Roses in Ebony and Green Adrith

Dragon Description

Cloaked in rich, dark emerald, all the edges and points that make up this green seem emphasized that much more. The deep green hues gather upon the sleek lines of her wings, the spars serving as sharp divisions that cross each hunter-hued sail, the same darkness sweeping down her lean body, and winding around to cover her underside. Hints of fern accent each of her sharp joints, and touch the almost razer-like ridges that run the length of her back, the brightest points upon her form. The darkest, meanwhile, is a delicate, almost lace-like patch of green so dark it may be mistaken for ebony in anything but the perfect light which rests upon her shoulders and neck, draping over her chest, the web-like pattern making her long neck seem longer. Even her eyeridges and headknobs seem to have a sharpness to them, her muzzle long and lean, speckled in the same near ebony, casting faceted eyes into sharper relief.

Egg Name and Description

Crystaline Sharpness Egg
Perhaps just this once a miracle of miracles has placed an ovid made of glass upon the sands. Slick and wet is the surface, casting light off it at every angle. Instead of round and squat, this egg is sharp to say the least. Sleek sides taper upward from the thick base that's nestled in the sands to the near needle sharp apex that reaches upward to make this egg taller then others around it by far.

Hatching Message

Did it move? Crystaline Sharpness Egg flinches slightly, barely shifting it seems or did it? Could it have been a trick of the plumes of fog rolling about that made it seem that the glossy ovid actually moved…only time will tell.

Shudder and rock, ripple and twitch. The time has come for Crystaline Sharpness Egg to move in earnest now. Tiny flakes of glossiness trickle downard along the sides of the shell leaving ever growing gaps where hints of what lays within can be glimpsed until again it falls silent.

In a burst of glass like shards that fly hither and yon, slicing through the banks of fog, Crystaline Sharpness Egg comes apart in a grand display. What is left behind is quickly hidden by the rolling clouds, shrouding it until the hatchling becomes a spector watching all from the shadows of the sands.

Hatchling Name and Description

Ghost of Shadows Hatchling
Light and dark mingle so well upon this hatchling, hiding all that it is with their ever moving dappling. No hint of length or girth can be seen, nor really just how big it really is. Wings stir the fog, making it cling here and there a bit more and a little less in other places. Tails and paws toss sand and shards against it's damp hide, again masking it further as it observes everything about it.

Impression Message

Even as the fog on the sands part, so do those in your mind. In moment you are totally alone and in the next you are not. A mental hand rests upon one of your shoulders, pulling your attention towards matters at hand. « Makail…No M'kai…I need to know something » The voice gentle yet it has a strength to it. The sensations of this new mind settling into yours is no longer alien, it's as if you have been together all along. « We are a team now My M'kai. M'kai and Adrith, Adrith and M'kai. » There's a silence, even the sounds of the hatching sands around you stay muted. « What I need to know M'kai…is that you will love me Forever. » The silence ends and you find yourself looking into the eyes of your lifemate, she knows already that your heart is hers from this point on, but a girl always likes to hear it.

Mindvoice Name and Description

In Search of the Truth
All rolled together your greens mind is a mix of rules and regulations paired with a more laid back, laughter filled, yet strong work ethics. Yes I know it sounds odd and really your lovely lady is just one of those unique dragons that may often have people and other dragons looking at her like she's off her proverbial rocker. Often the faint clicking of machines at work will fill her mind when she speaks, though you may also find the sounds of the waves, the wash of water over rocks as well. Colors…well she tends to love all things in the dark range of hues, it's just the way she is. When she speaks which is often, and there will be times when you must remind her to slow down as really she will sound like someone who has drank far to much Klah all day long. Her voice is not soprano in tone nor exactly an alto either but somewhere inbetween really.


Congratulation Makail…M'kai on impressing this wonderful green that we created for you!

Her eggs theme was the Season Winter, Icicles to be more on point. Her personality theme was TV Shows, hers being NCIS's Gibbs and Abby

S'u created her desc while Nadina created the rest of her. She's a unique mix of both of those strong characters, and she was so much fun weaving together with you in mind.

Her name Adrith comes from the Latin word Adri which means Dark One, which goes with your request for a name that was short and easy to pronounce and I found it fitting that it went so well with her desc too.

Please know that you are not bound to play Adrith by what was written in her RPTips, those are just our thoughts on her personality, ideas to give you a start but you are free to play her in any way you wish.

Once again Congratulations on impressing here at Monaco Bay Weyr, we are so happy to have you join us here!

Personality (RP Tips)

From the start Adrith is a hard worker, following the rules but toeing the line whenever she deems it appropriate. The one thing that will set her apart from her siblings is her love of the dark. She can't give you a reason why she loves it so but she does. In the barracks she will refuse all those couches that are near the doorway and will drag you towards the very back where she will pick out the one that is almost confined and deathly dark. Adrith can also be one heck of a chatter box, like someone who has drank far to much Klah..oh And speaking of Klah she will try to convince you to let her try a mug?a pot?a large helping of it, well sweetened. She will try to tell you she needs the pick me up, but really she just wants one more thing for you and her to share and something else to make her even more different from the others. « I heard that Nadina lets Pyrith sample all the wines she wishes?.What is wine? Will I like it? Let's try it?pleeeeease. »

Once your training begins she will be right there by your side, pushing herself to her limits to prove herself to you. There will be times during your practice of skills that you have learned that day and on other days that she will stop, give you a look and blatantly tell you « I need music to do that. » Oh Yes she loves music, the louder and crazier the better in her way of thinking.

Out on the hunting grounds, she will be a little out of place at first, needing you to remind her that no one is perfect. « Look at Verenath, she took down that big one without a hint of trouble. » It's then that you will have to give her one of those much needed pep talks to get her back and trying again until she gets the job done. The one thing that she will not need talks about is flying. Your lady may not be a natural at hunting but she's a born pro in the skies, to the point where you will have to fight with her at first to come back down so that she doesn't harm herself or overexert and end up grounded until the WLM or AWLMs decide that she is well enough again .

Now when you need a reminding that you aren't perfect, that you need to get back on track you will very often feel a mental smack to the back of your head, not hard enough to hurt you but enough to get your attention. « Your not done yet » her tone stern but loving all in the same. « There's work to be done yet. »

She will grow and change in the blink of an eye it seems, though you will have your battles with her each day. While others love to bathe in the bright warmth of day, your Adrith will prefer to bathe either as close to dusk as possible or waking you to scrub her before the first rays of light break the sky. She prefers these quiet one on one moments with you, where not another soul breaks your quiet conversations. This habit will continue on into adult hood, it becomes a ritual for you, a time where you can both get on the same page.

When Adrith needs time away from all the others she will seek out a place near the water where she can watch the boats, and if by chance there is someone building a raft or more, then she will want to watch them, often musing that she wished she could lend a hand?err claw to them.

Once she hits her maturity, it will be time for her to take to the skies and taunt those males that will inevitably give chase. She will make quick work of blooding beasts and will wait til the males are taking their beasts before launching skyward without giving a hint. No long, drawn out flight for her, she likes them fast and furious, she wants the males to prove they are what she needs before she will allow that one, that special one to carry her away. Once it's said and done, she will be back to herself, chattery at times and quiet, thinking at others.


Name Roses in Ebony and Green Adrith
Dam Gold Isanath
Sire Bronze Marzoth
Created By Nadina & S'u
Impress To M'kai (Makail)
Hatched 01 April 2016
Monaco Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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