Say Hello To My Little Blue Atzricath

Dragon Description

Sophistication has been built into this dragon's genetics, even if he is slightly on the small end of the spectrum. Dressed in eloquent phthalo blue, the muscle of this lithe creature is rounded smoothly and tapered smartly in all directions. He has devilishly handsome features, such as a hooked pointed muzzle which hosts a sharp bridge and is set above an elongated jaw and hollow cheeks. Heathen eye ridges are set at a slant around his large iridescent eyes. The right eye is mired by what appears to be a beauty scar - distinctive as a claw mark, his badge for his battle out of the egg. Mid-night blue head knobs and spinal ridges are worn slick-backed in style, situated to be sleek and sharp in the way they curve and drape down along his spine. Great cape-like wings adorn him, membranes of his sails rolling with the same mid-night wash, not a speck or a star to be seen throughout, simply stretched out in one solid inky mass. In dramatic contrast, a froth of ice blue crashes against abdominal tuck, spraying up to the bottom of his jaw and cresting underneath to the tip of his tail - an undershirt with stylish cuffs of the same glacial hue at his wrists. Frosted white socks also stretch up to his knees on his hindquarters and inky talons glint, polished and sharp as a blade. Bands of dark blue are slashed across thighs and shoulders in afterthought, distinct but worn only as if fancy adornments.

Egg Name and Description

EGG NAME: Riddled With Bullet Holes Egg
EGG DESC: A subtle strive for power is contained in this brand new egg as it lies boastfully large on the sands, shell swollen from the dragonet inside and fat with promise. The egg is coated with a new car shine and a glint of polish across its unscratched inky surface. The entirety of the egg is sprayed over in jet black paint, showing chrome bits on either of its ends, as if the chrome strips would protect it from bumps from other eggs. A sheen of purple tinted glass emphasizes the egg's utmost points, but the front portion is riddled with spider webbed lines lancing out from a round pit in the glass, causing shattered pieces to sprinkle down the sides of the egg. Close to this action, bold blotches and splatters of crimson are apparent, much like a bug smearing on flight goggles. In a final display of violence, repeated countless times down the sides of the egg are these deadly pits, punched mercilessly through the black exterior, each pit ripping aside the shine to replace it with sharp angles of torn metal.

The World Is Yours , so push it to the limit. Let the wind race through your hair as you soar: high, mighty and proud. Just as you're starting to enjoy yourself and get comfortable… a SUDDEN scathing laugh interrupts your victorious revelry and elation from being on top. Is it your own or is it something touching your mind that laughs -at- you. What are these thoughts? Is someone judging you? Or are you judging yourself? And why are they laughing? That's when you can feel it, the careful stabs slicing inwards to your subconscious mind, delving deep to leave its mark. It settles there in a brooding manner, contemplating you and what your experiences offer. It's an eerie sensation because you know its watching you in such a sinister fashion, as if you were some little cockroach to squash. A coldness starts to race across your body - your arms and legs start to prickle with goosebumps and your stomach roils the longer you stay with hands upon the shell. If you aren't intimidated, you should be. The weight of the link between you and -it- becomes tighter in your chest, as if you were just knifed in the belly. Something inside suggests that if world is truly yours, you need to prove it. A sickly squelch rings in your ears as the knife twists and then pulls completely out, leaving you swiftly in your own pool of emotions.

The World Is Yours and it seems to know that you've grasped the concept or else you would not return. It doesn't feel so uncomfortable this time, the little stabbing connection leeching into your inner mind yet again, settling in those marks it has now carved out. You begin to feel something different this time, propelled back into other thoughts, comforting ones, encouraging ones. One such thought has you walking along a razors edge. It could be stone cliff beneath your feet, maybe a tight rope, or you could even be walking on air - but you know it signifies the balancing act you have to make in life. Your goals and dreams versus those around you. Your wants and desires versus the good of the common people. Your needs and the undesired outcome it could have. Do you push one aside for the other? Do you take what you want? You feel that one wrong move and you are over. Just like that, with one wrong move you could be whacked. All that work would be for naught. You have to wise up and make the best decisions. Fight on for you. Don't look down, keep your head up, open up the limits, pass the point of no return, reach for the top! *CLACK* Your thoughts are interrupted by the ominous noise, something loud, as if a chamber of a gun pulling back. The hammer is being drawn back, something malicious is aimed at you. You're likely going to sense your own fear surmounting and your own panic building. Everyone can get to the top if you reach for it, but it's how you defend it that matters. You're too close for comfort, there are precious bags of information it must protect, stolen from your mind and others, no doubt. Only one can have them - only one. The one who knows no limits…! A loud *BAM* sounds in your mind as something hot zips toward you, chasing you, searing right into your chest to force you out.

The World Is Yours so what are you waiting for? It knows you wait for it, but the world has to wait for it. It's not the right time. Yet, it still stabs with uncertainty if you are the one. Truly, it has taken a shine to you, roping you in with such mesmerizing promises, hypnotizing and captivating your thoughts. But can you handle it? Riches, power, domination. A partnership that is to the death. These are not easy things. Can you crash against the gate of your own limitations? Can you be more than what you are? Or will you sink like a stone when you're put up to the challenge. A clatter of coins spilling against a hard surface fills your ears, the hard sound of a machine reeving up, the sweet laughter of the opposite sex. Wealth, power, mates. So many paths that can be taken. The coin sound repeats in unison with that scathing laugh and an added smell of cigar smoke wafting into your mind. Finally, that sweet sound of a gun being loaded, metal clicking into metal. No one can stop it now. Abruptly a gurgling sound washes over your head, the laughter heard as if you were underwater, your lungs start to hurt, you're sinking, your feet are weighted down. All the while it watches… When you take a breath, the feeling of the mind within the shell has fled.

The World Is Yours if you can dare grab it. A stab rekindles the touch, but briefly. The grand illusion comes with a wash of darkness and the flutter of money bills being blown around from an open suitcase. It's all about power and taking control, but there's nothing left to know. Choices will be made, a reckoning will happen… A chainsaw buzz rips through your thoughts and slices through the connection. A finality there. Trespass no more.

Hatching Message

In the failing light, it appears as if the Riddled With Bullet Holes egg has made some sort of movement. If someone were watching close enough, the egg appears to be breathing, sides stretching and flexing, only to retract and pause. For now, this is all the action there is to be had from the egg.

As soon as cracks appear on the Riddled With Bullet Holes egg, the black paint of its shell flakes, as if worn out from time. Underneath each chipped piece, a thin membrane of rust remains, containing the hatchling inside for a while longer.

Finally there isn't much of the shell left to contain the dragonet inside the Riddled With Bullet Holes Egg, its vehicle of life nothing but a rust bucket now. One swift movement from the hatchling within causes the last of its walls to rip apart like a sac, leaving the hatchling egg-wet in a puddle on the sands.

Hatchling Name and Description

COLORLESS HATCHLING NAME: Big Man Do You Know How To Handle This Hatchling

COLORLESS HATCHLING DESC: Sophistication has been built into this dragon's genetics, even if it is slightly on the small end of the spectrum. Dressed in what appears to be an eloquent haze of ivory and washed out grays, the muscle of this lithe creature is rounded smoothly and tapered smartly in all directions. The hatchling has a hooked pointed muzzle which hosts a sharp bridge and is set above an elongated jaw and hollow cheeks. Heathen eye ridges are set at a slant around large iridescent eyes. The right eye is mired by what appears to be a beauty scar - distinctive as a claw mark, a badge for the battle out of the egg. Shadows are cast along the head knobs and spinal ridges, as they are worn slick-backed in style, situated to be sleek and sharp in the way they curve and drape down along the spine. Great cape-like wings adorn this beast, membranes of sails rolling in darkness, not a speck or a star to be seen throughout, simply stretched out in one solid inky mass. In dramatic contrast, a froth of ivory crashes against abdominal tuck, spraying up to the bottom of the jaw and cresting underneath to the tip of tail. Brilliant white stretches up to his knees on his hindquarters and inky talons glint, polished and sharp as a blade. The rest seems to be harder to see in the current lighting conditions.

Impression Message

« How many did you touch? How many times have you stood, waiting, wondering, believing something was wrong with you? » A strong baritone mind reaches out to touch yours in a monochromic wash, with a visual of some sort of spiritual face floating in the distance, mimicking the sadness that you have felt, eyes and mouth turned down, trickles of black inky tears racing down the stock white face. « Yet you are here, again, waiting. » You start to feel something joining you, pressing inward, those small knife like wounds in your heart are being filled with a comforting bandage, a growing light builds in your mind, something rumbles against your thoughts, « It's called perseverance, K'saw. Never give up, never turn away from the risks » Something has firmly attached itself to your mind, soul, and body, a weight as if a second you were coming into realization. It's a homely feeling, a bond that warms your heart and gives you that purpose and meaning in your life you've been searching for. « I'm glad you waited and came back for me. The world will be ours now K'saw.» As the moment of impression starts to fade, you may notice you're on the ground and a blue head is against your chest, nuzzling you, « I am Atzricath. You'll never be alone now, not with me.» A happiness that bubbles to life with warm hot light, « Let's go chase our dreams together, after we eat. »

Mindvoice Name and Description

MIND NAME: The World Is Yours

Atzricath's mind voice can be described as black and white, with a little blood in between. He has a literal mind, so while he loves his games and his studies, he doesn't use much more than black and white to express himself - not to say he doesn't do it well either! The monochrome art and shapes in his mind can come alive when he speaks with you - think of his mind like abstract inky rivers and white frothing waves that can form and merge to become anything in the scope of imagination. When he's happy, you may see more vibrant contrasts of light versus dark and a flurry of beautiful things. But when he's upset, frustrated, or angry, the world will grow dark and often you'll find he'll add in some oozing crimson blood to make it dramatic. And while he has a variety of shapes or images he uses to express himself, there'll always be some form of a basic human face lingering in his mind, oblong and with large eyes and a large mouth - like a phantom or ghostly visage of some nondescript spirit. The tone of his baritone voice he will use is thick with some sort of accent, almost Spanish in nature, but English, never you worry about understanding him! Sometimes you'll just have to really focus to catch all of what he's saying, since some words will in fact blend together.


Welcome to Weyrlinghood here at Eastern, K'saw! We are so glad to be able to welcome you to the ranks of Eastern riders and look forward to many great years to come.

The theme for this clutch was classic films and their remakes. Riddled With Bullet Holes Egg and its occupant were based off of Scarface, the dragon more based off the main character from the 1981 film, namely Tony Montana. Of course your own requests merged into the basis of the dragon, so he doesn't come off as violent or negative as Tony Montana himself. But think of him in similar lights. Atz has a tendency and desire to achieve and he will let little get in his way. One of my favorite quotes from Scarface is "All I have in this world is my balls and my word, and I don't break them for no body." It is the epitome of who Tony Montana is, he is a risk taker but at the same time if he tells you he's got your back, he does.

As for names, it was asked of us to name them with a TZ in the name as homage to the sire and dam. The only way I could achieve and tie it in with the dragon's theme was to look up in Spanish the written form for Scar Face, which is Cicatriz Cara. From that I started with the At, switched around where the Z was and bam, there's Atzricath's name. I pronounce it like "ATs-rye-cath". Feel free to pronounce it as you like!

As a reminder, all of the rptips and such are merely guidelines, play Atzricath as you see fit! We hope you enjoy your dragon and your time here at Eastern.


Personality (RP Tips)

There's something powerful in the way that Atzricath has come to this world. He's physically tough but you know it goes deeper than that. You can sense it, he has heart like no other you've ever met or come across in your life - something you felt when you touched his egg in those early days, something you've waited for all your life. Even in the smallest of things, such as the the way he carries himself, while not arrogant, he is confident with an underlying sense that he is a tiger stalking in the grass. Atzricath comes with an influential determination, a stubborn streak, incredible passion, and boundless energy put forward to learn just about everything that could possibly help him achieve the dream! The steps he takes to achieve his dreams will cause you some trouble down the road, depending on how big a dream it actually is at that time! Unlike many dreamers though, Atzricath is full on action.

Deep in Atzricath's mind, he sees the real dream and it consumes him, which sometimes can turn into a living nightmare for you - as he'll go for days or sevendays or months without relenting! Yet the dreams are versatile, no matter how many hours you spend puzzling out exactly what he wants. In one instance it could be he wants to live without fear or being afraid of anything. In another instance, he'll want to feel like a king - striving for utter perfection. Other days, you may note the dream is as simple as catching a trundlebug on his nose, or maybe lolling underneath the boroughs of a juniper tree. The moment you don't believe in yourself, he will be there, and you will be his dream. He believes in you and together dreams can be dreamt and lived. Trust in him, he trusts in you. He wouldn't be with you if he didn't believe fully in who you were and what you and he can do together. « We finish what we start, otherwise we would never get anything accomplished! »

Atzricath is a fierce dragon - fierce in a good way, unless you like living within limits set for you by others, then you may have some difficulty. « Can't do it? K'saw, that's the -perfect- reason /to/ do it! » There is no lying in him, he is honest and truthful, to the point that he can be pretty blunt with his own opinions. "What's that smell?" « Tzombeth. It's -always- Tzombeth. » He will -be- your partner and never let that slip from your mind. You're his blood and he would never betray you, he will be steadfast in his protection of you and his defense of you. When it comes to love, he is blinded by the bond he has with you. He loves you too much and will get overly protective if anyone tries any funny business - having girlfriends could be a problem, especially in the first Turn or two. « K'saw! Get away from that one! She's trying to bite you! » He may not understand why someone would have their hands on you or why your lips would have to be against another's. Seriously disobeying the rules and having carnal relations with another person will result in a frustrated trumpet to the Weyr. Once he understands a little more what's involved and why you are 'chasing' mates, he'll not leave you alone but insist he can watch - a tad awkward but this is Atzricath, curious to know it all. « You watch when I chase, why can't I watch you? »

In contrast to what may seem like some pretty serious traits, Atzricath does have his fun side. In fact, he also has his lazy side. He likes to sit back with a big chunk of meat in front of the fire or under the sun, spread his wings and just relax, especially if there's a green or a gold about to observe! He's particularly fond of lazing about once one of his big 'dreams' has been achieved, for example, he'll catch that trundlebug on his nose and decide it's time to nap in the sun, because he's earned it and this was the life he worked so hard for! Imagine the stubbornness he'll show if you're in a hurry to get somewhere, « K'saw, this is it, this is what we worked so hard for. I should be granted a moment's breath after -everything- I went through. We'll go, but, not yet. They'll understand. »

The fun times will look pretty similar. To get him out of having fun will take a lot of force from you, since he goes into tunnel vision mode and this time it's set on playtime. He'll sport around with the other dragons, whether that's a game of chase or whether it's wrestling. Winning is everything for him, he likes to be the dragon on top of things! Xtzaltuth will see most of Atzricath's play side, if only because Atzricath likes to measure himself up to his bronze sibling. He likes playing the odds and rising up to the challenge of his rivals. He has the guts and he'll go for the glory. And while the physical games can satisfy him, he does like to play more of the mental games himself. He likes to challenge the wits of his clutch siblings or even you. You may find yourself playing endless rounds of 'I spy' or 'clue' type games - for example, mangled bits of Tzombeth's smelly things are left around and Atzricath may just go through a "what am I" with her in hopes of figuring it out « Are you furry? Did you have wings? » Head bands will be another favorite for Atzricath, just get all your weyrling friends gathered in one spot to placate Atz's needs, apply sticky sap to the back of the parchment which shows a word or an illustration of what it is and have your life mates start to play. Atzricath will insist to play these games. You'll never run out of amusement with charades, pictionary, clue, I spy, head bands, even chess - anything that requires a little thought he'll thrive with.

On the opposite spectrum, Atzricath will have one major fear that you'll have to keep aware of during your life with him. It's a phobia and it's unlikely to ever disappear. Believe it or not, he's afraid of being cut. If you think about it, the scar on his face he did himself in his shell, whether or not he'll ever admit to it or understand it, one of his claws did rake against his eye at some point. It's never impacted his sight, but the fear that he could be gravely wounded again is present. Knives will make him nervous - worse, when you have to butcher meat for him, he'll insist you use something else, like… « If you just beat it with a rock… » His wings will start to flutter, his eyes will spin colors, he'll crouch away or even bear his teeth. The reactions are clear - keep knives away from him. Faranth help any renegades or anyone who ever dares to lift a knife to you! And even if other weyrlings are hiding weapons, Etzlix perhaps, he may raise the alarm - he may even do his best to get knives banned from the barracks! Whatever it takes to secure the place.

Switching back to matters of the heart, Atzricath will not just go after any dame when it comes to females, it has to be the right one. He might not form any special bonds with his female clutch siblings right off the bat, in fact, if he does, it'll likely be Tzenxineth over Tzombeth, even if the former is more unobtainable. Still, interest will likely wane and fade with those two. Instead, he may take a while to really find the dame that catches his eye. If he ever finds the 'one' he'll spend time around her regardless if she wants it or not. The more she resists, the harder he'll put on the blunt charm. « I want your tail in mine. That's it. I love you. » Or whatever dragons say to one another, he'll spit out for the special one. It -will- just be one he's interested in full time and he'll work all the harder to seduce his choice during her flight. Now if he shows interest in just -one- female, he's likely not to chase as much as he would otherwise. But, if he's a bachelor and hasn't run into his special tail, he'll go after everything that flies!

Then there's his exuberance for learning. Atz's may not be extremely bubbly about it, but he gets focused and when he gets focused, he gets curious, especially if he doesn't know anything about the subject matter at hand. « Runners? Why are they called runners? Why do they run? Why don't they have wings? Why do you ride them? Why do you need to brush them? Are they good to eat? » 20 questions all the time when he comes across something new and profound. Eventually he'll retain what he's learned, but there might be one or two things that you'd have to repeat every few sevendays while he's growing. He does take learning very seriously. He could get a little testy if he's being pestered, « Ssssh. I am trying to concentrate. C-O-N-C-E-N-trate! »

You may find that Atz will start to bring things back with him, whether you are in the barracks or when you have your own hut. These things will usually be the matter of his study and his curiosity. He'll keep it around as long as he needs to study it, but unlike Tzombeth who does enjoy to keep things well beyond their expiry date, Atz knows when the time has come to let go. He'll only go out and find something else to claim. It could be as simple as a stick from a tree « Why is it hard to break and green inside? But look at this one, it snaps easily… This requires a little more study. » Or he could try to convince you to tie up a runner or keep a chicken in your hut, « But I must understand why it makes those noises. »

In sum, Atzricath will keep you very busy and life will never be dull again!


Name Atzricath
Dam Gold Tzavayth
Sire Bronze Tzettenvonth
Created By T'us
Impress To Kershaw (K'saw)
Hatched November 18 2012
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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