Gentle Thumbelina Green Eledath

Soft, velvety green wraps this tiny dragon in its warm embrace; as light as spring's first translucent leaves. The gentle sweep of her sun-blushed headknobs compliments the elegant curve of her oh-so-feminine head, with features as delicate as a dragon could boast. Mellifluous jade carves the slightly rounded `ridges that run from neck to perfectly balanced tail, matched on those perfect feet with their walnut-shell talons. Her wings flatter the rest of her faultless conformation, seemingly created from gossamer in their apparent delicacy, with sails tinted an exquisite shade of tulip-leaf green.

Egg Name and Description

Alpine Meadow Egg
Across the greensward base of this egg are scattered petals of blue, white and purple - larkspur, edelweiss and lavender. They wind their floral trails up to the fir-greens and granite-grays of the egg's pointed cap, which seems carved with peaks and crevasses by fine lines of glacial blue.

Hatching Message

Alpine Meadow Egg trembles hesitantly as a gust of wind kisses it with a delicate touch, and the thrumming of the dragons perched on the ledges surrounding the sands intensifies. At this, the egg begins to crumble, shedding one petal at a time to reveal the form held within.

Impression Message

The silky scent of tulips slips into your mind, and suddenly it all feels /right/. You're mentally transported to the middle of a field filled with flowers, heavily laden with fragrance, sultry, warm and loving. «Athena, my Athena,» sings a velveteen soprano, lilting and sweet. «You are my flower princess, and I am yours, happily ever after. Your Eledath.»


While your Eledath is indeed a Princess, with all of the faults and virtues that title may claim, you can thank Faranth that there isn't a haughty bone in her body. Unlike her Auntie, Finicky Catnip Glevynth, or her brother, Ielsa's plump blue Faluroth, Eledath isn't likely to demand that you serve Her Highness all of her meals on a Royal tablecloth. She's also just and fair-minded, happily romping with /all/ of her clutch siblings, not stoop so low as to /steal/ another's possessions. So Keely's hats are safe…at least where Eledath is concerned. She's also quite the champion of the underdog, is your Eledath. In fact, she'll be one to see past Ujieth's homely facade, and have faith that the Ugly Duckling will, indeed, turn into a beautiful, graceful swan.

« You should tell J'rim that all will be well in the end. I'm sure that Ujieth will beautiful on the outside, as well as inside. » (She's wrong, in that case - Ujieth will always look the way she does, though she'll be a lovely one in flight, eventually - but her belief in others is a boon anyway.)

She's also somewhat of a perfectionist. She'll want her weyr and couch to be cleaned regularly…and cleaned /thoroughly/, no spit-and-polish job for her, nuh-uh, no way! And the same goes for herself. She'll want to be bathed and oiled frequently, and while you're at it, Athena, you might want to save up your marks for some of those scented oils, especially the florals… Eledath will revel in their luxuriousness. « Oh, Athena? Can we use that oil that smells like a field of flowers? It makes me feel so happy! »

Thumbelina was born from a tulip that was bought from a witch, so we took a tulip to use as the base for her description, the Evergreen Tulip.

This tulip has delicately green leaves and is described as being ‘beautifully shaped’ just like your Eledath! Her headknobs are slightly more yellow than the rest of her, echoing the yellow tint that the top of these tulips show. Thumbelina's first bed was made from a walnut shell, and so this was incorporated on her talons.

Now, as for her wings; at the end of the story, Thumbelina marries the prince of the flower angels (or fairies, depending on the translation). One of her gifts is "a pair of beautiful wings, which had belonged to a large white fly"; now, fly wings are very delicate and quite pretty when looked at up close. Obviously, though, a dragon can't have see-through wings, so your Eledath has them the shade of a tulip leaf, a lovely, soft spring green shade. Overall, she's quite a uniform colour, with just her headknobs and talons deviating from the subtly shaded pale greens. This uniformity works well to flaunt her physique her conformation is practically perfect in every way, from her muzzle to her tail-tip, and she's a pretty good looking green, too! She's also very much on the small side, and, when fully grown, she may even give M'lia's Firzath (name from Dragonsdusk MOO where Athena and Eledath originated) a bit of competition for being the smallest green in Telgar Weyr.

When it comes to movement, Eledath is all grace and perfection - in comparison to other dragons, that is! Even when on the ground, her movements are fluid, almost elegant. She's got a dancer's grace and it shows, especially when in the air. She won't need to do acrobatics and aerial stunts to show off her agility, because her simple maneuvering is enough to demonstrate her capability.

Every lady must rise to the occasion every once in a while, though it's something that Eledath will get rather embarrassed about, when the time comes! She'll not like to talk about it before or afterwards, so if you've got a preference that you'd like to share with her, you might have a bit of difficulty getting through as she tends to change the subject as quickly as possible while still being polite about it. When she does go proddy, she won't be proddy for long. Expect to be made aware of it no more than a day ahead of time as it's something that she's not exactly comfortable with, you'll notice her as being very restless. She'll become a complete perfectionist at this time, even more so than usual, and everything must be in its right place at the right time « But, Athena, sweetheart, that one strand of hair there just isn't laying right at /all/, please, can't you fix it? And oh, I swear that plant pot there has moved by an inch! Please can you move it back? » Expect to be hassled to ensure that everything is exactly as it should be. And then, the flight itself The actual length of the flight will vary greatly each time. What Eledath looks for in a partner is perfection, and what she considers to be perfection one time may not be the same the next or, then again, maybe one specific dragon gets it spot on every time, so she'll always have the same suitor. While fast-paced, her flights won't be frenzied; her mind will be almost calm in comparison to some, as she almost methodically selects who's going to win her. If things don't go to plan and she's caught unexpectedly, expect a slightly grumpy Eledath for the next few days. As it is, she's never in the best of moods after rising; Eledath will rarely be grumpy, but she's definitely got a bit of an edge to her, almost as if she can't believe that she would be capable of such amorous intentions! Dealing with these feelings is something that sets her apart from most greens, as she's really quite coy when it comes to the 'P' word. Ah, the joy of Flights!


Whenever Eledath speaks, she has such an enrapturing tone that anyone will listen. Her words have almost a sing-song quality to them; does she speak, or does she sing them? There's definitely a musical lilt to her soft, whispery soprano. She likes to use lots of images, and is quite the story-teller.

Eledath's voice has a tantalizing, feminine scent accompanying it. First and foremost there is the scent of tulip— delicate, pale and rosy, but there are underlying tones of a whole bouquet of other flowers; rose, daisy, violets, honeysuckle and more all create a subtle backdrop to the main scent.


Eledath. Some see it as 'Elly-dath', but you might read it as 'el-DAth', 'el-EE-dath', 'ELL-eh-dath' similar' to elegant, or however else you see fit. You asked for something that wasn't too long, hard to pronounce or spell, and that might fit in with the dragon's theme. And, hopefully, with Eledath, we've given you that. It's three syllables how we say it, but they're short, sweet syllables and the name itself looks quite compact.The name itself was derived from the Latin-based name Aleda, which means ‘small and winged’. Now, this fits perfectly in two ways 1) your Eledath is a little dragon, and dragons obviously have wings, and 2), Thumbelina is tiny, and gains her wings at the end of the story when they are gifted to her by a flower angel. Therefore, 'small and winged', Eledath. We came up with it by basically playing around with the letters, and settled on Eledath because it was gentle and feminine, like your dragon's personality, and because Athena and Eledath just sounded so darned /good/ to us.

Eledath is based on the Hans Christian Anderson tale, Thumbelina. It was written in 1835. Basically, Thumbelina is the story of a wee girl who is 'grown' from a piece of barleycorn given to her mother by a witch. Here's a link to one version of the story: Thumbelina, or Tiny, as she was called, was stolen by a toad, escaped, lived with a field mouse who tried to marry her off to a mole, and eventually met the Prince of the faeries and earns her wings.


Name Gentle Thumbelina Green Eledath
Dam Gold Xixichelth
Sire Bronze Tchaldonth
Created By Oorla and Aithne
Impressee Athena
Hatched 15 December 2006
Igen Weyrhold
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