Onyx-gold Arolaeth is the lifemate of Syra. She was not only strong minded, but vile tempered and known for her mind voice of lightening and clutches of black eggs. Arolaeth was thin, gaunt, and quite a distinctive and commanding figure at Eastern, even after her "retirement" as senior gold.

Dragon Description

Startling black gold ravishes cross hide, sneaking into contours and crevices as if seeking to obliterate all light as clouds might mask the starlight; true obsidian coats glassy crescent-moon talons. That is her beauty, if one can call it that: the harsh, chill radiance of the night sky and the distant constellations, along with the bite of the winds in the northernmost wastes. Harsh is made harsher by the lack of flesh, the emaciated frame that almost suggests a lack of nourishment; that thinness and narrow body, the prominence of bones and the deep-set eyes lends a misleading frailty. Yet forget neither the lean, wiry strength inherent, nor the self-assurance and grace obvious in her every movement. There yet remains hope for light, however; gossamer-fine sails strung between pronounced wing-bones are marked defiantly. The finest shades of gold - rich honey, Rukbat herself, the superior work of some smith - splash through delicate veins in the form of incandescent arcs and lace-forms, as at odds with the rest of her as she is with others of her color.


Name Gold Arolaeth
Dam Gold Samanth
Sire Bronze Zaristh
Created By
Impress To Syra (Sylara)
Hatched January 21, 2000
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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