==== Sr. Apprentice Healer

Sex Male
Craft Healer
Rank Senior Apprentice
Speciality Wound Care
Birthplace Fort Weyr
Home Monaco Bay Weyr
Alias Dax
Theme Song "Iris" ~Goo Goo Dolls


If it's not the sheer size of this man that catches attention, it's the scars which cover the entire right side of his body. The twisted and remodeled tissue couldn't have been from anything other than a fire and marks this senior apprentice healer as a survivor if nothing else. Everything is well healed, including the region around where his right ear once was. For those that can look beyond his melted flesh, his startling 6'6" frame is decidedly muscled complete with an angular jawline which a very short and maintained stubble along it. His lips are neither thin or thick but rather somewhere in the middle with a nose above that is unremarkable but compliments his features. Hazel-green eyes consistently contain a sadness even when accompany a rare smile; nearly always downcast and refusing to meet another's gaze for too long. His single eyebrow on the left is slightly tipped on its out most edge but otherwise juts straight across in its place and can be oddly expressive as if making up for the loss of his other. The thickness of his hair is short kept, especially so on the sides and back, but the top has enough wave to suggest were it longer it would most definitely curl maddeningly. Clothing is a simple affair with tunic, breeches, belt and boots. On one shoulder is a knot depicting him as an senior apprentice of the healercraft currently posted to Monaco Bay.


Something happened back at Fort, a terrible something a little over a decade ago which left Dax horribly scarred physically and emotionally. He hasn't been back to any weyr since, well until recently, when he was posted to Monaco bay in preparation of his advancement from senior apprentice to journeyman in a few turns. There was no getting around that. The gentle giant, independently raising his younger twin siblings Kehtix and Mitdey after the death of their parents, accepted the position with grace but his quiet demeanor might mean a prolonged stay if he doesn't learn to open up.


Name Relation Location Postion
M'kai Weyrmate Monaco Bay Flame Wingrider
Kexid Father Fort Weyr Deceased
Temahry Mother Fort Weyr Deceased
Kehtix Brother Monaco Bay Weyrbrat
Mitdey Sister Monaco Bay Weyrbrat



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