Shield of Steel and Fury Bronze Aeldhiyth

Dragon Description

Gold-glazed bronze, awash with translucent azure highlights, has been painstakingly forged and reforged time and again, until from the flames has emerged a massive paragon of draconic form. Blocks and angles unite with nary a curve to be seen, a suggested stolid solidness belied by the bellicose glint in eyes that whirl beneath heavy-set brow. Forge-soot stains the ridges which march with martial precision from crown to the tip of his broad, blunt tail, darkening the warm amber with a dusting of ebony. A jagged streak of blue interrupts the burnished plating, creasing above and below the whirling left eye and across the broad cheek to create chink, a fault, a point of exploitation in his otherwise immaculate shield. Aureate armor encases brawny bulk, polished to steel-blue along the joints, the cool hue accenting his richly burnished complexion, glinting as to highlight the deliberation behind each precisely timed movement. Thick, meaty limbs never taper, only end abruptly in broad feet, the oversized argent talons tipping his paws with finely-honed blades. Only his wings flow and curve, broad and long and impossibly agile for one so colossal, the rich golden hues of his body darkening to brass along the long, thin spars, tattered sails brindled in shades of copper and rust and cream, striated with jolting slashes of electrified cobalt, staining his wings like lifelong scars.


Egg Name and Description

The Unbroken Bastion Egg
Silvery stone rises, block by rough-hewn block from base to apex, enclosing this massive egg in impenetrable defense. Across one curving side drapes royal blue, a splash of vibrant cobalt across the stormy grey shell that does nothing to soften the stony arc beneath. Regal folds are crisscrossed by scrawling golden lines; aureate etchings which march with leonine purpose across the ultramarine drapery, leaving behind the proud impression of power and nobility in unending, unbroken line.

Hatching Message

Amidst the din of hatching, the grind of stone on stone echoes loudly across the Sands as the Unbroken Bastion Egg rocks in its sandy cradle, dust sifting across its shell in the pale moonlight.

Granite chips and crumbles, cloth ripples and shreds, cracks tracing the mortar between stones as the Unbroken Bastion Egg shifts in its nest, under siege from within.

The Unbroken Bastion Egg shatters from the assault within, stone-hued shards flying sharply outwards in a glittering explosion, leaving behind a find mist of dust to obscure the massive form of its previous occupant.

Hatchling Name and Description

Shadow of the Mountain Hatchling
Massive, mountainous, without curve or arc to soften the blocky bulk, this hatchling hulks in the moonlight, awash in monochrome silver. Wing or limb, tail or muzzle, each piece is shrouded in shadow, indistinct from the next and making it difficult to gauge the true dimensions of the beast. With each movement, light glints and refracts, briefly defining a joint here, a spar there, before splintering into nothingness once more. Only whirling eyes remain steadily visible, the beat of red-orange hunger pulsing in that searching gaze.

Impression Message

Murmurs edge into your thoughts, unintelligible and indistinct, the soundtrack of daily life. Winding through the low buzz of the teeming throng, a sweet wind from the east brings the scent of baking bread and fresh water, all overlaid with the sharp, spicy musk of cinnamon. Then, a bass voice booms and echoes, shattering the idyllic mood as it crackles through your mind. « Ho, Xh'vyr! It's about time you got here. So much to do, and only us two to do it properly. » Laughter thrums, singing through your mind and down your spine. « I am yours, and I am also Aeldhiyth. » The wind shifts, edging towards westward, the sharp copper scent of blood teasing across the din in warning. « First, though, a quest. We need ten fat herdbeasts and a brace of wherries. Are you up to the task? »

Mindvoice Name and Description

Battered, Bowed, but Unbroken
Aeldhiyth’s mind is crowded - he is a bastion and his mind reflects that - the constant murmur of the crowd, the swell of unintelligible voices always underlying his thoughts, their tone reflecting his mood. When he is himself, the crowd is peaceful - a day at the market, the throngs making their way through the streets on their daily business, a pleasant counterpoint to his hulking, protective presence. Foremost are the scents of cinnamon, baking bread, and fresh, clean water - the scents of a happy civilization.

When the savage takes over, however, his mind becomes a battlefield, murmurs swelling to shouts, the sounds of daily life shifting to steel on steel and flesh against flesh. Pleasant smells are drowned beneath the effluvia of dirt and dung, the stench of unwashed bodies, all awash with the sharp, copper tang of blood. When the carrion wind begins to blow from the west and brings with it the tang of ash and blood, you know that the beast is upon him.


"Some say I am no better than those we fight! That I am the monster. Well, if so, then I am the monster you need! I am the one ferocious enough to strike fear in the very heart of darkness! The one who has the courage to do whatever it takes to protect humanity from the abyss!"

Egg: The egg theme was “Fantasy Places”, and the Unbroken Bastion Egg was based on, as you guessed, Stormwind Castle - Home of the High King and main seat of the Alliance. This massive bastion has been assaulted and besieged but never broken. Rebuilt after the depredations of the Horde during the Second War, it withstood even the fury of Deathwing as he reshaped the world during the Cataclysm. It provides a stalwart bulwark against the Horde, the Defias, and others who would prey on the innocent citizens of the Alliance.

Mind voice: Continuing the egg theme, the mind theme was “Fantasy People” - particularly one associated with the egg’s place. Stalwart Child of Light is based on Anduin Wrynn. In the egg, Aeldhiyth retains much of Anduin’s innocence - unfortunately, much of this is lost upon hatching, and by the time he comes to you, he is Battered, Bowed, but Unbroken - much older, wiser, and world-worn, but in command of himself all the same.

Mind description: Aeldhiyth’s mind has two forms: when he is calm, it takes the form of a bustling castle town - Stormwind, natch - where the citizens go about their lives in peace, knowing that they come under the protection of a fierce and loving warrior. When his savage side is roused, however, his mind is a gladiatorial arena which echoes the violence of his emotions, complete with clashing combatants, carnage, and bloodshed.

Dragon Name: Aeldhiyth is based on the arabic words for “Wolf” (Aldhiyb) and “Leader” (Zaeim). You asked for words with double vowels, double consonants, and an arabic feel - and, well, it kind of just fell into our hands. Also, the words totally look like dragons. See?

زعيم الذئب - Zaeim Aldhiyb

Dragon Inspiration: If you haven’t guessed by now, your dragon is based on Varian Wrynn, also known as Lo’gosh, the Ghost Wolf. You initially asked for a wolf, and this was the very first thing that sprang to mind. When you changed your mind later and asked for an imperfect, “broken” character - well, I didn’t see what needed to change. Varian Wrynn is impatient, hot-headed, and very quick to rage - he is also a devoted father, a fierce protector, and a ruler who believes his duty to his people and their safety is paramount. He was chosen by Goldrinn, the wolf Ancient, to embody the spirit of Lo’gosh, the immortal ghost wolf known to every civilization on Azeroth for his implacable fierceness in battle and his devotion to the defense of the world. He was literally split in two by the black dragon Onyxia and later fused back together - but the two Varians lived distinctly within the High King’s mind until the day he sacrificed his life to allow his people to flee Gul’dan. He is, literally, of two minds - the devoted, protective king and the fierce, vicious warrior. Varian may have been a man scarred inside and out by the troubles of his life, but he did not let it define him - instead he turned his weaknesses into strengths and your Aeldhiyth will do the same.

Personality (RP Tips)

“I am Varian, but I am also Lo’Gosh.”

Hold on to your hat, Xh’vyr. You’re going to have your hands full with this one! Aeldhiyth is a dragon of two natures. First, he is the righteous leader whose primary duty is to his people and his Weyr, to protect the innocent, to succor the weak, and to provide aid to those in need. He is also the savage warrior, the bloody gladiator who fights without pause or mercy, for a cause no more noble than that it is his very nature to do so. From the moment he hatches, Aeldhiyth walks a fine line between king and warlord, noble and brute, and will always be in danger of succumbing to the dark half of his nature.

"The fury, the anger, must have purpose! It must be the righteous anger of one defending his family, his home, and his friends."

For the most part, Aeldhiyth keeps his more feral aspect in check - his natural inclination towards leadership helps him control the beastly fury that often simmers just beneath the surface and channels that extra energy towards more productive emotions. He understands, instinctively, that he must maintain a tight grip on his temper and savagery and isn’t afraid to focus his awesome willpower to burying his temper beneath a mountain of noble intentions. And, of course, he always knows he can count on you to keep him from falling from the precipice.

Nobody is perfect, however, and sometimes circumstances conspire against Aeldhiyth’s hard-won control. During those moments where the beast claws its way forth and takes over, it will be up to you, Xh’vyr, to keep him grounded and lucid. Although humans have no concern from Aeldhiyth’s loss of control - even in his most violent rages, he would never break that basic draconic precept - other dragons may feel the sting of his sharp tongue and sharper claws should they fall afoul of him at this time. It will be up to you to find a way to slake his beast’s hunger that leaves the Weyr relatively unscathed - whether it be a slaughter-fest through the feeding grounds, a long, high flight, a dip in the ocean, or some other method that you and he discover together.

« Xh’vyr - let’s go hunting. Like… now. I really have to go.»
“But, you just ate this morning. You shouldn’t be hungry for a few days.”
« Who said anything about eating? Now, Xh’vyr. …Please. »

You are not Aeldhiyth’s subordinate, you are his equal, and he treats you as such. He would never arbitrarily order you around, nor would he demand - but he’s not above making ‘suggestions’ that, with the force of his personality behind them, come across as rather autocratic. He’ll generally catch himself and tack on a [grudging] please or thank-you - but sometimes you might find yourself needing to pull him up short and reminding him that he is not, despite how he might feel about it, the lord of all he surveys. Even should it come to pass that he happens to be the Weyrleader’s dragon.

And while he may give you the respect any contemporary peer may expect, his clutchmates and even many older dragons may find themselves confronted by his autocratic nature more than once. Some of his siblings might be… less than pleased by this particular facet of their brother’s personality - which you may hear about on a regular basis. Be prepared to face your fellow Weyrlings - and the Weyrlingmaster staff - about your dragon’s more imperial instincts.

“Why, exactly, is R’and coming over here like his ears are on fire?”
« I don’t know what you mean? »
“Do you have to provoke him? You know how Moreth gets when you start telling him what to do.”
« Maybe if he’d listen, we wouldn’t have to keep having this conversation. »

As a young dragon, Aeldhiyth will be more inclined to listen to those who are older and more experienced, especially those who have their own legends attached. While rank will have its own cachet in his mind, and he’ll pay [some] respect to those with power, it’s those who have made a name for themselves around Pern - whether having effected a daring rescue, caught an inordinate number of golds, or some other feat - physical or otherwise - that has earned his name a place in Pernese history. He’ll be inclined to seek out and cultivate those whom he ultimately hopes to emulate, and initially will dismiss those he does not deem worthy of adulation or respect.

“Hm. I used to think leadership was all about strength. I see things more clearly now - it's a little bit of give, a little bit of take. It's about binding people together. A bundle of sticks is not easily broken.”

It will take time and experience, but eventually, Aeldhiyth will grow to see that even those who do not lead, who do not do great deeds or plant their names in the hearts and minds of others are still valuable members of society. Everyone, from the youngest Weyrling to the oldest Uncle contributes to the good of the Weyr - and those who don’t need to be refocused until they do - or until they can be removed to a place where their uselessness does not affect the health and prosperity of his domain.

« I never really realized just how useful Szetamirath’s actually is. She seems so… flighty. »
“That’s… one word for it.”
« But she really lights up a place when she’s around it. Everyone seems to like her. »
“There are… reasons for that. But yeah, she’s handy to have around.”
« Oh…Oh! I… see. »


Zaedhiyth is a large mountain of a bronze - his movements are deliberate, and he lacks the agility and speed of many of his smaller, leaner cousins. He may never be a top contender in green flights - these small, swift dragons can easily fly rings around him, and any blue and many browns can easily show him up. For his part, greens hold little interest to him other than another method of slaking the beast, and unless you show a particular interest in a green’s rider, he won’t be inclined to chase unless she’s one of those he’s come to respect, or the beast makes its demands clear.

But golds? Stamina and strength are key for a good gold flight, and these are attributes that Aeldhiyth has in spades. He is, of course, not guaranteed to win every flight - but you can be assured that you’ll be spending your fair share of time on the Sands. And believe you, when he sires a clutch, you will be heavily involved from the moment she clutches until the last of the hatchlings has found its way off the Sands. Aeldhiyth isn’t just a father - he’s a Dad, and his protective nature extends to his offspring at all stages of life, from newly laid egg until they’re grown and taking on their own duties and beyond. Even once they’ve broken shell and found their lifemates, he’ll remember them and know them when he sees them. As they mature and make their own mark on the world, his pride in their accomplishments will be as strong as he feels for his own.

« Xh’vyr! Did you hear? Kyldieth made Wingleader at Telgar Weyr! »
“Which one was that one again?”
« Xh’vyr, don’t you remember? He was the second brown to hatch from the first clutch I sired with Aurieth at Telgar. »
“Oh. Right. Which one is Aurieth, again?”

There’s a catch. There’s always a catch with Aeldhiyth. Because he prefers to be front and center to guard his clutch, you’ll find yourself visiting other Weyrs for extended periods of time whenever he manages to catch a foreign queen. The problem is, Aeldhiyth loathes being away from the Weyr for longer than a day or two at a time. It’s tantamount to a phobia with him, the fear that his people will suffer without his leadership. The beast will become stronger, more vicious, the longer he is away and you and he will struggle more to keep it under control. On the plus side, once he does return home, it’s all hail the conquering hero, and his beast will be slaked for a while.

Aeldhiyth will make many mistakes over the course of his life - who doesn’t? - but one he will never make is not learning from them. Your dragon’s mind is sharp, his memory is long, and he’s aware of the burden that rests upon his massive shoulders to be a bastion for his Weyr and weather any storm. He’ll learn who to listen to, who he may safely ignore, and who best to cultivate for his own edification and the benefit of the Weyr. He’ll never be free of the savage warrior within his breast, but with your help, he can keep it tamed to his hand and direct its passion for the betterment of all.


Name Shield of Steel and Fury Bronze Aeldhiyth
Dam Gold Fuerioth
Sire Bronze Elenth
Created By Jazhira (and SearchCo!)
Impress To Xh'vyr
Hatched 30 September 2018
Monaco Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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