Crash and Burn

Which woke people first, the screaming or the smell, remains a matter for debate, but it was a very rude awakening that the weyr received. By the time any sort of group assembled the stables were well aflame with several of the stablehands risking their own lives in an attempt to rescue their charges - though perhaps not her best plan Quinn was instrumental in aiding with the rescue efforts, putting her own life at risk in the process. Doktah also came close to being amongst the casualties thanks to a fleeing runner, but in the end it was she that first spotted something amiss behind the henhouse. A body! Kellanar and Dashiel's investigations found not one but two casualties, neither of whom were close enough to the fire to be direct victims.

So what happened?

For the time being nobody knows. The losses in the stables were significant with only four runners being saved and the building itself gutted. But what of the people that were found? They remain under close guard - one still unconscious, the other unable to remember anything.

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