Candidate/Search FAQ

SearchCo Questions

Who picks the Candidates and the Impressions?
There are two possibilities as to who picks the Impressions. Either the SearchCO will pick Impressions, asking for advice from the candidate class, and occasionally the Weyr at large, or the Impressions will be chosen randomly. The method used is the choice of the clutch dam, and the SearchCO as a whole.

Who is/will be on the Search Committee?
The SearchCO is made of players who have a character at Monaco, are not applying to become a Candidate with any alt and who have volunteered. It sometimes also includes the clutch sire if he comes from out-Weyr and wishes to contribute.

This cycle's Search Committee is:
A'she, I'aija, R'en, Reya, and Wendyn

Will I be logged? What might be logged?
Your RP may be logged so that SearchCO members who haven't been able to to RP with you can get an idea of what your RP is like. We will not log RP that is not in a public place and we will not log OOC data unless it is evidence of an offense. (IE, saying sexually explicit things on the PG-13 rated Monaco knot.) We will do our best to keep all logs within their context. Though we know that some people are uncomfortable being watched and logged, it can only improve your chances of impression because it lets us see more and more of you.

Clutch Questions

Who are the parents of this clutch?
Monaco's next clutch will be in Cycle July 4th through August 23rd and the parents will be Gold Kiyaszaeth and Bronze Elsvruth.

How many PC Impressions will there be?
There will be at most 6 PC impressions as per the rules in +help search. Though it /is/ possible to have as many as 8 candidates impress, this requires randomizing the clutch, which prevents us from being able to definitely give people their preferred colors and things of that nature so we're likely to avoid it.

Do I have to know someone at the Weyr IC or OOC to impress?
Nope nope nope! We welcome new blood and old. Search isn't a popularity contest. It's about going out and showing Co how you play and what you enjoy. Search is about being your best. We look at your apps and logs to decide search, not your posse.

Will there be a PC gold in this clutch? How about bronze?
The contents of the clutch will largely depend on the desires of the candidates. If no one wants a bronze, there may not be one. But it's always a possibility. A gold is not guaranteed for this clutch, but that doesn't mean there won't be one.

Will there be funky colors in this clutch? How about women riding bronze?
Absolutely not! PW is a canon game and, as such, we keep to the canon colors and pairings. We have made some acquiescence to allow women to ride Blue and Brown, but otherwise it is the same as the books.

Search Questions

Do I have to live at Monaco Weyr to be Searched?
Most definitely not! Monaco welcomes candidates from all Holds, Weyrs, and Crafts (with their leadership's approval, of course).

Will everyone who applies be Searched?
Maybe and maybe not. Previously searched candidates are guaranteed to be searched. Otherwise, Co will read applications and consider and vote on searching. There are no minimum or maximum requirements on how many we must search or cannot search more than.

Will you tell me if I am not going to be Searched?
Absolutely not! It hurts a lot to be the one who isn't searched, believe me, I know, but a large part of the joy that is search and impression comes with the surprise. If you are not searched, please please /please/ ask Co for a meeting to discuss why. We want to see everyone succeed and part of that is letting you know why you weren't searched this cycle and what you can do to be searched at our next.

Do I have to spend a lot of time online to get Searched?
Once again, absolutely not! We all have lives beyond the game and we respect that in each and every one of you. What we're really interested in is the quality and availability of rp you present while you're online. In fact, it is not uncommon for a prospective searchee to have several scenes with members of Co or their alts prior to being searched so we can get a feel for them.

I'd like to be Searched, but I don't want to Impress. Do you allow 'stand only' applications?
Of course! Do, please, remember to note your SO status when asked for colors on the search application and also note if this is a hard or soft thing. It is not uncommon for candidates to come in SO then fall in love with an area and wish to be considered after all. We'd just like to know in advance if this might happen.

How old should I be as a candidate?
A female character who is between 14 & 30 turns or a male character who is between 12 & 25 turns old can apply. Any younger and then your dragon (if you should impress) is mature long before you are, and older Pernese tend to be already too involved in their lives (crafts, jobs, families) to make such a dramatic change.

I'm an apprentice, is that a problem?
No, it is fine, as long as you get permission from your craftmaster (if you have one) and/or area leader where you are posted. We don’t mind if they don’t mind.

It's okay that I'm engaged, right?
Unfortunately, no. Candidates may not be engaged or married, nor may female candidates be pregnant. Candidacy and weyrlinghood are both quite physically demanding and could be dangerous for someone expecting. If you Impress, weyrlinghood occupies all of your time and effort, making relationships very difficult. Either put the relationship on hold, or don’t apply for Search.

What do you look for in candidates?
This isn't a question with an easy answer, but I'll try to encompass it as well as I can.

  • We look for individuals with strong, enjoyable rp who can incorporate others into scenes. People who go out and look for rp, join rp, and make rp, and people whose rp is consistent across the board. We want to see unique, interesting characters with consistent quirks and traits and we want to see fun, enjoyable rp.
  • We look for individuals who mesh well with the player base already at Monaco. We're a small, growing Weyr, and we want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable.
  • We look for people who are having fun. PW is a game first and foremost and the stress of search can make people forget that more often than we'd like to admit. We'd rather you be having fun than treat the game like a job. If it's a job, once you get the desired promotion, you're left going 'now what?' If it's a game, now it's time to see where you can go from here.


I'm not very good at typing. Is this bad?
No one's perfect when it comes to typing. If you have a /lot/ of typos, though, I would recommend writing your poses in something with a spell checker, whether it be SimpleMU's client or Microsoft Word. Just something to clean it up a bit because it helps you communicate and makes it easier for everyone to get to know the real you. If there are extenuating circumstances that affect your communication (English as a second language etc) feel free to list this on your app. It can only help you.

Will everyone who gets Searched Impress?
Not everyone who gets Searched will Impress. Even in the books, there is the anticipation and uncertainty of Search, walking out onto the Sands and hoping and wondering. The best way for the MUSH to mimic this is to not tell the Impressees who they are to be before that critical moment of a hatchling speaking to you.

I didn’t Impress, does this mean I will never have a dragon?
Absolutely not! Characters change, Cos change, and dragons change. One cycle isn't the end all, be all of your character's potential. Certainly if you don't impress feel free to ask to meet with Co to discuss the whys and wherefores, but it doesn't mean you'll never impress, just that this cycle other people got more votes than you.

Once I'm a candidate, I have to do what anyone else says, right?
No. Candidates are only subject to direct orders from the Weyrleadership, Assistant Weyrlingmasters, and Headwoman unless someone else is given specific control for a lesson or chore. This applies both ICly and OOCly. If you feel someone is mistreating you in either context, but especially OOCly, feel free to contact staff or SearchCo about it.

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