Burn, baby...Burn?!

Monaco has been quiet….far too quiet. Perhaps the lull of winter had seduced its residents into behaving, but of course peace can never last for very long at /that/ Weyr. It was well past dinner when the smell of smoke began winding its way through the kitchens and into the living caverns, prompting a very irate brownrider to barge in and not so politely ask "WHERE IN FARANTH'S NAME ARE MY BUBBLIES?! THEY BETTER NOT BE BUR-"…..well, he never quite got to finish that sentence. Not because he died mind you. Instead he was taken aback by a fire burning quite nicely in one of the kitchen's trash bins. It didn't take long for help to be called over and the flames put out, but it seems that investigations are under way. After all, trash bin fires don't just start themselves.

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