Weyrling Schedule

Week 1 – Rider Basics!

  • RL Dates: September 30-October 6

Welcome to weyrlinghood, congratulations, this is your first step into becoming a rider!

Now that you're off the sands, there's a couple of things that you will need to know in order to survive your first couple of weeks. In this period, you will be expected to be with your dragon whenever they are asleep, which is going to be quite a bit. And whenever they're awake, expect them to be incredibly hungry! So, you will be taught how to cut up the meat, how much to feed your lifemate, and how to oil them and look for rough spots.

It's no mystery but dragons are incredibly clumsy creatures when they're first born. They'll be knocking into things, destroying things, and they're far from the graceful creatures that they'll eventually grow into be. So this week you'll be expected to learn how to take care of yourselves and your lifemates. You'll learn how to provide basic first aid to yourselves and you'll also be taught the basic anatomy of dragons. This week you'll also be expected to start your training regimen that you'll be going through for the rest of weyrlinghood. The first thing you'll be doing every morning is going through a exercises that consists of running through the bowl while your dragons stretch their wings and go through their own training.

Get ready to fill your empty heads, for this month they'll be so packed with information that you'll forget what it was like to have spare space. This week you'll learn what each wing does and what is expected of being a wingrider. You'll also learn how to present yourself when you're in a different area, you'll be expected to learn how to dance, how to compose yourself, and how to settle disputes between holders and weyrs. You'll also start to learn how to defend yourselves. You'll be practicing hand-to-hand combat at first, and then you'll move onto staffs, and finally you'll work with a practice blade later on in the month.

Traditional Lesson: Cleaning and Care.
Weyrling Challenge Event: Getting through a maze with obstacles blindfolded, with your lifemate's help.

Week 2 – Ground Drills & Straps

  • RL Dates: October 7-October 13

We'll be practicing running drills on the ground and acting much like a real wing does. You'll be taught the various formations and how each formation contributes in a different way and how they were used in the past. You'll also be making your dragon straps, get used to working with leather, for you'll be making multiple straps throughout weyrlinghood as your dragon continues to outgrow your straps. They won't be anything fancy at first, but will need to be fully functional.

Traditional Lesson: Ground Drills.
Weyrling Challenge Event: Relay Race on dragonback.

Week 3 - Hunting and Flying

  • RL Dates: October 14-October 20

This month you'll actually be on top of your dragons, we'll be doing mounted drills this week. And instead of just using dragons, the riders will have more interaction with their dragons and act like a real wing does except on the ground. Also, now the dragons will be able to fill their stomachs on their own, but don't expect them to make a lot of catches, for dragons are still fairly clumsy on the ground and they'll need to pounce and be extra-sneaky in order to seize their meal.

Your dragons are finally taking to the air! Get ready to strap yourselves in, because you're in for a bumpy ride! They can now also hunt entirely for themselves. No more cutting up meat to supplement their diet. They'll be gliding for short periods of time at first, not more than a couple of feet off of the ground and it's more of an exaggerated jump than actual flight. As the month wears on, they'll be flying for much longer and higher over the bowl. Your dragons will also be practicing flying in formation with other dragons in order to build up their wing muscles.

Traditional Lesson: First Flight.
Weyrling Challenge Event: Mapping an area/Finding a small object from up high.

Week 4 - Firestone and Flamethrowers

  • RL Dates: October 21- October 27

FIRE! *ahem* Try not to burn down the weyr for today you're dragons will be breathing fire…and smelling like acid. You'll be practicing safe techniques for flaming, as well as how to use a flamethrower. All weyrlings (except goldriders) will be expected to learn both firebreathing and flamethrowers.

We'll be practicing as a real wing today, and now that you can flame, we'll even have a fake threadfall that you can test your skills against. Do you have what it takes to match riders of days of old? Want to know what it felt like to be back in threadfall? Well, now you'll get your chance!

Traditional Lesson: Flaming.
Weyrling Challenge Event: Firestone tossing. Passing bags from rider to rider in the air.

Week 5 - Between

  • RL Dates: October 28-November 3

Black, blacker, blackest And all of pern is your oyster! What's as cold as between? The mountains of High Reaches Weyr! And you'll be able to go there if you want. Want to go see Ista's black beaches? Blink and you're there!

Traditional Lesson: Between.
Weyrling Challenge Event: Scavenger Hunt through Pern, teams grouped with a rider for safety.

Week 6 - Mating Flights & Weyrs

  • RL Dates: November 4 - November 10

It's that dreaded lesson everyone loves to hate. Where do baby dragons come from? What happens when a green goes up? All these questions and more will be answered, so long as you don't mind blushes that go around! You'll finally be getting your weyrs as well, and you'll be allowed to have sex after this day.

Today you'll be flying people up and down about the weyr. Someone wants to go to a ledge? Why they'll flag down the local weyrling to give them a ride up. Someone want their stuff delivered? Weyrling postal delivery at your service! Expect to have to do random duties that anyone wants you to do.

Traditional Lesson: Mating Flights.
Weyrling Challenge Event: NPCs only flight.

Week 7 - Wing Shadowing, Exams, and Graduation

  • RL Dates: November 11 - November 17

You'll be following after real wings for this month, you'll be switching between the various wings and shadowing a rider and following them as they go along their various duties. This is a good time to ask any questions that you haven't been able to ask yet as you work with riders and their dragons to figure out your place in the weyr.

This is what you've been waiting all of weyrlinghood…so long as you pass the test to make sure you've actually filled those thick heads of yours. And if you have? Congratulations, you're now full riders and all of Pern shall fear you!


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