Run and Whip It Green Aurath

Current Desc

This stocky little green has been split into two dominate colors, which clash with one another. A picture of an epic battle, the two colors create threshold where the territories have been claimed and secured. On the topside where the largest boarders have been held is a hunter green, which slides down her broad back, stains her wing spars, and dives down half way on the front portion of her spindly legs. What's more apparent is the hunter green holds to the top half of her long oddly curled tail. All of this hunter holds back the lime green below which envelops the front side of her neck, her underbelly, and the backsides of her legs, as well as the under length of her curled tail.

The greatest battle however, takes place on her elongated muzzle, where the vivid lime has managed to swathe her narrow features, save for at the very tip of her nose. Looped over her nostrils, an island patch has been conquered by the darkness. Back near the top side of her face, a 'm' shaped mask of hunter surges downward, with the center 'v' narrowing to a strip that stops at the bridge of her muzzle, while the outsides curve downward towards her jaw, with the upper most points brushing the tops of her eye ridges. Behind her, her head knobs have been bound to an agreement, a trade off as the front sides of her head knobs are bold lime with the backs marked in dark inky green.

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Hatching Desc

Two colors clash in an epic battle on this stocky little green. Lime on bottom, hunter on top, each try to seep into the other's territory. Along her elongated muzzle, the bright shock has managed to take over, save for at the end of her nose where an island of darkness sits and a mask of sorts, curving down towards her jaw and making an 'm' shape on her forehead and barely coving her eyes. Her head knobs have found a sort of balance, the front that bold lime and the back the darker side. This deep hunter slides down her broad back, stains her wing spars, and dives down the out side of her legs and top half of her long, oddly curled tail. Her tail seems to be more comfortable in a loop of sorts, curling half way up.

Egg Name and Description

Snake in the Grass Egg

This ovular egg is covered in bright colors. The bottom, peaking out from the sand, is a fantastic lime green and jagged looking where it meets a neon blue. In the green there seems to be oddly shaped blobs of color, like a three-year-old's drawing of a flower. One side of the egg has two pink lines that extend from top to bottom with several pink lines between them, all evenly spaced from the one above it. Taking up a good portion of the opposite side of the egg is a silver stripe that dissappears beneath the sand and to the bottom of the egg.
Luck of the Roll comes rambling through your mind, all careless and fancy free. Well, it's stumbled upon something grand! Or so it seems to think, as it looks over a memory of one of your personal triumphs. Learning to walk, very important, and oh so usefull! It rolls through more of your little victories, getting excited and moving more quickly. But then it finds a low point, something you'd rather not remember, and falls. The Luck of the Roll wasn't so lucky as it slinks away to recover from the let down.
Luck of the Roll seems to have become a bit more prepared this time when it stumbles into more of your memories. This down wasn't so bad, was it? Being yelled at that is. At least not when it's compared to this, a present from someone you care about on a day that's important to you. Yes, definately that's a great victory, and very lucky indeed that just the thing you wanted was gifted to you. The flighty presence that seems to be easily impressed fills your mind warmly before sliding away again.
Luck of the Roll clatters and clinks happily as it find comfort in the familiarity of your mind now. It celebrates the happy memories and tries to comfort those sad memories by placing them next to happy ones. It's not sure it if it's really helping any, but that's all going to have to be with its luck. Maybe it found a way to make you comfortable, maybe it didn't. It's all in the luck of the roll.

Hatching Message

Snake in the Grass Egg decides to be done with the life it has been leading up till this point and start a new one. With a few limbs bursting free of the shell, a baby dragon fights its way free of its home and onto the hot sands.

Impression Message

Cool blues and greens seem to seep in around the edges of your mind, damp yet comfortable as a soothing voice fills up the rest of your mind. «Hello Va'lin, I'm so glad I found you. I was getting slightly worried that you might not have stayed. And then who would feed me?» A gentle laughter bubbles up into your mind as you're nudged by the little green. «Come now, my name is Aurath, don't keep me waiting. I'm sure we can talk while you help me fill my stomach.»


For your dragon you asked for a mother hen, or a maternally minded lady. So I pulled from the most reliable resource I have and thought of the qualities I love in my own mother. Aurath will love you and want to protect you from the world, right from the very start. Though she will realize that eventually, you will need to learn things that can only be effectively taught through failure. When you do fail, she'll be there to comfort you and try to put the world right around you again. Don't be fooled though, she likes to have fun and will want to include you as much as possible. Be it running down the beach or sending firelizards into a tizzy. She is generally easy going and has a knack for getting others to open up to her, because she projects that feeling of being trustworthy and understanding. Should anyone appear to be rude or mean to you, she'll step right in to interrupt with a firm paw and a gentle rumble. Unless a more immediate and extreme reaction is required, which she will not hesitate to take.

When it comes time for that abominable farce called mating, for that is how she will think of it once she realizes she's not able to have a clutch of her own, she'll expect you to help her look her best while she struts her stuff for the men. If that means an extra coat of oil to add to her sheen, then so be it. If that means you have to make a wreath of flowers to hang on one of her head knobs, then you'd better do it. Because 'dressing to the nines' is not an everyday affair for her, and if she can dedicate her life to you, you can afford her these special bits of attention when the rare occasion arises. While in the air, she'll seem like a steady arrow until suddenly taking a sharp turn to throw the men off her tail before turning again to go back to her original course. Like a whip, she'll crack and snap when ever someone seems too close, even going so far as to hit them with her tail. When she's reached her end, it'll be a wild free for all of misdirection and sudden movements to throw off all the unworthy, until just the one remains.

As far as quirks go, she'll have a habit of starting a thought then getting distracted in her mind and not finishing. You'll probably need to prompt her for the rest of her thoughts until you know her well enough to finish them for her and let her confirm or deny it. Also, she'll have a fascination with ball games. The first time she sees a ball, she'll become enthralled and want you to get one for her. And finally, she'll what to 'sing in the shower'. She likes water and will be unable to keep from warbling delightfully while she's being scrubbed down. If you were to sing with her, bath time will be on of her most looked forward too activities.


Her mind voice will be soft, not weak, just quiet. She will prefer to color her thoughts in blues and greens, and scent them with fresh cut grass and wet sand. When she becomes excited, she'll be loud and animated. Her colors move into yellows and oranges then, warming to sunshine in your mind. On the rare occasion that she is sad, like when it finally clicks that she can never have her own clutch, she'll be an array of deep purples and rain.


There were two themes for the dragons this clutch. First for the eggs there were board games and your dragons' egg was based on the game Snakes and Ladders. Then for the dragon itself, there was children's games, which she got Crack the Whip. The name of your dragon comes from Aura, which in my baby name book said it meant, a lady with an air of sublime culture. For her desc, I based her pattern off a picture of a Husky pup. Your dragon was built by Aisling.



Name Aurath
Dam Gold Ellamariseth
Sire Bronze Kinseth
Created By Aisling
Impressee Val'in
Hatched 26 September 2009
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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