Unlikely Hero Brown Erixelth

Dragon Description

A living testament to the inherent beauty of simplicity, this dragon's features submit willingly to the standard without any particularly notable anomalies. Hide stretches taut over keenly developed muscles, lending a lean appearance to his limbs and midsection, though in length and in girth he is a creature of textbook proportions. When he moves, he possesses a slinking, stealthy grace any other dragon of his size would find quite difficult to match. There is a complacency to his form, as though he fits the mold of the commonplace well. Shadows dance along the curves of his sides and over expansive wingsails, darker splotches of brown acting as the only decoration to otherwise perfect, unblemished ginger. Though the mingling brown hues of his hide conform peacefully to the norm, under his wings there lies a deviant beauty; bright, shimmering bolts of gold strike the inner membrane of each sail, an unexpected act of subversion.

Egg Name and Description

Ziggy Stardust Egg

Hatching Message

Ziggy Stardust Egg trembles suddenly, the creature within now fighting to escape its confinement. The egg rocks violently with this force, and, already tilted precariously, it threatens to fall over. The shaking has a rhythmic quality, pulses coming at regular intervals, but growing stronger and more powerful each time. Momentum builds, and the egg does fall from its position high up on a mound of sand to roll a few feet away. A few cracks are visible as it slows to a stop, reaching out across the entirety of the shell. In an instant, the shell falls apart, the Unlikely Hero Brown Hatchling finally emerging into the light.

Hatchling Name and Description

Impression Message

Mindvoice Name and Description


Personality (RP Tips)


Name Unlikely Hero Brown Erixelth
Dam Gold Kazarenth
Sire Bronze Angelesth
Created By Danae
Impress To B'sil
Hatched 26 June 2002
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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