No Blood, Just Misery!

And thus shall the tears of the innocent (and not-so-innocent) rain down, for doom has come to Monaco. Or in other words, Fuerioth has begun sporting a quite fearsome glow and both she and Reya have started their rampage. Reya's "crazy" has certainly been dialed up several notches, and it might explain why the Weyr residents are giving her a wide berth when she walks by. No one has been maimed (permanently) as of yet, but there's still time for that! The advice being circled around the Weyr, right now? RUN, because she's coming for all of you.

OOC: The time is nigh! Fuerioth's open flight for Monaco's next PC clutch will be held on January 5th at 7pm CST. Again, this is an open flight! The winner will be bronze, but all are welcome to attend!

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