Adventurous Effervescent Blue Azioneth

Dragon Description

Cerulean enshrouds his entire body, but the lightest coat of garnet blush is what gives this petite blue his true colors. From head to tail, a darker, defining stripe of burgundy courses its way along his pale hide, winding down to end in spirals. Individual features seem chiseled in, defined so well that they might as well be of stone. Around each faceted eye are sprinklings of silver and rose, almost as spectacles set right on his face. Diminutive in size, but not in spirit, he holds the potential for greatness in the air and on the ground, his muscles subtle but present. When wings are outstretched, it becomes apparent that they are almost entirely scarlet, the light shining through the thin, semi-opaque hide and gaining a fuschia tint. Complicated patterns of blue and red dance along his sides and back, teasing sophistication with immaturity, caution with danger, and boredom with excitement.

Egg Name and Description

Paradise in the Desert Egg

Against a backdrop of pure beige, with grooves of shaded tan running over like ripples, a splattering of deep blue shows up in stark contrast. As though slapped onto the shell as paint, this diamond-shaped splotch stands out as both a clashing deformity and a jewel-like decoration. While the sandy surroundings remain peacefully uninteresting, this sapphire spot calls attention to itself with little subtlety at all, and the encroaching green border blends back into the muted, earthy tones of the rest of the eggshell in a seemingly reluctant way. The whole of the egg seems to be under a veil of perfect conformity, save that one spot, where the intense coloration breaks out of the painfully dull canvas behind to stand out as a fiercely rebellious mark.

Hatching Message

Paradise in the Desert Egg rocks to the left, to the right, and then back to the left, indecision mixing in with irritation. Is it time to be free? Is there some adventure waiting beyond the egg? Hairline cracks form, then grow larger, more defined. Finally, the egg rocks all the way forward, landing on its side, and the shell bursts; from within emerges a little Adventurous Effervescent Hatchling.

Hatchling Name and Description

Adventurous Effervescent Hatchling

The light shining through the mist around the hatching caverns patterns rainbows along this hatchling's hide. Shimmering, sparkling, every color of the spectrum shows up on it. Its movements are slow and calculated; every step it takes designed to offer another view of it. Every angle is caught, the polychromatic designs on its hide produced by the light giving it an eerie sort of luminescence. Despite the very unnatural appearance it shows to the world, it seems incredibly sure of itself, never drifting to the shadows or loosing even a speck of its color to the darkness.

Impression Message

Exuberant Echoing Drumbeats reverberate through your mind, with the clashing of cymbals as accompaniment. A chaotic slew of sights and sounds slips into your mind, polychromatic images flickering as a light bulb about to burn out. « Psst… » comes the whisper, breaking through the confusion like a beacon of light, as it seems /one/ thing in this mess is understood. « Sydni. I'm here. I'm Azioneth. I'm yours. »

Mindvoice Name and Description

Exuberant Echoing Drumbeats

Picture a rock concert, in all its loud, energetic excitement. That matches this blue's mindvoice… Even as the striking, musical sort of tone he has can be beautiful, the others senses may be overwhelmed at first. He's a mishmash of bright, often clashing colors, with the effect of a strobe light added. Disorienting to those not used to it, it only gets more intense when the added drumbeats and clashing cymbals in his mind come into the picture. The senses of smell, taste, and touch are overwhelmed by sight and sound, as he /is/ the kind to put on a big production with even the littlest things.


Azioneth is a terrible drama queen (king?), and, whether Sydni likes it or not, she may find herself sucked into the gravitational pull enthusiasm seems to have… He's the type to be not only amazingly optimistic, but also infinitely unsatisfied. Excitement is key — that's what this blue is all about. He wants to be in the limelight and he wants attention, but most of all he wants to live adventures every day… and you, Sydni, will likely find yourself trapped in his adventurous plans.

For example — food. Azioneth loves the exotic, the unusual… if he can't find something that hasn't been eaten before, he mixes two common foods to create interesting (sometimes sickening) combinations: wherry and sweetrolls, redfruit and packtail, herdbeast and cheese… He'll want the most 'unique' foods he can find, and that might mean quests of all kinds to all distances to find what he claims is the 'perfect' snack.

He will always have a certain affinity for the color red, but all bright colors make his day. Red is perhaps special because it triggers those dramatic urges in others — he'll want red on his straps, on your leathers, and he'll /love/ the red in your hair. But black. Ominous, shady black… he hates it. He doesn't want a speck of the color anywhere around him. He likes bright, radiant colors, not plain old everyday black, and he'll let you know that every time you try to put on the black blouse rather than the noxious lime one. « Oh, Sydni… Sydni, Sydni, Sydni. You /know/ black just isn't your color. Try the green one… go on, try it! I know you'll like it more. »

He's the type to find action and excitement in everything he does, from wing exercises to hunting, to simply traveling around the Weyr. Every activity will turn into his 'favorite', and he will make the best of even a bad situation. He won't spend much time relaxing, or lounging… no, this one wants a non-stop thrill ride, and simply assumes you do, too! But don't worry… as much as he seems stubborn and relentless in his action-seeking ways, he /will/ listen to you when you've just had enough.

One thing you'll find hard to work around is his extreme dislike of darkness. This dragon loves to shine! His luminescence cannot be squelched by that shadow! And while he insists he isn't 'afraid', he will put up a horrible fight should you choose to turn out the lights at night.

Why Sydni?

Sydni has just the sort of personality that Azioneth would describe as 'potential'. He sees you, and he sees a star waiting to be discovered. He needs someone to keep him in check sometimes, but most of all, he wants someone who can share his excitement over the most trivial of things, while simultaneously supporting his need to find something /more/. He will always be searching for something special, but he knows he has found at least one that stands out of the crowd — and that one is you, Sydni. Every discovery he makes pales in comparison to his discovery of /you/.

Growing Up

Growing up with Azioneth may be a bit of a trial on Sydni, but it'll be worth it… he will constantly be pushing her limits, testing to see how much trouble he can get into before she will no longer approve. His dislike of darkness will be most noticeable during weyrlinghood, and it will be the most difficult time… but, perhaps he'll grow out of it with your help.

He'll be just like a young human in certain aspects — unending curiosity, extreme optimism, and a sense that he is invincible… he doesn't know the meaning of the word 'danger', and that might be cause for concern when his schemes lead him further and further away…

However, he will be devoted to you and he will do all that he can to make you happy, or to make you shine like he thinks you should. « Hey… psst. Sydni. Why don't you go out into the middle of the barracks and sing that song we heard the other day? I'm the other weyrlings'll love it! »


This hatchling was not created in the image of any one person, but rather, a combination of adventurers, performers, and troublemakers. Qualities and quirks in Azioneth were snipped from a large number of people — from Ricky Martin was a flair for the romantic and dramatic, as well as a knack for performance; from Lewis and Clark, an adventuring soul; from Neil Armstrong, courage and patriotism; and those are only the beginning. To create a dragon perfect for Sydni, I blended characteristics of many figures from history and modern pop culture, until I got a product that was just right.

The description and physical characteristics seemed to match his personality… The red tint is his wild side, the blue of his hide representing the typical, usual blue dragon. Red wins over more often than not, and he loves that about himself… the crimson blush gives him that uniqueness of appearance that he craves. His proportions are perfect; he wouldn't settle for anything less, surely. And while his size is slightly below average for a blue, he is anything but meek.


Name Vivacious Crimson-Tinted Blue Azioneth
Dam Gold Isisth
Sire Bronze Kalerriarth
Created By Danae
Impress To Sydni
Hatched August 18, 2001
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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