blossoms scatter,
Might they then be tears -
Those drops of moisture
in the gentle rains of spring?
- Otomo no Juronushi

However, it’s when she fails that she truly becomes unbearable. The first trial flight will be the hardest, and she will likely end up in a heap on the ground rather than being a graceful presence in the air. It will rattle her, embarrass her, and make her snap at anyone who tries to help her - even you. « I do /not/ need help. I’m /fine/. » She will say with a frigidity that rivals ice in the middle of winter at High Reaches, and huff off. She will be the last to take flight of her class, even though she will have paved her weyrlinghood with milestones of being first. Once she overcomes her challenges, she will again be her normal self - but until then, she will endeavor to better herself until she can look graceful in all aspects of her life.

As for you, Reya, your Fuerioth will meddle in your affairs more than you might like. She will be the steady presence to keep you from trying to push people’s buttons. « Reya. You /don’t/ ask people that. It’s rude. » Even she knows where lines should be drawn and will try and assure you adhere to them. « You really should apologize to R’en. Do you know the kind of stress he’s under every day? He doesn’t need you adding to it. » Her chill voice will recommend, giving even -you- the cold shoulder until you’ve righted what she figures you’ve wronged, or at least attempted to.


“There are only two precious things on earth: the first is love, a long way behind it, is intelligence.” – Ed Greenwood, Elminster: Making of a Mage

At first, Fuerioth will surprise you – and herself with the surprising swiftness that she goes from glowing to flight. Her hide is somewhat mottled, so it’s not as easy to tell from just looking at her, but you /will/ know. Her personality will turn towards being cruel in all aspects. She’ll berate and deride any male dragon that gives her attention, telling them that they are not welcome to be in her presence. « Yes, I am lovely. Now, go away. » She’ll snap. When it becomes time to fly, she will difficult to control and the first time – don’t be surprised if she manages to devour half a herdbeast before you can stop her - making her first clutch incredibly small. But luckily, without thread it’s not as much of a problem. It will be a battle of wills that will leave you exhausted every time, but each time will become better than the last. Being on the small side, she will not have the stamina that the larger golds have and will have more chances of being caught by browns rather than bronzes. She will have no preference one way or another, seeking only the one who keeps up at all costs. Her flights will be fast, furious, and may leave wounded in their wake.

After the flight, the winner will be given the cold shoulder unless she is fond of him. Clutching will be difficult for your gold, her small frame having difficulty with larger eggs, and she will want to suffer through it alone. She doesn’t /need/ you to be there to watch, but she will not usher you away either. She takes after her sire in the fact that she would like candidates to come and touch the eggs, to learn of her children and so they can be the best matches possible.


Name Through the Fire and Flames Gold Fuerioth
Dam Gold Ceresth
Sire Bronze Sindrieth
Created By R'en
Impress To Feyran
Hatched August 3, 2014
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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