Beds Are Burning

How do we rest while the eggs are turning?
Where will they sleep now the beds are burning?

It's been quite some time since the last fire, so long that many had forgotten that there was anything suspicious at all about the first one. But when the weyrling barracks suddenly fill with smoke there's no doubt this time that something is greatly amiss. Dragons called, bells rang, buckets appeared from almost every corner of the weyr, and after far too long a time the fire was eventually put out.

The barracks themselves are gutted of everything not made of stone, and the fire appears to have been started in a large storage cavern off the rear of the main room. The few Weyrlings that remained, all close to graduation, have been shuffled off to their own private residences across the Weyr and the Weyrlingmaster team have turned their hand to cleanup as much as training the youngsters - there's even a rumour that the storage cavern will be made into an office instead.

But what of the fire? Surely now someone needs to investigate this! And how long will it be until the next one?

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