Weyrling Rules

Welcome to weyrlinghood! There aren't that many rules, but if you have any questions about anything just ask!

1. No visitors in the barracks. Period. The only people OK'd to be in the barracks are weyrlings, WLM-staff, and weyr leadership (WW, WL, WiL) and the latter only for instructional or disciplinary purposes, otherwise all visits must happen on the beach or in another part of the Weyr.

2. Please see our weekly schedule to see when the dragons are allowed to explore farther than the weyrling training areas!

3. No /between/ until after the /between/ lesson. Period. Anyone trying to go /between/ prior to that would ICly likely be lost /between/, so just don't if you value your dragon.

4. Try not to fight, but of course ICC=ICA

5. Please look at the weekly weyrling schedule to see when ~romance~ is allowed. No sex. Sex is even more dangerous than fighting for young dragons because it makes them think you love someone else more than them.

6. Please see the weekly weyrling schedule to see when you can drink. Now that you have a young mind linked to yours, it's essential that you don't let that mind be muddied. A drunken mind can cease to answer a dragon's need and cause a young dragon to panic, thinking you've died.

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