Son of Valhalla Blue Askaveth

Aegan clouds roll over the chiseled snout and jaw of this blue dragon, bringing with them the full power of a raging storm. Glimpses of silver flash behind this dark blue shroud before finally erupting into a neon blaze over headknobs and spinal ridges. These beacons shine pale blue, appearing to almost pulsate with energy. Inevitably, this power is discharged as surges of lightning over billowing wingsails. Each claw is bathed in a metallic blue, speaking of danger to any who may draw this dragon's wrath. Though muscular, this dragon is well proportioned and would be a near perfect specimen…if it were not for his vision. A black scar mars the dragons eye and the area around it, and unlike his left one, it seems that this orb will never swirl with color. Here, the abyss has branded itself on this dragon, never to fade. Darkness has also left its mark on this creature's underside, but try as it might to take over this beast, it cannot. Pinpoints of celeste dot this midnight blue canvas, like stars serving as beacons of hope in the sky.

Egg Name and Description

L-egg-endary Defender Egg
A void stands on the sands where an egg should be - at least that is what it seems like from afar. As one approaches this inky abyss, it becomes clear that there is more to this shell than darkness. Swathes of deep blue and maroon sweep across this egg's surface while flecks of white and silver arrange themselves in a dizzying array of constellations. The depths of space itself seem to have been pulled from the skies and wrapped around this egg, but it is the far side that truly piques curiosity. Five circles have been embedded on this shell, each one nearly translucent - as if it were a window. Arranged from left to right, these features seem to shine yellow, blue, purple, red, and green from within, preventing a glimpse of what dragon may exist inside.

Hatching Message

L-egg-endary Defender Egg seems to glow from within, as if a life form is about to eme— on no, that’s just a healthy dusting of yellow pollen. False alarm folks!

L-egg-endary Defender Egg /definitely/ moved just then! A circular piece of shell flops onto the floor and a single claw pokes its way out…only to be immediately covered by a barrage of white fluff.

L-egg-endary Defender Egg is hatching! Or…is that another gust of white fluff? NO. No it is definitely hatching! Amidst the plant-derived haze the L-egg-endary Defender Egg seems to be disintegrating before your very eyes, much like ash being carried away by the wind. In the end, what remains is a young dragon, tail held high, legs crouched, and intense gaze directed towards the candidates.

Hatchling Name and Description

Storm Spark Hatchling
There /is/ a dragon here, yes….but at the moment this creature looks more like a rather large yellow cottonball than a dragon. What should be a smooth hide is immediately smothered by pollen as it tumbles out of its shell. Only two eyes stand out amongst that fuzzy haze, one entirely black and the other whirling with a rainbow of colors.

Impression Message

The roar of thunder sweeps you away from the sands and envelops you in a cool mist of falling rain. All around you the sky crackles with shards of lightning, illuminating golden halls of luxury. « Sonya, you have ARRIVED! Welcome! » The chill of the rain eases to a pleasant warmth. « Ah introductions, that is something you humans require is it not? I am your Askaveth and you are /mine/! » A deep rumble fills the air, as if the very storm raging above were celebrating this fact. « Come come have a seat, we will feast now! » However it seems that logistics are getting in the way, « Somewhere away from this unbearable heat. Surely there is a throne fit for us somewhere. Onwards! »

Mindvoice Name and Description

Celestial Shards
Your Askaveth's mind is a hall of opulence. Golden pillars and lush red draping serve as the backdrop to giant tables laden with food and drink. Visitors are invited to this godly feast by a deep, reverberating voice that envelops them in a welcoming warmth. Wtih anger, the scenery changes drastically . Gone is the food and drink. Instead storm clouds rage on this roofless banquet hall and lightning crackles down from above, threatening to sear any who dare incur this dragon's wrath.

Personality (RP Tips)

Oh Sonya, how big has your world been? Small? Large? Not large enough. Whatever you may have imagined for yourself is nothing compared to what stands before you now. There is more to Pern than Weyrs, and Holds, and Craft Halls. There are so many secrets that this world has yet to unveil and a universe beyond this atmosphere to explore….but not alone. Now you have Askaveth and your life will truly never be the same. « What do you /mean/ you have never been to South Bend Hold, Sonya? The sheep are lovely there. It demands our presence! » Ok, so he’s never been either, but that’s besides the point!

From the moment he shells, it will be clear that Askaveth is not "just" a blue. He is as swift as any bronze, as strong as any brown, and as ravenous as any gold. There is an abundance of potential in that body but it may not be readily apparent at first. The blindness in his right eye will hinder him at first. You will find that he is clumsy, not because he lacks grace, but because his field of vision is so limited. Whether this blindness is permanent or not (that's for you to decide), this initial issue will mean that he has to rely on you more. Because of that early /need/ for help with visualization, this at least will come much easier for you two than it may for the rest of your class.

"Maybe you're not so bad after all, brother."

Even if your Askaveth falls behind his clutchmates, he will not resent them. While Sareth and Izelyth excel at their lessons - due in no small part to their desperate need to succeed at all costs, Askaveth is happy to let them continue to spend their free time and energy to do so, with no judgement and no ill will. While his brother may receive accolades for a marvelous first flight, Askaveth will be cheerful. Of course, it helps that there are some things that he is simply naturally good at - namely anything that relies on the mental bond between you both. Navigating a maze blindfolded during early weyrlinghood will be one of his favorite activities, and the easiest.

At his core your Askaveth is kind and brave. He will always be one to give second, third, or even fourth chances. He sees the good in others even when they may have forgotten it themselves. There are times he will have trouble understanding the pragmatism of Izelyth, as the bronze unblinkingly evicts a previously trusted friend from his inner circle after one incident or another. « Izelyth, you are better than this. Roryleth was just curious about your collection, he did not mean to harm anything. » He will be the first to back Sareth up when she is diffusing a dispute in the barracks, and the first to defend her in the wake of destruction - his clutch siblings are his family, and he will do everything he can to keep them safe and happy.

"Because that's what heroes do"

Though he is a forgiving dragon, that does not mean Askaveth lacks a moral compass. His is strong. It may even be too strong. Are you used to being the center of attention Sonya? If not, get used to it. Your Askaveth will call out /any/ injustice he sees, regardless of how little or how small. Is it really any of his business? Perhaps not. But he simply /cannot/ stand aside and do nothing - not even when the offender far outranks you or himself. « Szetamarith! There is plenty of sun for everyone, you don’t need to always be the only one in the light! » Yes, please feel free to imagine your weyrling sided lifemate staring down his grandmother in the center of the Weyr.

"He's a friend from work!"

He is more than a little talkative. In fact, he will speak a /lot/. Yes, there are many dragons who only speak to their lifemates but Askaveth does not have such a limited view. Going through you for every message he wishes to send to a human is simple /tedious/. Besides, his friendship isn't only limited to other dragons. Humans, whers, canines, felines, runners…these can all be friends. Sure many of them may be alarmed when he speaks to them, but he will strike up a friendship nonetheless. In fact, you may find yourself the owner of a horde of firelizards one day. A /team/ of firelizards. Of course Askaveth will have the right to name his team! « Sonya it will me you, me, and them. I am the leader of course since I am the strongest. We will call ourselves…The Might Askaveths! Yes, a grand name, very befitting! »

Did I mention his appetite before? I did. But let me mention it again because Askaveth’s stomach is BOTTOMLESS and his taste buds adventurous. He will want to try all kinds of different foods and drinks. Are dragons supposed to have alcohol? Probably not. But he /likes/ it and he wants it anyways. « What is this /mead/ that everyone is speaking of Sonya? I must try it! Procure a barrel! » His adventurous appetite might land you both in the infirmary more than a few times, but to him it will /always/ be worth it. « Not meant for dragons, you say? No no Sonya, it isn’t mean for dragons with /weak/ stomachs .I am strong! Like a raging fire! This food cannot harm me! »

Physically, Askaveth is big for a blue - bigger than some of the smaller browns at Monaco - and so will have traded some of the agility normally attributed to his color for speed and stamina. In fact, there will be times you will marvel over his ability to cover the distance between two points without going between. That being said, while Sareth is engaging in acrobatics, he will linger, watching from a distance before simply turning to brute force his way through whatever challenge he faces. Should you ever decide to join Search and Rescue or Transport, his physique will become incredibly important. While his ability to carry large objects is truly a strength, it is his /steadfastness/ that will truly make him shine. Unlike other dragons who may find it difficult to navigate through storms, he will excel at it. He glides through raging skies with a smooth ease, almost as if he were at home amongst the raging clouds. « Fear not! I will carry these tiny humans and their items to safety! What is there to fear from a storm? This is merely child’s play!

"There's nothing wrong with women, of course, I like women. Sometimes a little too much. Not in a creepy way, just more like a respectful appreciation. I think it's great, an elite force of women warriors."

Your Askaveth is QUITE the charmer…until he puts his foot in his mouth, which he has a tendency to do. He certainly enjoys spending time with the ladies - regardless if they are showing any sign of that lovely proddy glow - and won't hesitate to take part in flights. He'll shower any potential romantic interests with compliments…though they may not always hit the mark. « Korith! Have you been exercising? You look so well defined! » Of course, he will be baffled when the green in question is less than appreciative, turning to you for some insight into women - after all, you are one, aren’t you? Hopefully his boyish charm and dazzlingly good looks will make up for that!


Hey Sonya and welcome to weyrlinghood at Monaco, hopefully you enjoy it! Askaveth was created by Reya and Wendyn…so here's a little bit more about him.

Our clutch theme was cartoons and the egg was based off of Voltron. As per request the dragon itself was based off of Thor! I drew inspiration from Thor Ragnarok for his description, particularly when it came to his eye. The name for your dragon is based off of the Swedish word for thunder.

Everything written here really is just a suggestion, so feel free to make changes as you see fit. There are so many directions your Askaveth can take you, and it's up to you two to decide where you both go!


Name Son of Valhalla Blue Askaveth
Dam Gold Kiyaszaeth
Sire Bronze Elsvruth
Created By Reya & Wendyn
Impress To Sonya
Hatched August 23, 2020
Monaco Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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