Overdrive Brown Firith

Dragon Description


Dark chocolate forms the base shade of this brown dragon. A coloration so dark that it could almost be mistaken for black. His whole body seems to have been coated in a reflective finish that causes the light to glint and dance across his hide. A vivid red hue has been splashed across his muzzle and upwards across the midpoint of his face and cascades down his pointy neck ridges. He is a bulky dragon and it is very easy to see the sinews and muscles that work just beneath his skin. His tail is of medium length and is the same chocolatey coloration as the rest of him. The coloration of his wings is eye catching. When unfurled the sails show splashes of gold, red, and green. The wings themselves are long and powerful giving hints of his flying ability. Two parallel lines of blood red trail down his neck all the way to his underbelly. When visible his underbelly shows splashes of color similar to what is seen on his sails but without the green, a mix of vivid reds and golds. His legs are strong and look like they are capable of holding him. Each claw is tipped with mocha shaded talons.

Egg Name and Description

Red Sprite Egg

This elliptical egg could be said to be roughly average size for a dragon egg. It's not it's size that makes this egg stand out it's the vivid colors that grace it's shell. The rounded bottom of the egg is shaded in the swirling grays and blacks that could be seen in a storm cloud, but that isn't the stand out part of this egg. Above the cloudy whirl tendrils of vivid red and dark blue snake upward, intertwining as they climb. Behind these red streaks is a background of utter darkness. The blue is quickly lost in what becomes a sea of bright blood red as the tendrils completely cover the presumably dark expanse beneath. At the tip of the egg the color becomes a more bright reddish orange.


There Is A Hole In Your Mind draws you away from the sands and surrounds you in darkness. You can discern no visible light, as if you were hanging in a starless expanse of open space. A weightless feeling washes over you as bob and float through the void. You can feel a wind on your face but can see nothing. Soon enough memories begin to bubble up from your past. Sad memories, happy memories, and even more than a few embarrassing memories. And unspoken question hangs just on the other side of the darkness: Who are you? Soon enough the mind draws away from you and the fountain of memories seems to stop flowing and you find yourself back on the sands.

There Is A Hole In Your Mind once more pulls you up and out of yourself. This time you find yourself standing in a sea of white light. Out of the corner of your eye you catch a slight movement that with a whoosh flashes across the room behind a fabric screen. You can't really make anything out distinctly but you can see a light hovering there. Just as you feel a pull to speak up the room is suddenly filled with different treasures. It hits you like a bolt from the blue that these are all things you have wanted at some point in your life. The light behind the screen watches to see what you will be drawn toward as an unspeaking voice declares the question: What do you want? As you find yourself moving toward your heart's desire it fades from sight and you once more find yourself standing back on the sands.

There Is A Hole In Your Mind yanks you roughly through a small tunnel at blazing speed. You can feel sides of this tunnel brushing against you as you are compelled forward. You emerge from this tunnel with a pop in your ears as the young mind digs deeper within you than it has previously. You find yourself standing in a candlelit room surrounded by people. Lots of people. You recognize all of these people. They are people that you have known throughout your life. As your eyes focus one of the individuals you see that the features of their face seem to morph and change in perpetual motion. You can see out of your peripheral vision that the faces of all the people are dancing and changing and the same rate of speed. The question that rings through your mind in unspoken words is: Who do you serve and who do you trust? The room begins to dim and you lose sight of the faces but the multitude in the room reach their hands out toward you as they close in. Just as they are about to touch you the vision fades and you stand once more on the hot sands.

Hatching Messages

Wobble Message: Red Sprite Egg shifts on the sands. It moves back and forth in a gentle wave for a few moments before once more falling still.

Crack Message: Red Sprite Egg hops upwards a centimeter or two off of the sands. A cracking sound can be heard, but no visible cracks appear on the eggs surface.

Hatching Message:

Red Sprite Egg twitches and stops. After a few silent moments pass the egg twitches once causing the egg to roll on its side. A crack begins to form along the equator of the egg. It starts out small but slowly spreads. Tiny fissures break away from the main crack until the entire egg looks as if it is ready to disintegrate, which it does a moment later unveiling the hatchling to the world.

Wandering Messages:

I’m Driving Hatchling’s eyes can be seen glinting through the fog. The hatchling spends a moment peering through the soup before scurrying off at a good clip toward the line of candidates that find themselves on the sand.

I'm Driving Hatchling walks the line of candidates looking each of them over appraisingly. That's not to say the hatchling isn't moving at a good steady clip. The young dragon is moving from person to person looking, studying, and comparing.

Public Impression Message:

I’m Driving Hatchling finally comes to a complete stop in front of one of the male candidates and pauses for the briefest of moments before it becomes obvious that the choice has been made.

Hatchling Name and Description

I’m Driving Hatchling (Colorless Description)

Through the fog it’s difficult to tell anything about this hatchling. You can make out a general shape. The young dragon is of moderate size, and already bigger than some of his or her siblings. Though the fog swirls around you can make out a sleek shape and a quick flash of shining eyes before the fog swirls again taking the hatchling from your sight.


Impression Message


A sound echoes in your mind. It’s faint at first but slowly becomes louder as it gets closer. It’s a whoosh-whoosh sound. It sounds vaguely electronic. Then a voice that almost sounds like it’s being broadcast over a radio pipes up, « I’m doing what I can, E’vyl, the feed is disrupted. » This is followed by a couple of electronical beeps and boops. « It must be a problem in calibration. » the voice adds. There is a feeling of pressure as if your head is being held in a tight vice. Just when you feel that your head might crack under the pressure it vanishes and you see red, green, and yellow lights flashing before your eyes, « All systems are go. I’m Firith by the way. Let’s hit the road and fill me up, there is work to be done. »

Mindvoice Name and Description

Technological Wonderland


Firith’s mind voice hums with a gentle undercurrent that seems to always be present. Much like the thrum of a well taken care of engine, or the gentle whine of a computer that is running its fans on low. As his emotions change the quality of this hum may change, but it will likely always be running in the background of his mind for as long as he lives.

His speaking voice can be quite nasal and it can sound positively electronic at times. It can sound like he is speaking to you over a tinny speaker rather than wordlessly through the power of telepathy. If his emotional state should require it he is able to modulate his voice into a lower register to sound more intimidating.

Then there is the matter of the blinking lights that go along with it. These lights (like buttons on a panel) can wink in and out of existence depending on the situation. You may over time learn exactly what all these lights mean, but given the sheer number of them that will take time. Even Firith may not know the meaning of them all at first.


If a situation becomes dire warning bells and wailing alarms may even sound in the background of his mind letting you know that there is a problem and that all systems may not be fully functional.


E’vyl I guess this means that you will no longer have to camp out at my weyr. You’ll be getting your own weyr when you are done with your training. Welcome to Monaco Bay! We are all very happy to see you impress here with us and look forward to all the chaos that you will bring in the future.

The clutch theme for this cycle was twofold. The eggs were based on seasons or weather phenomena. The Red Sprite Egg was based on the weather phenomena of ‘red sprites’. The phenomena is not yet widely understood by science but has been shown to happen at the upper levels of thunderstorms. The minds within the eggs were based on TV shows that have gone longer than 4 seasons. In this case the eggs mind was based off of the science fiction series Babylon 5.

The mindname of the egg ‘There Is A Hole In Your Mind’ comes from the first season of the show when a Minbari told the commander of the station that he had a hole in his mind. This got the commander wondering exactly what he meant by this. It turns out that during a pivotal moment during the Earth/Minbari war he was taken prisoner briefly and they found that he had a Minbari ‘soul’. Specifically he had the soul of Valen, the great Minbari religious leader. This event led to the Minbari surrendering immediately on the eve of their victory when they would have wiped out earth.

The experiences of the mind touches were drawn from the fundamental questions that the show pondered. Who are you? What do you want? Where are you going?

Who are you was the question that the Vorlons, an ancient race of powerful beings, always asked. It encourages introspection and order. The question, ‘What do you want?’ was asked by the equally ancient Shadows. The shadows believed change came through conflict and war. The final question of ‘Where are you going?’ was asked by an alien named Lorien. Without going into too great a history it encourages thoughts toward the future.

Onwards to the good stuff. I really enjoyed this walk down memory lane. You requested a dragon with a K.I.T.T. persona from the television series Knight Rider. This was one of my favorite shows when I was young and so getting to revisit that part of my childhood was a blast. You also requested that I throw in some of Fess from the Warlock of Gramarye series. This was a series that I had not even heard of so it forced me to have fun doing some research on the character.

Knight Rider debuted in 1982 and ran until 1986. The series was created by Glen A. Larson and followed the exploits of Michael Knight and K.I.T.T as the pair of them fought criminals who were beyond the range of the law. The central theme of the show being that one man can make a difference.

As you mentioned FESS is a robot that gets a little befuddled at times causing epileptic like fits. He is also capable of transferring his consciousness into a variety of shapes. While your dragon won’t be doing that there are a few quirks written in as an homage to FESS.
I puzzled for a good long time trying to come up with this dragon’s name. In fact nearly up until I turned him in he was known as ‘blank’ in the working documents. Blanketh does not make for a very exciting sort of name for a dragon so it forced me to do some thinking and finally I settled on Firith. It’s short and simple and goes well with your name.

Firith is yours and you are encouraged to play him as you see fit too. Remember E’vyl one man, or one dragon, and make a difference. – S’dny

Personality (RP Tips)

K.I.T.T.: I am the Knight Industries 2000. My serial number is Alpha Delta 2-2-7-5-2-9. I am unauthorized to allow access to my Central Processing Unit.

K.I.T.T.: There's nothing worse than a smart-ass automobile.


Firith is loyal. Firith is smart. Firith is a smart-ass.

In many ways you could look at Firith and see traces of both his sire and his dam. Like his father he is not inclined to take crap from anyone and being a good size brown he has the strength and stamina to back it up. Much like his dam he has a tendency to like things ‘just so’ and has a well-organized mind.

This naturally leads him to a strong desire to see whatever his objectives may be completed. Unlike you E’vyl this dragon is not afraid of good, hard, work. But it isn’t all work him, he has a bit of a sense of humor about things too…though his understanding of humor isn’t all that great.

K.I.T.T.:Now that's just wonderful. You stick me in mothballs for nearly a decade, and then you sell my parts like I'm inventory for Manny, Moe and Jack.

Firith will likely have an opinion on everything and will not be shy about throwing it out there for all the world to see. There may be times during his young life where he embarrasses E’vyl with some of his snarky comments. Especially if they are directed at some of your fellow weyrlings of their lifemates. He probably wouldn’t even be above throwing a snarky comment about his weyrlingmasters and their dragons every now and again.

K.I.T.T.: I expect a full simonize once this is over.


Firith will expect to be kept in good working order. That will mean that he will demand regular feeding and oiling, especially if he was engaged in a particularly strenuous task or something that stripped his skin of the oil that you had likely put on earlier. He’ll also just want to look good, after all if you’ve got it you should flaunt it.

K.I.T.T.:At least I have an excuse. You've obviously gone down the toilet since we split up, Michael. Get a life.


Firith will always exhibit a certain bluntness. If there is something going on that he isn’t fond of he won’t be a shy flower about it. He’ll let you and others know exactly what is to his dislike and offer many options on how to address the matter.


Then there’s another important matter that should be discussed. While Firith is in many ways a very healthy, normal dragon he does have one or two ‘difficulties’ that should be thrown out there. The first is that if there is ever a situation that causes him to become too excited his brain may ‘overload’. The natural outcome of this is that his muscles lock and he passes out for a time. He may have a seizure every now and again. This will likely be very scary for both him, his rider, and others. He may spend some time in the garage…infirmary…as a youngster and beyond.

The other problem that comes from this is that he is likely to get his fair share of bumps and bruises. He is a claws on sort of dragon that doesn’t believe in letting others do something that he could be doing himself. Oh E’vyl you will likely get dragged along on these little adventures. This will go hand in hand with Firith’s disregard for the rules. Those were made for lesser dragons after all and shouldn’t apply to such and advanced fellow.

All of this means that you E’vyl are likely to get your fair share of bumps and bruises as well since he will be dragging you off to who knows where. At least it will be an adventure right? Right?

K.I.T.T.: Michael, what is it, are you in pain?
Michael Knight: No, it's your jokes, they're killing me!
K.I.T.T.: The other night I was parked in a garage that was so small, the mice were hunchbacked.
Michael Knight: K.I.T.T., that is terrible.
K.I.T.T.: Michael is my act dying?
Michael Knight: No, but it's not going to Vegas, either.

Try as he might Firith’s grasp of humor will always be left wanting. Most of his attempts at ‘jokes’ will fall flat, and some of them may just be downright horrible. He won’t let these lackluster attempts get him down though he’ll just keep plugging away at it, much to E’vyl’s chagrin. His poor siblings will have to put up with this all through their time as weyrlings.

K.I.T.T.: Michael, forgiveness implies an emotional state that has no application in my case. However, I doubt that I shall ever forget it.

When it comes to emotional understanding Firth is lacking. It will take him many long turns to decipher exactly how those pesky things work. It isn’t that he doesn’t feel things, he just can’t always put words to it or explain how others might feel. In this respect he is much like his sire. As such he is likely to bear grudges of a sort. While he is by no means as violent as his sire in his desire for revenge, he won’t forget.

Michael Knight: K.I.T.T., I know it'll be asking a lot, but can you make me into a brilliant computer scientist?
K.I.T.T.: Michael, that's not asking a lot, that's asking a miracle.

Firith will always try to help a friend in need, but as awesome as he is there are just some things that he can’t do and when that time comes the cold hard truth might be all he is able to offer to them.

K.I.T.T.: Devon's calling again.
Michael Knight: Tell him -
K.I.T.T.: [interrupting] Michael, I'm not constitutionally constructed to lie.
Michael Knight: None of us are, Kitt, think of it as a temporary condition for a good cause.
K.I.T.T.: What cause?
Michael Knight: My hide

Speaking of the truth Firith will find it difficult to lie. Lies don’t really fit in well with his picture of the world which is largely based on facts and so he is unlikely to lie except in extreme circumstances. So E’vyl if you plan on using your dragon as an alibi to get out of doing something you need to do think again. He loves you both he isn’t going to go with your cover story.

Michael Knight: You are about as much fun as a divorce, which is not a bad idea!
K.I.T.T.: I want custody of me!
K.I.T.T.: Michael, I may not be flesh and blood, but I am a friend. And I wish you happiness, but I still don't understand.
Michael Knight: In a way… neither do I.

Given all of his quirks it’s likely that you two might hit rough patches in your relationship. This is normal in any dragon human relationship. You both come from different ways of thinking about things and so there is bound to be some conflict, but given time and effort you can work through it. You also have to keep in mind that Firith doesn’t always grasp your emotional state and can’t always communicate well what his own feelings are. This will likely lead to some communication issues from time to time. Having friends will be a good thing for him as he grows and help shape him into a more empathetic sort of fellow.

K.I.T.T.: Well, you know what Sgt. Burber says, "The pain is temporary, but the pride is forever."
K.I.T.T.: You know, Michael? This being a god is very demanding.
Michael Knight: Yeah, well, stick with what you know, huh?


Firith has no shortage of ego. It’s no secret that the brown thinks highly of himself and his abilities. He also feels that everyone else should notice the contributions that he makes to the weyr too. After all its hard work being that amazing.


Firith is a large and powerful brown. When it comes to size he is the equal of many of Pern’s bronzes. While he may find himself getting into the occasional accident because of his problem he is thankfully built strong and will be unlikely to really harm himself permanently. Not that he is indestructible mind, but he can take bumps and scrapes with the best of them.

Because of his size he is naturally less maneuverable in the air than some of his smaller blue and green siblings. That does not mean though that he can’t equal them in flight. He’ll have a very good sense of the space around him and a fine tuned ability to make adjustments on the fly so that he can keep up with the acrobats, even if he doesn’t always look completely graceful doing so.


Now when Firith’s little fits happen when his mind gets too overloaded it will cause his muscles to lock up and some minor convulsions. This will likely be something that is scary at first, but much like any long term problem workarounds may be developed later on. This would be particularly unfortunate if it happened in mid-air since plummeting to your death is not something that you will generally find yourself wanting to do.


Devon Miles: [on viewscreen] Kitt, what's happening? I've been trying to reach Michael for over an hour.
K.I.T.T.: Michael is… indisposed.
Devon Miles: Oh, that means he's either with a young lady or he's in jail.
K.I.T.T.: No comment.
Devon Miles: I admire your loyalty, Kitt. Frankly I'd just as soon not know, unless of course he's in real trouble.


Firith once get gets older will naturally find that lady dragons are beautiful and be drawn to chase after them. Since he is a big brown both golds and greens will be on his watch list. Given his analytical mind he will be able to recognize quickly once they are proddy and be able to begin to plan his attack.


While he is a handsome fellow his difficulty in relating emotionally may cause him to be not so great in the flirting department. While other bronzes, browns, and blues may entice the ladies with clever wordplay and complimentary remarks, poor Firith alas, probably will not be so inclined. If he were to try he is very likely to fall on his face.

Much like his sire he will be inclined to chase often. It probably won’t matter to him if the girl is green or gold, and this is something that will probably remain constant over the course of his life. That being said though because of that loyal streak that runs so deeply through him he may find himself becoming especially attached to a few ladies and chase them regularly. He may even, with time and effort, develop deep emotional bonds with them.

If Firith were ever to catch a gold he would likely be a very good clutchfather and would remain on the sands with the gold to help her tend the little eggs. He would welcome candidates to the sands and be open to them touching the eggs provided that they behaved themselves, a lack of decorum on the sands simply wouldn’t do though and if a candidate were to get out of control he’d eject them forcefully.


What was it that caused Firith to choose you E’vyl? It’s likely that we will never really know for sure. Your personalities are definitely very different. You will be an odd couple for sure, but sometimes those odd couples can make the strongest teams. Perhaps it is because of those differences that he choose you. Only time and life experience will shed more light on this enduring mystery.




Name Firith
Dam Isanath
Sire Marzoth
Created By S'dny
Impress To E'vyl (Trayvel)
Hatched April 1st, 2016
Monaco Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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