Tall, Dark, and Lordly Brown Cyrilth

Dragon Description

Revealing itself to the world seems to be one of his personal no-no's, the small hatchling holding himself upright and proud. Still shrouded in a cape of darkness, his color is still that of damp mud and drying mud, his main body being that of the trampled down dark brown, making him look more dusty and worn than anything else. A dirt brown, that more of dry dusty dirt, runs along his complete underside, covering the tip of his tail, gradually growing until it reaches the girth of his stomach before it receedes upwards on his neck again, enveloping his muzzle in the same dusty brown. All skin, bones, and angles, he seems more like an uncleaned stone than anything else, extra flesh or smooth curves extremely rare on this scrawny creature. Sharp silvery talons could be compared to the best of knives or daggers, seemingly ready to cut anything up. More or less an ordinary brown at this point, the hatchling doesn't seem ready to give up his fight for something for any reason. Wings almost too big for him, threaten to set him off balence, the silver speckles hidden in the thin membrane sparkling in any light, much like a polished and properly cut stone, his brown edging more towards the color off a deep muddy yellow, much like that of a dark yellow topaz, the same mud-like brown that dominates his thin body, swirling in like smoke on the membrane. Even though large wings threaten to off set him, and is dangerously thin, the brown doesn't seem to notice, not the least bit puny otherwise. For a brown that is.

Fiery Black Night Terrors Egg

Black as the darkest night is what this egg seems to be tinted on the top, like a dark starless night while a fire takes place below, the dark blood red flames licking the under belly and sides of the oval shape. The bottom of the egg, buried in sand is the same pitch black as above, while the blood red flames form jagged peaks on the side of the egg, slowly fading into the black nothing above, like a space that swallows everything and refuses to let it go. The flames seem destructive in their own way, enveloping what used to be under it and burning it to the dark, black ash buried in the sand below.

Hatching Message

Fiery Black Night Terrors Egg suddenly cracks open in multiple places, the shell falling around the new Tall, Dark, and Lordly Hatchling in shards.

Hatchling Name and Description

Tall, Dark, and Lordly Hatchling

Coming forth to face the world with a lordly and proud posture and presence, this hatchling seems to be shrouded in a coat of darkness, nearing the black of firestone, if not matching it. Night incased paws hold sharp talons, sharp enough to match the sharpest of knives. Nothing more than angles and edges, this hatchling could be described as scrawny, smooth curves and extra flesh being rare. Only one real feature manages to mar this hatchling's harmony with night… what little harmony this hatchling has in it's violent self. The marring feature of a muddy black starts at the tip of it's tail and works it's way up the hatchling's understand, covering basically it's whole stomach before it narrows and spreads up it's neck to incase the hatchling's muzzle, leaving it basically black in the given light otherwise. Otherwise listed as a ordinary hatchling, it seems to have at least one surprise, this being it's wing span. As wingsails open and catch what little light is given, a small silverly sparkle can be seen, much like that of a faceted jewel shining bright under a careful eye. Dazzling in it's own way, it's wings seem to give it a shining briliance to out do it's dull colors, lighter shades of the muddy black swirling in the fragile tissue of the wings. Nearly too big for it's wings, the gaunt destructive hatchling seems to be of a decent size, not that puny in the least.

What will he be when he grows up? Well he'll still be moody as any female with PMS, and just as touchy as well. He should also still be a fighter and rather closed off, though whether he's self-centered and greedy in the future years is up to you. Those are two traits that can be worked out with much time.

Impression Message

With a sharp, precise turn, the Tall, Dark, and Lordly Brown Hatchling turns towards Stildan and headbutts him silently, seeming stuck on this candidate for good.

Mindvoice Name and Description

Cyrilth's voice is sharp, if a little painful (think like a paper cut, kinda stings, but it goes away after getting used to it.) He's easily upset about things he 'cares' about, or if something disrupts him period. (For this, think severe PMS… male version.) He could also be defined a greedy gut and a self centered fighter. Given one or two of these things may be able to be worked out of his personality.


Cyrilth is based off of the anime Slayers Next's Phibrizzo. Phibrizzo is the Lord of the Dead. Lord of the Underworld you might say. He's slightly bent on destroying the whole entire world… but I mean.. that can be a joke with Cyrilth here. Cyrilth is like a mini, less evil verson of Phibrizzo. He's evil yes, but he's only bent on being greedy and not nice to many others. (Phibrizzo himself is only nice to his minions, which is what Cyrilth could be like if you wish.) So, greedy, self-centered (again those two could be worked out of him somewhat), a born fighter, and very insterested in gems. In fact, Cyrilth's developing talent is along the line of identifying what kind of gem a stone is and if it's flawed or not. So one more time… greedy, self-centered, born fighter, stays only with his 'minons' which are few, and does not like bright lights. That's right. He prefers darkness.

Personality (RP Tips)

Snappish. Greedy. Self-centered. Big mood swings. Cares only for a few select people that match it's style. A fighter. Stubborn. (Rider's notes: Cyrilth outgrows this. At least, he does not stay snappish and greedy and is not too self-centered. He is more self- and rider-centered. All others beware. Either you earn his favor or he is silent to you.) (At least, that's one way to play him. I don't always stick with that.)

Cyrilth loves raw and finished stones all the same. This would appeal to the dragon/hatcling in any possible way, only letting those with similar tases to his into his little 'clique'.


Name Cyrilth
Dam Gold Arolaeth
Sire Bronze Zaristh
Created By N'andi
Impress To S'dan
Hatched 17 February 2001
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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